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Old Yesterday, 03:04 PM
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Default Back from the dead.. and living in CO

I know that since I didn't post a crazy amount that a lot of you won't know who I am... but I'm back anyways. I haven't even had time to lurk these boards this past year, so I've kept up with some of ya'll via fb. By kept up I mean I saw your posts. I'm not very active on fb either. Anyways, I'm living in Colorado now. I'm a nanny for a family near Denver, so once I get settled in and find a car and catch up with school, I can start hanging out on here more. Which is really exciting to me. I hope everyone here is doing fine!

And P.S. If anyone knows of a good reliable car that won't bust a college kid's bank, I'd love to hear of it
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Old Yesterday, 10:52 PM
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*waves* Hi, welcome back. We're all fine here, although it's hard to believe the Stripey Dog, aka Riley, has already turned five. Where does the time go?

Don't know what to tell you on a car, our Honda Accord (circa 1996) is still chugging along with about 232,000 miles on it. Hondas are pretty reliable, as far as I'm concerned - much better than the Subaru Outback we had, which was one expensive headache after another.

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Old Yesterday, 11:27 PM
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Welcome back! I second the honda... I got my first honda for less than 4K, with 148K miles... drove it to over 300K and probably could've had it longer if I'd been nicer to it.

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