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Old 12-16-2013, 06:29 PM
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Default Training Advice

Hello all, I am new here
I am looking for any advice, tips or anything really that can help me with my dog.

First off she is 8 1/2 months old. Her father is a Bernese Mountain Dog and her mother is a Labrador X Belgian Shepard Dog (Malinois). She shows she is very smart and always want to be doing something, see what is going on, be where someone moves. Looking out for the first hint of a distraction to get her attention.

We have taken her to puppy training and training after, sadly with it being so far away we have not been able to attend every week. I have kept repeating what I have learnt with her but I feel either it is the wrong thing for her in particular or I am doing it wrong.
She is full of energy even after play and long walks, I have read that this is very much a labrador thing and I am happy to go out and play with her, but she doesn’t sit down for very long.
Shes very full on when people come to the house, if she has been shut out for no less than five minutes, it is like we have left her for hours, she whines and occasionally barks when shut out or left alone.
She shoves her face in peoples hands looking for food, which concerns me that she would just take anything from someones hand. On that note she is VERY food driven unless we are out on a walk and then anything else takes presidence over that.
Unfortunatly changing most things in my living enviroment is not something I can do. I live with my family currently and they have two dogs of their own and a mother who is too stubborn to change anything. Also adding her dogs are far more disobedient. So I did try explaining it would be good for them but to no avail.

She often refuses to listen to a command or much more, even though she stats to wagg her tail or looks at me. I do try to keep eye contact where possible but again distractions.

She pulls on the lead and obviously letting her off is not an option is she doesn’t listen to me. I have looked at many training aids but I am skeptical because I would rather be given a review or some positive advice about anything at all.

Not sure if I covered everything or even made that much sense but anything anyone can help with would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Old 12-16-2013, 09:01 PM
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Do you have a crate for her? I know I wish I would have done more crating with my younger dog when she was a puppy. She was my first puppy that was pretty intensely active and just never seemed to wear out. As she's gotten older I've learned that some dogs just need to be told flat out to settle down. Sometimes we'd go hours upon hours and then come home to play ball and the more ball she'd b=play, the more hyped she'd get. Then she'd bark and demand and just generally be obnoxious. She really needs to be told 'go lie down on this spot and relax'. Teaching that 'forced settle' has been great for us. A lot of times they're like toddlers and they go bananas when they're really tired. 10 minutes of allowing her to calm down and she's zonked. Anyways, I think a crate is a good place to teach a dog to settle.

I'm sure more people will have ideas.

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