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Old 09-09-2013, 12:23 PM
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Thanks so much for the replies!

And thanks Romy...that really helped to hear. Sometimes I just feel like I am an awful owner, cause I know I am far from perfect. But it just helps having the reminder that Oakley is just an extra special dog, and most other dogs don't require the amounts of training & attention he does.

He has been on anxiety meds in the past, but I didn't notice huge differences in the bad behavior, but felt like he wasn't quite himself at the other wasn't a fan. Got some calming chews from the pet store & bought some other calming stuff online (decided to try something other than RR if I was gonna have to invest in something anyways). Still waiting on the online stuff.

He has been mildly more tolerable...but still the barking is just ugh.

I am going to give him some more time to settle from this crazy month, but if this barking doesn't stop, then I may have to look into the bark softening.

It is one thing if it was just me...but when we are over at Adam's & his roomies are trying to watch a TV show (or my roomies...)...and Oakley is just BARKING for no reason, then it is just SO frustrating. Petting him (after getting him to sit/be quiet for like 10 secs) will help for about 30 seconds...but then he just starts biting at my hand & barking. Playing with him helps some, but he is SO vocal when he plays that it just doesn;t help the noise level. Yesterday I had to go & eat dinner in the kitchen by myself to keep him out of everyone's hair

He may need a vet check up, but honestly, I just doubt it is anything other than a psychological thing, cause he is totally fine if it is just him & I. He runs around playing fetch just fine, is just fine on his walks, etc.

I'm really looking forward to when Adam & I move in together, cause it will prob be the first time in Oakley's life that things can (hopefully) be really consistent. I ask my roomies to not feed him without giving commands, etc, not let him jump...but I always catch them breaking this. It is just so hard to control other people :/

Thanks Jessie!

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