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Old 10-13-2014, 02:36 PM
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Default How are Your Dogs With Kids?

Is your dog a full on kid lover? Or does your dog fear those tiny human minions?

Morrison LOOOOOOOOVES kids. Especially infants and toddlers. He is extremely gentle, polite, and respectful of space. His current favorite kid is my sisters 2 year old son. The kid has pried Morrisons mouth open to look at his teeth, he sits on him (gently), and he hugs and kisses on him. Morrison takes all of it with kisses and tail wags. He LOVES the attention. He's like "FINALLY a hooman that appreciates me!" .

He cracks me up because he is a food thief when it comes to adults. But my nephew will literally shove a treat in his face and Morrison will refuse to take it until I say it is okay. He never ever attempts to steal from babies or children. He is also very good about giving kids who are fearful or wary of dogs their space. He doesn't push himself on kids who don't want contact with him.

Leia is also great with kids. She is also a major fan of my nephew...Mainly because she is a mouth licker and a 2 year old doesn't know to close his mouth when a dog tongue comes near it lmao. She has cleaned out his mouth a couple of times. I am happy my sister has worked with her son about being gentle with small animals (she has two cats). So all of Leia's experiences with small kids have been good ones. Which is great. It makes her confident when it comes to meeting other children.

Fae isn't such a big fan of kids. She isn't growly or snappy. She would just rather observe from a distance. She is not a fan of loud screaming kids running around like wild animals (neither am I). I blame her lack of confidence around kids on her previous owners. I was given Fae when she was 6 months old and I was told that from the time she was 12 weeks old to the time she came to live with me, she was chased on a daily basis by her previous owners 3 year old nephew ...So yeah I can see where the fear comes from.

She is good around older kids and will approach and give tentative kisses. But it takes some warming up. I often tell my older nephews and niece (age ranges 10-16) to just ignore her and she will come around. And she always does. It just has to be on her terms.

I try not to let her be put in situations where she feels overwhelmed or cornered.But my 2 year old nephew has run up on her twice and her reaction was different each time. One time she just ran behind the chair and hid. The second time she laid/cowered on the ground and licked at his hand submissively.

So I am glad that she doesn't react aggressive/defensively, but I don't like to push it and try not to put her in situations with out of control kids.
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Old 10-13-2014, 02:41 PM
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Mia hates kids. Wishes they would go away and will bite if in the right circumstance I am sure (this she has never been in those circumstances. She is very closely monitored around kids)

Summer likes kids a lot but will squeak if they get too rough. With her it is making sure the kid is tiny dog appropriate.

Hank loves kids a lot. He's wild though and hasn't mastered not jumping on everyone. So for now I am still holding his collar because I'd imagine he would knock them down. He also chases after things a lot and I think a toddler at this point would be too much for him. I was proud last night when we were walking and he did well as a pack of toddlers on tricycles came past. I could tell it was hard for him.
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Old 10-13-2014, 02:45 PM
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Feist is pretty good overall with kids, especially if they want to play ball or frisbee with her. She adores my 11-year-old sister. The 1-2 year old range does make her nervous, something we've been working on. Normally she doesn't really pay them any special mind one way or another, which is fine with me.

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Old 10-13-2014, 02:45 PM
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Dekka treats kids like she treats adults. No difference what so ever. She is equally snobby lol. She is calm and accepts handling from either but likely would not tolerate rough handling by kids or adults.
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Old 10-13-2014, 02:48 PM
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I don't trust Hudson with kids. Partly because his exposure to them has been minimal, partly because he is a wild dude and he would accidentally knock them down by being Hudson. Now, this is all with young kids. Like, under 3. I don't know how he would be with older kids. I'm sure the quick movements would drive him batty and his first instinct would be to try to contain and control. Basically, I try to avoid it and then watch him closely when he is around my nieces and nephew.

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Old 10-13-2014, 02:49 PM
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Jack is indifferent. He pretty much ignores kids unless they have food.

Crossbone doesn't really enjoy the company of kids --unless they have food or toys. However, he LOVES my 9 month old nephew. LOVES him. Will actually seek him out to kiss his face & chooses to lay next to him. I hope, hope, hope that he continues to adore him as baby grows up.

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Old 10-13-2014, 02:55 PM
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Patton and Frag are both fantastic with children.

Recon is afraid and will run away/bark at anything too short/young. If he were cornered, I wouldn't put it past him to bite a kid. He is very easy to gauge, it's either a kid to him or it's his best friend (an older/bigger kid). There are some 8+ year olds that he's best buds with.

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Old 10-13-2014, 02:58 PM
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Jackson's fine with kids for the most part. He's great with my siblings, now 6 and 11, and has grown up living with them. He's also great with their friends who come over often. He's always been very sweet and careful around infants as well.

He gets nervous with loud rambunctious kids though. He's the type to just walk away and go under the bed if kids are bothering him rather than react though which I love about him.

He tolerates a lot from my sister. She enjoys dressing him up lol.

His thing is he does NOT like to be picked up - by anyone, so if he thinks a kid or adult is reaching in to pick him up, he runs away from you quickly lol.

He actually seems more comfortable greeting children than adults. I think it's likely because they always smell like some sort of food that's left on their fingers or sleeves. He pretty much will do anything for food.

He and my sister.

He and my bro when he was younger.

Brit & Jackson

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Old 10-13-2014, 02:59 PM
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Watson is a little weird with kids. He's super interested in them, and will follow them around, but sometimes he's not sure what to do with them. Often if they reach out to pet him he'll bounce away and play bow - sort of playfully deflecting. He can also get over excited. We had a party last weekend and a few times he had the kids pinned on the couch while he was in a play bow barking at them, exactly like he would do with another dog who he wanted to play with. One little girl said "I'll play with you Watson, but you have to stop shouting!" Haha

I think he would be fantastic with his own kid, or kids he spent a lot of time with, but he sees them pretty infrequently and just has a hard time reading them. He's also much better with dog savvy kids. He spent most of a whale watching tour with a little girl's arm around him, but then avoided some other kids on the boat who obviously weren't super comfortable but still wanted to pet him. He can tell when the kids are unsure and it makes him unsure. He has barked at a couple kids from a distance, all boys about 8-13, so there's something about that gender and age group that throws him off.

He's politely curious with babies. He will sniff them, and look interested if they cry, but he mostly ignores them.

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Old 10-13-2014, 04:18 PM
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My dogs both grew up with kids in their previous families. They love them, but ESPECIALLY Rowan. Rowan goes nuts over kids. They're one of his very favorite things. He once spent an hour being loved on my twin 7 year old girls and I'm pretty sure it was the best hour of his life. They were petting him, hugging him (which I wouldn't have allowed if he showed any discomfort but he was thrilled), feeding him treats, having him do tricks... he was in heaven.

He would be a great kid's dog. He loves them so much and is so tolerant. Unfortunately for him I won't ever have kids and don't particularly like them either. I HAVE found that I'm much more excited to see them if I have Rowan with me, because I know they make him so happy. That makes me laugh. Only my dog could make me happy about kids.

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