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Old 01-05-2014, 09:33 PM
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Default Applying to jobs online

To those of you who have been in a position to review job applications - do those applications submitted online without any "connections" get any serious consideration? Likewise, is applying for jobs several months in advance of one's available start date worthwhile or is it essentially a waste of time? I'm in a position now to begin applying for jobs because ideally I would like to be able to begin working shortly after graduation and want to relieve myself of the job search stress as soon as possible. I don't want to jabber too much about myself personally, but I'm starting to wonder about these applications that disappear into cyberspace once I click "submit." I'm wondering if I'd be better pressed to spend more time and energy networking in the hopes that it may somehow connect me to a job and less time applying to online job ads.

It's tough right now as a current student, because I have so many avenues that I could take, but very little experience beyond my high school and summer experiences. I'm considering several job fields as possibilities, but unfortunately, with my majors and areas of interest, there do not seem to be many companies (that I've found thus far at least) with "saved" spots for recent graduates. I say this because I have several friends majoring in engineering fields and their job fairs seem to be filled with companies willing to make offers in the late fall or early winter months for employment beginning in the summer. With the exception of food producers (a field which does not interest me at all), I haven't had much luck finding companies in my area with reserved spots for graduates.

Feel free to input how you ended up with your job, especially shortly out of school!

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Old 01-06-2014, 06:14 PM
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I got my job based on an internship that I got through an on campus recruiting session. I was a computer science major (well, information systems--comp sci lite) so they heavily recruited on my campus. I worked that the summer before my senior year, and had a full time offer on the table in October. I signed paperwork in December.

My husband got his from a campus recruiting session as well.

I have absolutely gotten interviews from random internet job postings. I really like as a search engine. You can filter down to no experience, and i find it easier to navigate than monster.

Are you still interested in classroom observations this month?

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