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Old 05-12-2014, 06:39 PM
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I have 2 things to point out.

1) No where in this thread have I read that ALL trainers/owners/racehorse handlers are bad, evil, or even neglectful of their horses. I'm fairly certain it was pointed out that there are people on the track that take AMAZING care of their horses. That being said, there is also A LOT of not-so-amazing people.... which is really only because of the money involved. The super expensive horses usually have nothing to worry about, but the lower quality horses are often treated in not so great ways. I have witnessed it MANY, MANY times. Like BostonBanker I don't think racing should be illegal or anything... but I don't care for the sport either.

2) Most horses I know have been sold through private sales. I have also attended a lot of horse auctions. You know who the "kill" buyers are, it's not a secret. You also have the right to refuse a sale if you feel your horse is worth more than the bid and I have seen that happen many times if the buyer is the kill buyer. You also get a feel for what the buyer is looking for when they come to inspect your horse before the auction and you can decide if you want to refuse the sale or not(which means you have to ask for a higher price). That said, when my horse(whom I bought at an auction) became too much for me I put him on pasture board. I couldn't auction my horse off, I would need to know exactly where he was going if I ever had to get rid of him. Luckily for my horse, I am really only a trail rider now so he doesn't really have much to worry about.
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Old 05-12-2014, 10:04 PM
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I suppose I've probably been exposed to more auction bought and sold horses than most horse people because I worked at a barn that did trail and pony rides for the public for many years. The main source for our horses were auctions and horse dealers because they were cheaper than private sellers.

The auction we went to was generally on the lower end of the price scale-it was pretty unusual to have a horse go for more than $1500 and most went for less than $1000. When we needed horses a bunch of us would head to the sale with a basic idea of what we were looking for (size, age, gender, etc) and a price cap from the barn owner. We would look around at the horses before the auction, touch then, try to pick up their feet, and talk to the owner if they were there. We'd then wrote down the numbers of horses we liked and go watch the sale. At the end of the day we'd usually end up with a new trail horse to try out and sometimes one of the staff members would pick up a horse there too (never me thankfully). We pretty much got our pony ride ponies the same way.

Sometimes the horses worked out and sometimes they didn't. You do take a gamble going to an auction. We did have some horses that turned out to be just plain unsafe for the general public or even too dangorous for the staff to ride. The barn owner was not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a trainer for a horse that very well may never be safe for total novices and she couldn't afford to feed a horse that wasn't earning his keep. We found private home for these horses if possible, but more often than not we were told to take them back to the sale or the owner would sell them to a horse trader.

Maybe it's because I know mostly pleasure/trail riders or because I live within 2 hours of a couple of major horse auction sites, but nearly every "horse person" I know in RL has bought at least one of their horses at an auction.

I've never bought a horse at an auction, but have bought two of my birds (Yoda and Solo) at an exotic animal auction. Honestly, between the horse auctions and exotic auctions (that sell everything from alligators to poultry to hamsters to bison) I've seen just about everything that people keep domestically (with the execption of big cats and bears) sold at an auction at one point or another.

Truthfully, I always leave auctions with mixed feelings--I understand the place they have in the world, but I could never just sell one of my animals off like that. Seeing the vast numbers of horses being run through the kill auction has greatly altered my ethics in regards to horse ownership and breeding. If we had experienced some sort of catastrophe while my mare Sheena was still alive and absolutely could no longer keep her I would have euthanized her before sending through the auction.

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Old 05-12-2014, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Fran101 View Post
I guess I just don't understand the live stock mindset when it comes to "pet" horses and people who buy these animals for pleasure... they ride them, train them, show them, work with them and do bond with them.

I GET livestock auctions. Animals raised to eat or whatever, I get that. I even get it when it comes to horses and animals that people really don't care about.
I GET people rehoming them, they are expensive, they are for sport's not the new home thing that bothers me as much as the total disregard to where they are going.

But haven't horses (and not all horses, but I'd say A LOT owned by people) kind of become more than livestock at this point? People sure put more money into them than a cow or sheep or chicken...and sure seem to like them more in most cases.
I mean people LOVE their horses. I'm not a horse person but I know that much, people do love them in the same way we love our pets...I just don't understand taking that and still being ok with the various methods of their selling/disposal.

auctions and stuff, they happen everyday I just can't imagine those who love these animals being OK with it. I really, truly, do not understand.

Even if my expensive, trained bonded animal is classified as "livestock" I just can't imagine being like, Oh well, GOING ONE GOING TWICE SOLD TO THE RANDOM DUDE IN THE BLEACHERS I HOPE HE ISN'T PLANNING ON FEEDING YOU TO HIS PET WOLVES BYE ....and then that being widely accepted as responsible.

I also know It's not my world and I don't know much about it as I've only been to one auction, so I don't know much at all. the whole thing just strikes me as so strange
Even if you sell a horse legitimately, there is no sure way to guarantee where they will be going. You can take sly the necessary steps to up the odds that you will, but it is the best you can do. Most "pet" / show horses are sold under contracts.

But sadly many race horse people don't care enough about their horses to do this and will sell them to auction, but it's important to me for people to understand that not everyone in the racing industry is like this. There are as many good people as there are bad.

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Old 05-24-2014, 07:52 PM
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I don't know, I just...don't think racing is any worse than any other horse sport, nor is it any worse than standard horse ownership. There is bad and good, and you hope "most" is good or in the middle. I don't know that riding in general is in the best place right now. I was going to pick on competition, but who knows what Sally Joe down the street does to her horse to be able to ride it. I know my neighbor had a little pinto gelding that reared often when riding, balked. I went out there with her and was able to ride it. She got on, and the horse reared. She got off and beat it with the reins on the ground. I won't go into details, but lord only knows what she did to him when no one was watching. There is more of a lack of education-poor horse management, in backyard horses. Race or competition horses are GENERALLY not lacking care.

I've seen poor behavior, questionable ethics at local shows and big time shows alike. All sports that I've ever watched, local kids equitation, jumpers, barrel racing, and horse racing. I likely wouldn't show horses if I ever get back into them, honestly, because I don't like it. I've been to plenty of dog shows and trials and yes, I've seen poor behavior...but not to the extent where it can be ACCEPTABLE in horse events. But then there are so many good people. And people that allow their horses to be dangerous (Oh haha look he's trying to mount your mare isn't that funny -.-). I don't think there is an easy answer to it all, but I don't think any of it should be banned.

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Old 05-29-2014, 03:52 PM
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No its not any worse than any of the other horse sports, all of them have their fair share of corruption.

If anything the pony horses are the ones who usually suffer the most from abuse and neglect. Oftentimes they are used until they are crippled and then sold to god knows who or where. They usually don't get fed or cared for very well (most people just don't think they are worth the effort and reserve their efforts for their race horses. But what they don't understand is that pony horse has the very important job of keeping your racers safe and all that on the track and it pays to take care of them. I love my pony and make sure he lives like a king, just today I stripped his stall completely and put 6 wheelbarrows of brand new shavings in his stall.

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