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Old 02-22-2005, 09:39 PM
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Bluedawg and the roommates dog do the same thing including the shark game, its not as bad as it first was when their dog was bigger and still had his boys. We only allow this at night before Blue eats or well after, if he eats to fast and gets overexcited it can be nasty. I rearranged the living room to stop the circle track racing, now they have to stop and turn around giving the other a chance to grab on. Bailey, the roommates dog, uses an unfair advantage by biting Blues collar and holding on to throw Blueso when that goes on for to long I take Blues collar off.

It does tire them out nicely for the evening.

Ild like to see a pic of the budda dog.
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Originally Posted by Renee750il View Post
Sometimes BOTH sides are just full of sh1t.
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Old 02-23-2005, 09:59 AM
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Renee, I get the biggest kick out of reading about Shiva, Kharma & Bimmer!

Sinder the 7 month old pit bull was over yesterday. Max was play fighting with CJ as usual (would scare others) when Sinder decided to go after CJ also. To my amazement, Max would then play fight with Sinder to stop going after CJ. It's the first time I saw Max try to protect CJ (even though it was all in fun). I love my Max more and more every day. Anatolians are a handful, but I couldn't imagine life without one as you without your Filas.
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Old 02-23-2005, 10:09 AM
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ROFL! Right now, Shiva is laying in the corner of the sofa, on her back, butt in the air, with her head hanging off the seat, maw wide open wagging her tongue at Kharma. Kharma's crouched to spring - WHAM! She jumped up on the sofa and drove her head into Shiva's belly and grabbed Shiva by the neck.

Now they're laying around like nothing ever happened. Kharma is disporting herself on the floor in front of the heater, laying on her side with her head on a pillow she pulled off the sofa and Shiva's sprawled on the sofa belly up, her back legs pointed out into the room, front legs pointed to the window, head thrown straight back.

These two don't eat and nap, they refuel and recharge . . .

It's almost pitiful to see Shiva when Kharma takes Bimmer's side. You'd think Shiva would have figured out by now that Kharma will always side with Bimmer. They remind me of that old song about the two sisters that tells about all the things that can't come between sisters, but ends up with "Lord help the sister that comes between me and my man."
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