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Old 01-30-2014, 02:13 PM
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Let's see. I am good at attempting to tame the cowlicks. A for effort lol. Although now her hair is getting longer and she's getting these insane pants cowlicks and I am done bothering. Wesley just gets an all over shave, I think he looks best that way. Soooo in other words no, I can't groom.

I like to dog
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Old 01-30-2014, 02:32 PM
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Lol no. I take a clipper and whack away at Happy but it's just to clean her up, I have no clue what I'm doing.

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Old 01-30-2014, 03:11 PM
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I used to be able to show groom Bedlington Terriers?

And that's about it For a time I had a Bedlington mentor who I would go to shows with to help groom the dogs for the ring. But that was all I did, so I have no idea how to groom anything else. And I honestly can't remember half of what we did with the Bedlingtons. I loved it, but it was a LOT of work!

I bathe my dogs, and do their nails (w/ Megan's help for Froman), but I don't do anything else with them. I think if I had a coated breed that was tolerant to grooming (like the Bedlingtons I worked on, they were so...moldable!), I would love the grooming process. If I ever take the plunge, it will be in the form of an OES, or maybe someday a Bedlington)

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Old 01-30-2014, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by PWCorgi View Post
I used to be able to show groom Bedlington Terriers?
That's seriously impressive.

I saw some pics of standard poodles groomed as bedlingtons - you could get a poodle and do that!

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Old 01-30-2014, 03:21 PM
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Could I groom a show dog? Heck no. LOL

My own personal pets? Yep.

I clean ears, trim nails, do anal glands as needed, trim up feet and other extremities, and shave. I've groomed a Yorkie and a Collie mix....Both look okay when I'm done with them!
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Old 01-30-2014, 03:32 PM
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I groom all of mine. I'm mostly self taught, with a few YouTube videos here and there.

Over the years I've perfected what I call a Sports Trim on the Schnauzers. No fancy skirt, hair is left just a little bit longer than shaved on their front legs, same for the back but only past the hock, and then I edge up their beards so they look nice and sharp. I love it, the dogs like that they don't have longer hair to get stuff snagged in that I then have to brush/cut out.

Lincoln gets basically the same cut, but without the long hair on the legs. Sometimes I will shave his face, or give him a mohawk, last time I trimmed his face to look like a Schnauzer lol.

Charlie is the easiest and just needs a good brush out. I do everyone's ears by myself, I do Charlie's nails and sometimes Lincoln's, but the other ones I will take to work and have someone there help me do them. I hate black nails!!!
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Old 01-30-2014, 04:21 PM
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I honestly wish I could. It's something I've considered, and I know people tell me it's SO easy once you get the hang of it, etc, and I know I'd save so much money. But to me, it's the same as when I go to the hairdresser... I'm sure I COULD do it, but it's just never the same as when they do it. I love a particular look/cut on him and my groomer does it perfect so I'll continue to pay $65 every 8-10 weeks.

I do little things occasionally - like sometimes if I let it go too long, I'll trim the hair that's around his eyes (so it's not poking him), or trim the hair around his ears. Or butt. But more often than not, I just leave it to the groomer. I don't do nails, I hardly brush him, he's very low maintenance with the cut he has.

The only 'grooming' I do is bathe him (in the summer every 7-10 days) and in the winter, usually only once a month. Oh and I do brush his teeth at least every other night.
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Old 01-30-2014, 06:46 PM
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I will have you know I do 100% of my own grooming on both my dogs...which accounts for keeping their nails trimmed and occasionally throwing some shampoo on them. Hip hip hurray for wash and wear dogs!

The vets always comment that I must clean their ears regularly...I have never once done anything with their ears.

I am good about keeping their teeth brushed as well. Most nights we do it.

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Old 01-30-2014, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Elrohwen View Post
That's seriously impressive.

I saw some pics of standard poodles groomed as bedlingtons - you could get a poodle and do that!
I saw a photo of a black Mini groomed as a Bedlington. So Adorable! I could not handle growing face hair that long, though. I don't like furry Poodle faces

I can groom Chows (line brush, blow out, etc)

I can do pet clips on Poodles. When Brooks grows out, now that he has his adult coat in, I'll probably practice on him some other trims. I can also band a topknot.

I can do pet clips on Yorkies, but I'd never be able to do a show groom with all of the wrapping.
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Old 01-30-2014, 07:11 PM
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I am a professional groomer. I groom all sorts of dogs and even shave cats.

I can show groom a few breeds and even hand strip which is becoming a lost art.
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