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Old 06-06-2006, 08:51 PM
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Default Why that name?

Why did you name your cat/cats the names you did? We have done this with our dogs lets do it with our cats. Also how did your cat/cats come to be in your life?

Rooney I named after the band Rooney which is named after the principle from Farris Beullers Day Off. I am a HUGE fan of Rooney and Robert Carmen the lead singer who is also an actor. Rooney has a very mellow chill different indie sound from Cali and I always wanted to name a male cat Rooney.

I got Rooney and his brother Sebastion (he was named after Sebastion Bach) from a shelter as tiny kittens with horrible eye problems. I adopted them back when we were getting ready to move out of our no pets apartment and our landlord no longer cared since we were leaving soon. So we moved to our new house and two months went by and everything was fine. Then Sebastion got out of the house day on accident because of my sister and was hit by a car and killed. Rooney then became our only kitten.

Weezer I named after the band Weezer going with the theme of rock names. Rooney actually toured with Weezer the first time I saw them and so thats also a reason I named him that. I just thought it was cute and I had planned to name my next pet Weezer anyways.

Weezer was a stray kitten who started hanging around our place alittle before Sebastion died. With alot of coaxing my mom gave in and we gave him a bed in our garage and food and water bowls. My mom said that if I wanted to pay to take him to the vet I could but she wasent going to bring him inside our put a collar and tag around his neck. So I took him to the vet and got him neutered and his shots. He is techinically a stray but we call him ours because he never wanders far. Also when Rooney goes out on his harness and leash the two of them play.

So whats your cats story?
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Old 06-06-2006, 08:58 PM
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Cat 1: Jingles: we got her from the local HS and named her after a family friends cat (I know very unoriginal)

Cat 2: Sweetie: She came from the local HS as well and I got to name her, I was 5 (lol), So she has a name a 5 year old would give a cat... but she is a sweetheart so it fits her fine.

Cat 3: Cali: My sister LOVES california and wants to move there, So I thought we should name the cat Holly (like Hollywood) but she insisted on Cali, so thats her name, lol. She came from my Vets Office, they take in strays every once in awhile.

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Old 06-06-2006, 10:59 PM
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Panda is the son of a cat my Auntie used to own. She had 5 kittens, 3 grey, 2 black and white. I had my sites set on one of the greys. Unfortunatley, my aunties dog got into the room with the kittens. Now this dog wouldnt hurt them at all. She was a staffy and just the most friendliest dog I have ever met.
So bessy (the staffy) went into the room to talk to the kittens. My sister went in only moments later. Bessy was ever-so-gently nudging the kittens to talk to them, however, them being only days old, she accidently killed the three greys . Bessy was SO upset. she sulked for so long.
However, this ment that I could pick from one of the two black&whites. I picked Panda. YAY.
When I got him home, I was thinking of a name. I almost called him Simba. Which I am now glad I didnt, mum came up with the idea for Panda. Which suits him perfectly. He is the cat in my siggy. He is just the lovliest thing.He sleeps on my bed and every morning when I put on my shoes to leave he sits on my lap to try to stop me from leaving he's so adorable

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Old 06-06-2006, 11:27 PM
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Charlie came from the pound. My daughter named him, just thought it was a cute name. She really wanted a girl kitty because all our pets were male, and the pound was full of kitties of both sexes. Somehow, we walked out with a male.

Venus came a few weeks after we got Charlie. We wanted a kitten friend for Charlie, and the vet tech at our vet's office had taken in a litter of kittens found in a box on the side of the road. She was one of the kittens in this litter. One of my sons was interested in astronomy and wanted to name her after a planet.

We named them within a day of getting them. Had we gotten to know them first, their names would have been different. Charlie would have been Dennis (the Menace) or Bozo. He's always into mischief, and he's quite a clown, and he's not outgrowing this at all.

Venus is such a shy, timid little girl and sweet. We would have probably named her Angel. She's not always angelic, though. She can be a little bit bossy.

We never can quite wait long enough to know their traits before we name them!!
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Old 06-07-2006, 01:13 AM
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1. Boots - a black male with white the name
2. Minnie - my mom named her. when we called her (before she had a name) it was always, "minnie, minnie, minnie" don't know why but the name stuck
3. Angel - she was white with gray siamese tips. vocalized when you spoke to her and would climb halfway up your body and stop at the top of your pants for you to hold her. i let an ex's half sister name her.
4. Puddin and Patches - sisters; both could pass for twins except for one darker spot on Patches that Puddin didn't have. patches was all patchy colored and puddin was like mixin different kinds of...well...pudding together.
5. Stank - little boy came from nowhere and smelled like he'd rolled around in raw sewage....and he, yes,
6. Tom - just because he was a stray tomcat that needed a name

that's all the one's me and my mom dad on the other hand....

1. Bear - he was so small at the time we thought the name would be a cute oxymoron, til he grew up!
2. Tiger - cause of her stripes
3. Snow Baby - fluffy, chunky and white; need i say more?
4. Scrapper - cause she always wanted the table scraps.
5. Bob C. - a bobtail male that came around to be fed. he was 1/2 bob cat and 1/2 house cat. he mated with Scrapper.
6. Part Tail - cause he only had a nub like Bob C.
7. Half Tail - his name was changed, but i don't remember what it was changed too.
8 and 9 - hate to say but all i remember them as was 3/4 Tail and Whole Tail...they too got "real names" later.
10 thru 15 - i'd have to ask my dad and step mom the rest of their names. i haven't seen them or the cats for almost 2 years.
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Old 06-07-2006, 11:34 AM
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Apache adopted us when she was running out loose in the parking lot of our old apartment building last year.

We were outside with a friend of ours and my husband bent down to pick her and she collapsed in his arms, it was love.

Her name, well, lol, that came from our friend, it's a nerdy term and they are nerds... go figure. I think it fits well though.
"A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave". - Mohandas Gandhi

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Old 06-07-2006, 02:04 PM
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Willow was named after Willow from Buffy the vampire slayer, I really liked the name.

Angel was named by my sister after Angel from the series Angel. She wanted to carry on the theme.
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Old 06-07-2006, 03:01 PM
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Well, Sis and I like puns and plays on words. The weird cat names started with us naming a stray cat that took Mom a year to get hold of - he was a solid black tomcat with ragged ears from many a fight so we named him Black Jack Purring (after Gen. Black Jack Pershing of WWI fame). The next cat had a scarred lip, he became Jéan-Clawed Kittée (after the French skier, Jean-Claude Killey).
We trapped and transported a feral cat colony that was supposed to be 'exterminated'. Some became housecats, others are barncats.
Purrl Bailey: a play on singer Pearl Bailey
Bill Bailey: looks almost identical to Purrl Bailey and the singer Pearl Bailey was known for her rendition of the song, Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home.
Allegrow: so named because he only has three legs.
Zasu Spitts: from the actress Zasu Pitts, a character actress in the 30s
LucyFurr: because, well, she's a devil of a cat (and still feral after 10 years)
Oliver Hissed: another feral rescue, a black and white cat with smudge of black on his nose
Margaret Scratcher: another feral rescue, named for Margaret Thatcher
Feline Dion: a daughter of Margaret
Lucille Claw: a tortie with an orange patch on her head, makes her a redhead, soooooo...
Robert E. Flea: named for Gen. Robert E. Lee, a confederate gray tabby
Jack Scratch: solid black cat
Joan Clawford: bad tempered feral cat
Eliza TooLittle: a very small feral cat
Lionel Scritchie: named for singer Lionel Ritchie (also known as the 'Train Wreck' from Lionel Trains)
Jeff Davis: named after the Confederate president, Jefferson Davis - they both have/had one bad eye.
Champagne Hist: a champagne colored tabby, doesn't get along with the other cats
Mad Mike: a feral rescue, he was all claws, teeth and growls when we originally trapped him. Now he's the biggest lapcat you'll ever see.
Nicholas Caged: feral cat, didn't care for the humane trap
Apatchy Cat: feral cat, white with large patches of black
Rosalind Rustled: named for actress Rosalind Russell
The Masked Marauder: looks like he's wearing a cowl over his head.
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Old 06-07-2006, 04:55 PM
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Well Justin has 2 cats we rescued as kittens

the big orange fluffy one is Kojak...I just thought it was cute and we couldn't come up with anything else

The other one was slender and sleek and grey and white and very graceful....we were told it was a girl so we named her lady...

Well we take them in to get fixed a few months later....and it turns out Lady is a boy, but still very girly like so we still call him Lady

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Old 06-07-2006, 07:48 PM
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My dutch cat that is still in Holland with my mom is named Joshua Mackenzie Hanson " Mackie" what can I say... I was a teenager and a hanson fan lol. My mom got him for me when she and my dad got divorced, he was kind of my comfort-kitty, my brother got one too, he named his Kenny coz he looked like he was wearing a little hood like Kenny from Southpark. Sadly he disappeared after two years

Then my canadian Cats, first there is Koko, my husband and his ex got him from a petstore (i know....) and my stepson at the time three years old wanted to name him " chocolatemilk" coz that was his favorite thing in the world lol, they settled on koko instead.

Then Koko had some fun with my mother in law's cat, and a few kittens were born. One of them Snoopy. My husband and his ex took him in and named him that, not sure why but it suits him coz he's a big snoop.

After they broke up the cats remained with her until she moved in with her boyfriend and he didn't want the cats, so we offered to take them in. They've lived here now for over two years and I love them to death!!!

Then our last one is Joey. My sister in law found him wandering the streets on his own, we think he was about six months old. After a lot of begging from me and stepson my hubby said it was okay for us to take him in. My sister in law said it was a girl so we named her Misty, we found out the next day it was a boy so changed his name to Joey. From the Joe-schmoe show we were watching at the time lol.

that's my kitty's! sorry for the long story

Thanks to Keyodie!
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