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Old 02-04-2014, 03:17 AM
DogLoversusa DogLoversusa is offline
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Default How to Train your puppy

Puppy time is one of the most crucial and important time in your dogís development period so that makes socialization and training of your puppy of utmost importance. What you do and do not do as of now effects your dog behavior for lifetime.

A puppy that is socialized properly is very well adjusted and also makes for a good companion. Such puppies are not frightened and neither aggressive towards anyone or anything that they would meet in every dayís living. A dog that is not socialized is untrustworthy and an unwanted liability. They most often become fear biters and also indulge in fighting with the other dogs. As unsocialized find it difficult to adapt to new situations they are generally very difficult to train and unpleasant to be around. Even a simple routine visit to the vet is a nightmare not just for the dogs but for everyone involved. Never let this happen to you or your dog and start socializing your new puppy NOW!

As per a research as conducted by a renowned college of veterinary medicine they agree that the socialization period for dogs lasts about 12 weeks (3month) of age. However puppy should keep continuing his socialization in order to refine its social skills. The most easy time for socialization is before the puppy is about 3 months old as any later then that it becomes very difficult and time consuming process for which very rare owners have the time, energy, money or patience to cope up with.

Doís and Doníts for socializing your DOG: -

Make sure that your puppiesí first interaction with anyone is pleasant and nonthreatening because if his first interaction with someone is painful and frightening it will be a defeating purpose of yours in part of your training. Infact you will be enlightening a phobia that might even last a lifetime. So itís better to move slow and assure that your puppy isnít frightened or injured instead of rushing and forcing your pup to meet new things and people.
Invite all your friends to meet your pup including men, women, youngsters, old, of different ethnic backgrounds etc.

Invite healthy and vaccinated dogs, puppies or even cats to your home to meet and play with your new puppy. Also take your puppy to the homes of all these pets and preferably with dog friendly cats.
Always carry your pup to shopping centers, school playgrounds or parks wherever there are crowd of people and plenty of ongoing activities.
You can take your puppy for short and frequent car rides. Stop the car at random places and let your puppy watch the world go by through a window.
Encourage your puppy to explore and investigate the environment by introducing him to umbrella, bags, boxes etc.

Introduce your puppy to new and different sounds that are both loud and obnoxious introduce them from a distance and gradually bring it closer.
Accustom your puppy for all the routines of grooming as well as physical examination.
Introduce your puppy with everything that you want him to feel comfortable with like introduce him to stairs, his own collar and leash etc.


Never put your puppy on ground where unknown animals have their access as in this way he can pick up diseases. Wait till your puppyís shots are completed. Also never let your puppy socialize with dogs those are sick or those you donít know as they might not be vaccinated.
Do not reward fearful behavior of your puppy as many times in an attempt to sooth, encourage or even calm the puppy when it appears frightened we tend to reward the behavior unintentionally.
Try and restrict yourself from allowing the experience of your puppy to be harmful, painful or frightening as this may cause lifetime phobias in your dog.
Never force or rush your puppy and let your puppy take things in his own pace. Your job is just to provide him with the opportunity.
Never do too much at a particular moment. Young puppies need a lot and lot of sleep as they tire quickly.

For infomation you can read the details from
William Jones
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Old 02-08-2014, 03:36 PM
mxxmic mxxmic is offline
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Useful information, thank you. Some people get a puppy or dog without really considering the amount of time, money, and effort involved in owning one. The more we educate people and make them aware, the less problems we will have.
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Old 05-12-2014, 11:22 PM
katoawesomedog katoawesomedog is offline
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Default Patience and constant learning (and training) is key!

I find that people with puppies rely on other dogs to teach them manners. You are the owner of the dog, which means you are responsible for the dog. The onus is on you to train your puppy, not other dogs, not other people.

Puppyhood is the best time to bond with your dog! Patience and constant learning (and training) is key! I promise, you will be reward with an awesome dog in the end.
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Old 05-17-2014, 08:44 AM
gingsengmom's Avatar
gingsengmom gingsengmom is offline
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Thank you for great information. I wish it were mandatory for everyone getting a puppy to have some sort of training. If so, it would greatly reduce the problems that occur as the dog gets older. It all begins with us.
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Old 05-27-2014, 04:05 PM
mst3wart83 mst3wart83 is offline
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Default Bonding

WOW! I couldn't agree any more. The more time spent with your puppy the better the bond will be between pet and owner. I have had 6 dogs total in my life time and believe me its no different than raising a child.
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Old 07-09-2014, 02:38 AM
Sarah Hadley Sarah Hadley is offline
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This is really a useful information for the people like me who are look for ways to train their puppy.
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Old 10-08-2015, 03:06 AM
Michael_Davis Michael_Davis is offline
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Hey, this is very informative post. I was looking out for some tips to train my pet when i came across your post..thanks for sharing this article. Keep posting similar stuff.
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