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Old 10-09-2013, 02:55 PM
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Default Humping!!!!

In MY past experience, I have always dealt with "humping" as a dominance issue. And it has never really been an issue. If the dogs are roughhousing one may feel the need to dominate and start humping the air, but a sharp "WHAT are you doing?" has always led to them stopping and walking away in embarassment. I don't reckon it's ever been a sexual issue, .......

Sammy humps Zeus every waking second that he is out of his crate! Non stop. Hump, hump, hump. And he knows we don't allow this. He will mount Zeus and wait until we are within grabbing distance to run. Zeus groowls, runs, hides, even tries to bite, but he is not an aggressive dog so that's as far as it goes. Zeus is a pain in the butt bad behavior dog, about other issues, but to see him hide behind my legs constantly from Sammy, is heartbreaking.

I don't mean just humping, I mean triple dipple overtime non stop humping! And licking......privates! Sammy will be neutered Monday. I PRAY that this helps. In the meantime, he is crated more then he should be and I hate that!

Also, he is in diar need of a forever home. I cannot keep him. I have a couple seniors with major health problems and with him there I cannot focus on the ones who need me at the moment.
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