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Old 07-05-2006, 02:56 AM
mattdwagner mattdwagner is offline
What Breed Should I Buy?
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Default Buying First Dog, What Do You Think About A (Shiba Inu)

Hi, I'm ready to buy my first dog and am thinking about a Shiba Inu. I live in a 2 bedroom duplex with a small yard but I exercise regularly and would have my dog come with me. Anyone have any negative experiences with a Shiba Inu, any input on the matter would be great.

P.S. One other concern I had was if their the type of dog that would bolt out the door any chance they could get. Thanks
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Old 07-05-2006, 03:37 AM
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they WILL bolt they are huntin dogs. and they are not for the first time owner in my opinion because of this along with the fact that they are hunting dogs which means they are very energetic and are not that easy to train and can fruserate(sp?) even the most patient people. They are also very independent which adds to troubles with training (ive found) they also are a very dominant dog so the owner needs to know how to assert his dominance. if you feel you can handle this id say yes. i want one too they are such a great small breed.

Have you thought about just going and gettin a mutt puppy from the sheltar????
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Old 07-05-2006, 03:42 AM
~Tucker&Me~ ~Tucker&Me~ is offline
and Spy.
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There is someone on here who owns them and has a lot of experience. I think her name is Tempura Tantrum.
You should PM her .


Originally Posted by AngryMan View Post
I think u need some angry school.
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That's what we do here. We're emotionally invested in each other and each other's dogs, the joys and the sorrows.
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Old 07-05-2006, 03:59 AM
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Here's a little FYI about the Shiba in case you didn't already know.

Temperament: Shiba-Inus are independent, industrious, strong-willed
With Children: Yes, if raised with them.
With Pets: Same sex dog aggression is common.
Special Skills: Hunting dog and family pet.

Watch-dog: High, territorial
Guard-dog: High

Needs plenty of exercise by daily walks or space to run. Training should be understanding, not harsh physical training methods. It is recommended that you take young Shibas to obedience classes for socialization and training and to prevent aggression towards other dogs.
Learning Rate: Medium, may display stubbornness at times.

Activity: High, abundant, but not hyperactive.
Living Environment: Shiba-Inus enjoy a family environment with a fenced yard. Can live outdoors or indoors in both hot and cold conditions, but prefers to be with their family.

Health Issues: Hip dysplasia, patella luxation, may retain puppy teeth.
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Old 07-05-2006, 11:27 AM
Citrus007's Avatar
Citrus007 Citrus007 is offline
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from everything I read about them ( I really wanted one but I'm first time so I didnt get one) they are not for 1st time owners.
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Old 07-05-2006, 11:41 AM
jess2416's Avatar
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Who woulda thought <3
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They are definitely not for first time owners
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Old 07-05-2006, 01:13 PM
cowgurl6254 cowgurl6254 is offline
Herding dogs rock!!!
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I think they are beautiful dogs, but one of my friends was given one for Christmas last year, and she ended up giving him away. He was incredibly stubborn, and he constantly escaped her fenced in yard. I think they would do best with an owner who had a lot of experience. You should probably get professional help if you do decide to get one, just to help things progress smoothly.
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Old 07-05-2006, 02:01 PM
RD's Avatar
RD RD is offline
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They generally aren't dogs for the inexperienced, and YES the ones I have met will bolt out the door any chance they get.

Definitely PM Tempura Tantrum, she knows her Shibas.
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Old 07-08-2006, 08:46 AM
SummerRiot's Avatar
SummerRiot SummerRiot is offline
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Riots old Conformation instructor bred and showed Shibe Inus.

My bf asked her about them one day - she said they are subborn little things and bold to boot. lol

She said that they aren't for the first time owner, they can be very difficult to train and will bolt if not tied or having a large Fenced backyard.
Tyr TT
Princess aka Tettles

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Old 07-15-2006, 02:41 AM
tempura tantrum's Avatar
tempura tantrum tempura tantrum is offline
Shiba Inu Slave
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Well- I've been on vacation for ages so I'm pretty late to the game here, but if you're still looking for some information, I'll throw it out there.

I've had Shibas for nearly 10 years now. While they are not generally considered "first time" dogs, mine were, but I absolutely and unequivically knew what I was getting into. Shibas are not typical dogs in any sense of the word. They are *definitely* not typical small dogs. They are not cuddly, hyper-affectionate, underfoot kind of dogs. They are cool, and independent in nature, and extraordinarily manipulative.

Basically, the rule of thumb with these guys is, if you aren't prepared to be smarter than your dog, don't bother. I know that sounds ridiculous, but loads of people allow these animals to walk all over them, and the results are never pretty.

In my opinion, they aren't difficult to train- but some people might disagree. They are quick learners, but this also means they get bored incredibly quickly. Short, fun training sessions with lots of praise (and lets face it- with this breed, food), are the order of the day.

They are a dog aggressive breed- so if you plan on getting a Shiba, you should also count on going to puppy kindergarten (it is WELL worth the money), and socializing.

They make fabulous apartment dogs. Small, neat, clean- they never smell like dog, and abhor getting dirty. They rarely bark- if they do, it's usually because whatever they're barking at warrants your attention.

They are wonderful exercise buddies- they'll have no trouble accompanying you in any athletic activity you choose to pursue. I'm a long-distance runner and my dogs have no trouble keeping up with me. If however, your greatest passion is swimming...look for a different breed, with few exceptions, they pretty much despise water.

Finally- this is ABSOLUTELY a door-bolting breed. If you are looking for a dog that will be reliable off leash, don't even bother with Shibas. They are notorious for being one of the WORST off-lead breeds in existence. They are wicked fast, small, and take a sort of perverse joy in watching you have a near panic attack as you try to shunt them away from high-traffic streets. Combine this with an animal who literally fears nothing, and it's a recipe for disaster. Shibas also have a unique "bullet-shaped" head that makes it very easy for them to slip backwards out of their collars. For this reason, I walk my dogs on martingale collars, and I suggest than anyone else who gets a Shiba do the same. In my entire time in the breed, I have met exactly TWO Shibas that were *passable* off-lead dogs. This means that they were *vaguely* trust-worthy. But nearly 6000 years of breeding an animal to think for itself, and ONLY for itself, means that should your Shiba find something more interesting in it's life than you (more than likely, LOL), it will be gone. Keep these guys on a lead AT ALL TIMES. I cannot stress that point enough.

If this hasn't scared the crap out of you yet, please don't hesitate to PM me, I can get you in touch with some great breeders (and I would suggest that you ONLY obtain a Shiba from a breeder or Shiba rescue- the pet store pups are even more trouble than you could possibly imagine).
Kan-i, Ryosei, Soboku

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