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Old 06-19-2006, 03:30 AM
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There are several techniques to use. Try the less intrusive/forcefull first.
I have always tried the NO! If that didnt work within a reasonable time I would hold the puppies mouth shut being careful not to block his airway with a sharp NO BITE! If he does it again Same thing...hold the mouth shut saing NO BITE!
This has worked for me although I havent really had a huge problem with my lab pups biting. Only the ones I buy from other breeders Go figure lol
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Old 06-20-2006, 10:05 AM
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i had a very similar problem with my puppy. it was so bad i almost had to give her away. i asked everyone for advice and i got a lot. i was so desperate, i tried everything. i had wholes in all my clothing and was afraid my puppy was going to grow up to be an aggressive dog. it was very stressful.

what ended up working for me was yelping and then walking away. i have a bathroom with a baby gate on it so i would put her in there. she got the message quick. i used to yelp but not walk away, so she'd bite harder. not good. i still have to put her in the bathroom sometimes, but she's gotten a lot better.

i also got some advice from kevin behan who wrote natural dog training. he
suggested that i was over stimulating my puppy inside. he suggested that i only play with her outside. i also stopped picking her up, touching her so much, and cuddling. in other words, i gave her her space.

ifound too that she tended to bite when she needed to go to the bathroom, when she was tired, and when i took her toys away from her (while playing catch... you know i would want to throw it again, and she would want to just chew on it...).

i was very releived to notice she didn't bite other people... just me...and that's gotten better. i had to be pretty pro-active though.. i hope something in here helps..
good luck!
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Old 06-20-2006, 03:18 PM
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Default Biting

We pick wrigley up by the scruff of the neck and stare him in the eye and say NO very firmly. We then put him down and give him one of his acceptible toys. It has worked pretty well!
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Old 06-20-2006, 03:50 PM
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This sort of "training" is not necessary for a baby puppy, it could be physically damaging.

I would not recommend this technique for puppy mouthing.

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Old 06-20-2006, 04:03 PM
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redyre... help please, you seem to have lots of sensible advice- how to tell the difference between normal pup biting and when she's getting nasty? I intend to read those others links you posted, but Tink can get snappy with the kids ,for instance if they pick her up,and she doesn't want to be, she used to growl, but twice now she's "bitten" them, not really a bite, but a scratch with her teeth, is it possible we're playing with/handling her too much? I try to be sure the kids are supervised when they're with her,they can't just go pop open the crate whenever...
I spend a lot of time teaching the pup and kids to play together, fetch, tink has to be nice and wait for toy, to get her to understand they're 'higher' in the pack than she is, she's 13 weeks now- It really bothers me if she gets growly or snappy at them, and wonder if it's partly a fear reaction, from being startled...I never had this issue with dog1-
would puppy classes help this? and if so,what to look for? I noticed that a strong, aggressive response from me just makes Tink more negative at the moment, so i try not to do that- this a.m., I did holler b/c she 'scratched' ds when he tried to pat her while she was playing, I can't let her continue this behavior, not with kiddos to consider...
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Old 06-22-2006, 04:28 AM
laneyandme laneyandme is offline
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i forgot to mention that k.b. states that you should never tell a dog "no" for biting.. it's natural for them. i will just create confusing and resistance that will probably show up somewhere else.. it's better to work with the dog in other ways. ie. time outs, bones, walking away.. stuff like that... i've found it really works. when i tell laney "no bite" she looks at me frustrated and doesn't know what to do. i find then she gets MORE aggressive... that's just my dog. Keven Behan's book was pretty interesting. you can also email him...
good luck to you!
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Old 06-22-2006, 01:53 PM
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ok so i have a 15 week border terrier
we got him at 10 weeks and he had a serious biting problem!
and i mean really serious, like you could be playing with him and then he will get really excited and he will start to bit onto you and puppy teeth are SHARP!

this is what worked for us

first you must know the difference between biting and chewing, when he puts his mouth around your arm and starts to chew getting slightly harder everytime, then you know that hes chewing, this is not acceptible for him to be chewing you,

so when he starts chewing, you say NO in a firm voice then replace your arm with an acceptible chew toy, if he returns to chewing your arm, say no in a firm voice and remove yourself from the situation, by either leaving the room or placing him on the floor.

you'll no when hes nipping cause it generally hurts more but he will release straight away!,
when he starts to nip, you say no in a firm voice,
if he carries on to nip you then you remove yourself from the situation by either walking placing him on the floor if you on a chair and ignoring him or leaving the room,

when he starts to bite which you will no cause it will hurt and he wont let go as quickly!
when he bites that is competely unacceptible!
first you say no in a firm voice,
if he carries on then spray him with a water bottle on the nose while saying no in a firm voice, then remove yourself from the situation.

The reason why you spray him with the bottle and not remove yourself straight away is because if hes holding onto you then it will be hurting alot and getting him off could aggitate him more.
the spray bottle just gives him more of a shock and becaue you said no at the same time, he will then start to realise that the word no will come with a negative response.

The reason for removing yourself from the room is because he is just playing but he has to realise that it is hurting you, so when you leave the room, he realises that the play has stopped and he doesnt like that, so if you leave the room when he starts to nip or do something wrong then he starts to realise that if he does that then you will remove yourself from the situation and the fun will be over.

we now have a water bottle in every room of the house, just incase.
you can get then really cheap from any garden center

theres lots of methods for stopping a puppy biting, but i got a terrier which are really stubborn and notoriously hard to train but we're getting there.

Not everyone will agree with my methods but this is just the way that we did it and it worked for us!

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Old 06-27-2006, 11:20 AM
julieandchili julieandchili is offline
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Here's what Ive been doing.
At one of his mealtimes, I set his bowl up and just grab a handful of food. I get down on the floor with him and open my hand and in a sweet voice say "Take one". After he takes one I close my hand around the rest of the food. I say "OFF" as he nips, claws and bites at my hand to get the hidden food. When he has stayed off for 3-5 seconds, I again open my hand and say "Take one". Ive repeated this for either his whole meal or until he seems to be getting bored and isnt hungry anymore.
So far, he seems to be catching on that the word "OFF" means do not touch. idea if this is standard a first time puppy owner.
But it seems to be working. If Im playing with him and he starts to nip, most of the time if I say "off" he seems to get it.
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