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Old 03-06-2005, 08:58 PM
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Default Help!!! info needed urgently!!

Can anyone please help me with some information.

I have dogs and cats, our neighbours have been rabbit baiting, I cannot find out from anywhere how long this poison remains active for.

The cats have been locked in for a week, but now are out as I thought it would be safe.
They unfortunately travel our property, of course the rabbits don't care where or whose property they choose to die on.
The cats bring back the rabbits, eat their heads and leave the rest under our house. My dog then in turn will go under the house and finish the rest.
I know this must seem rather gory from a new member and I don't mean to offend, but I need to know how long the poison is active for.

That is how long does it take to kill the rabbits and after the rabbit dies how long it is active in the body for.

It is an anticoagulant....that is it stops the blood clotting and causes the animal to die slowly internally..Please if you have any information can you help.

Thankyou in advance..
New member..Walty.
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Old 03-06-2005, 11:22 PM
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I am just wondering why they would want to put poison around when they know other animals could ingest it!??!?! Why do they want to kill rabbits anyhow?


Sorry dont know anything about the poison.... I would call a vet and find out real quick if I were you.
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Old 03-06-2005, 11:37 PM
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I would try to find out the name of the poison they are using & definitely call your vet or a poison control center (if you have those in Aust.) to get the answers. If it were me I would be very concerned. It is those concerns that you have exactly which is why I won't use any type of poison bait for even mice.
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Old 03-06-2005, 11:49 PM
Saje Saje is offline
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I'd call your poison control centre (or equivalent) and ask them. I did a search on the vet and didn't come across anything useful - which could be a good sign. Call your vet too.

And let us know.
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Old 03-07-2005, 12:34 AM
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Ask your neighbors what it is and if they know anything about it. Always double check as they might not know for sure. Ask a vet.
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Old 03-07-2005, 12:38 AM
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Without knowing exactly what kind of poison it is it's difficult to find any information.

What a horrible thing to do to rabbits though! Not to mention leaving carcasses around to be dragged off by other animals, attracting predators, creating a health hazard, etc.

Straight up - outdoors is no place for cats in the modern world. There are too many diseases, dangers and crazy people who do awful things to cats, not to mention getting chased by dogs and hit by cars. Have you had your cats vaccinated against FIV by the way? Sorry, but that's one of my paranoias. I lost my Gonzo to FIV years ago before most vets were even on the lookout for it. He was an indoor cat, but probably picked it up when he had some surgery done at a veterinary school and came into contact with other cats there. Now it can be prevented, so if you haven't already, please get your cats protected! Okay, I'm off the soapbox now, lol!

And don't worry about your post being too gory. You should see what my bunch of farm dogs brings home proudly . . . gag. Dead barn rats are the least of it. Bimmer and Shiva just kill the rats and won't eat them (yes, there is something Shiva won't eat, believe it or not guys) but my delicate little Kharma thinks them quite yummy. They've pretty much cleaned out most of the groundhogs - and they definitely eat those. Yuck!
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Old 03-07-2005, 11:00 AM
gaddylovesdogs gaddylovesdogs is offline
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Originally Posted by Renee750il
What a horrible thing to do to rabbits though! Not to mention leaving carcasses around to be dragged off by other animals, attracting predators, creating a health hazard, etc.
I agree. Over here is infested with rabbits, but as far as I know no one tries to kill them (luckily). They just put fencing around their valuable plants.
No touchy.
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Old 03-07-2005, 03:35 PM
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It must sound terrible to you all, killing the rabbits, yes I hate it too, hence the reason I don't put out baits, but the neighbours, well I can't stop them, it is a government run program, they supply the poison to landholders for free. The government is trying to eradicate the rabbits.

We live in Australia, I am on a 10 acre property amonst other landholders also on 10 acres, so over 100 acres there are only 10 houses. Our road is not a highway or anything, only the people who live here travel on it. The country is vast, if we were in the town well yes, I would be concerned about my cats, but out here, if anyone came I would see them long before they got to my cats.
All my pets are vaccinated, annually, so no probs with that, worming done every 3 months and Advantage for fleas. They get the best of care.

I searched the web and found out the poison, it is called Pindone, so luckily it is not 1080 which is deadly to cats and dogs. My initial thoughts and fears.
I contacted my vets, they said to just keep an eye on her but she should be fine, the vomiting not related to ingesting any poison, even if she had eaten any, or the cats they would have to ingest 10 times their body weight to die from it.
Which I know they haven't because I normally find a head or two of a rabbit if they have.
Thanks for all your concerns and advise, I am feeling a lot better today, I just panicked is all.
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Old 03-07-2005, 04:56 PM
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We should also not forget that rabbits are an introduced species in Australia, and are directly responsible for the endagerment of native plants and wildlife. I've been involved with the trap-and-release relocation of a few introduced species, and although I don't agree with poisoning to cause slow, painful death or possible damage to the local animals and environment, I do understand where the neighbor is coming from. Australia is an island ecosystem--albeit a big one--and its ecology simply can't support the introduction of foreign species. Along those same lines, though, mesopredators such as housecats are responsible for the rapid decline of Australia's wild wallaby population. Something to consider.

On another note, I'm glad your critters are okay and that the panic is over! Welcome to the forums!
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Old 03-07-2005, 05:14 PM
Walty's Avatar
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Thankyou, for the welcome.
Yes Australia is a vast and different world all it's own. We are lucky to not have Rabies here, one of a few countries that don't.

I too am not fond of poisoning, this stuff they are using is an anticoagulant, so the poor thing bleeds internaly to death, but they are using that because of it's lower impact on domestic animals apparently.

Our wildlife has been at risk for eons, many species extinct, in areas where the bird wildlife population is in decline there are restrictions on cat owners, some are to be kept enclosed all the time, others have a night time curfew. We don't live in one of those areas though, but I must say, mine are not out at night anyway.

Both rabbits and foxes are introduced species to Australia, foxes still have a bounty, rabbits they have tried many things to eradicate them, including the calici virus..all to no avail, their devastation to our wildlife, crops etc. has been enormous. In Australia they are under the same category as rodents....a pest to be eradicated.
The calici virus unfortunately will kill domestic rabbits too, so everyone who owns one has to have it vaccinated against this. It is carried by the mosquito.
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