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Old 02-25-2014, 10:59 AM
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Kootenay -that sheepdog mix you posted is the most adorable thing in the world! Kind of reminds me of Southpaw's Happy.


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Old 02-25-2014, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by GoingNowhere View Post
Kootenay -that sheepdog mix you posted is the most adorable thing in the world! Kind of reminds me of Southpaw's Happy.

Isn't she just? I really feel like there needs to be an "Inka" breed, she is just the most amazing dog. Here are a couple more photos, haha...


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Old 11-08-2014, 04:20 AM
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My friend had found this thread. She thought she could comment few things altough she's not so sure if she knows what the words "drive" and "biddability" mean (we are from Finland).

Originally Posted by GoingNowhere View Post
Is it just me, or do they all seem to go hand in hand more often than not? Dependence/"velcro-dog" syndrome and biddability make intuitive sense to me - after all, the independent dog likely wants to think independently as well and thus may have other ideas than listening to the trainer. But energy seems to be right there as well....../

/......At the same time, I would love to have a dog that's naturally a bit more biddable. Boo is more than happy to work with me, but she doesn't have the "let me do something for you PLEASE!" attitude. I would love a dog who, with a bit of work (but not so much that I give up), can be let off leash in public spaces with a solid enough recall that I can get it back to me even with another dog approaching or a squirrel nearby. I get that it's as much about training as it is about natural behaviors/willingness to please. But, I also recognize that there's absolutely something to be said for genetics.

So, here's the general question. Are there any breeds that you know of that are notoriously biddable, but also notoriously well-mannered before they've just settled with age? I'd be interested on the flip side as well (though I think that's a bit more common) - of dogs who have a ton of boundless energy, but really don't give a crap what their owner thinks (I'm thinking some terriers haha).
My friend knows that the breed affects on how well one can teach things to the dog. Some breeds just naturally know how to work with their owners whereas others are more independent. Then things should be done differently with them. She knows that some breeds are easier to train than others. When my friend has seen dogs on TV and in videos that are easy to train, they have often been border collies, german shepherds etc. It seems to my friend that those breeds just naturally know how to work with their owners. My friend has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She hasn't seen Cavalier's for example in tutorials. (She means actual tutorials for example from Kikopup where they tell and show how to teach things.) Cavalier's naturally know how to look at their owners. In those Cavaliers that are in those trick videos my friend has seen that skill has progressed so that they know how to work with their owners. However, most of the Cavalier's she has seen in videos, do silly things like Lotta does. Although they should be easy to train, Lotta is more similar to those breeds that are more independent.

Lotta doesn't know how to work with my friend although she already knows how to look at her. That's why it may be difficult to teach her things although my friend often gets her to do something. Lotta also doesn't know how to distinguish play times and training sessions from each other. That's why she just acts silly and doesn't always do what she should be doing in training. It's also so that some of the things that work with other dogs, gets Lotta to behave in different ways than they should. It's because of this: many dogs understand that if they do X and what happens because of that is something they don't like about, they should do Y instead whereas Lotta doesn't understand that. My friend means that some individuals like Lotta don't understand some things the same way as other dogs do. So things should be done differently with them.

Originally Posted by Elrohwen View Post
I think the ones with softer temperaments tend to be easier, because they actually care when you give them a withering look and ask them to stop counter surfing. The ones with more of a hard temperament just laugh at you while jumping on the counters and stealing your stuff.
My friend can't say if Lotta has soft or hard temperament but she behaves by similar ways. She is not talking about counter surfing though.

So, we have told what kinf of dog Lotta is. What kind of words would you use to describe her?

We had created a thread where my friend is asking advice on how to teach Lotta to work with her: How to teach the dog to work with her/his owner?

My friend and Asperger
Lotta is funny and playful <<--read more
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