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Old 05-13-2006, 05:19 PM
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Well evreything worth saying has been said so I'll just give u a GOOD LUCK
And dont be too stressed out, there is always next time. And ur dog is very beautiful
(\ /)
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Old 05-13-2006, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Gempress
It's been discussed before. No, it's not a mixed breeding. In Canada, the belgian shepherds are considered different varieties, not seperate breeds.

I do think that you should wait in breeding Visa. According to your website, she's on a good track to getting her titles, but she is not titled yet. Wait until she gets her CH. Then you'll have no problem finding a good stud--they'll come to you.
Ok thanks Gempress. I wasn't sure.
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Old 05-14-2006, 01:25 AM
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[QUOTE=Gempress] According to your website, she's on a good track to getting her titles, but she is not titled yet. QUOTE]
Visa is titled, she has her HIC and CGN. She has four points towards her CH and is working on her first obedience and agility titles this year. She is also CERFed and the results of her hips and elbows are pending.

We are not hurrying -- we already have a male to breed her to if we can't find a grey terv (which is not a fault, it's perfectly acceptable). But we would prefer a grey terv.

I am not the one breeding her, I do not have breeding rights until her first litter is done with -- THEN I get all breeding rights. Her breeder decides when and to whom she will be bred with, I am only helping in the decision. We would like to find a grey terv because we want assurance that the puppies will carry grey (though we could breed her to a fawn carrier, grey is just easier).

Groenendaels and tervurens are NOT different breeds -- they are the same breed. All Belgian shepherds are the same thing.

This really isn't rushed. She has had this one male picked out for two years --- we were just hoping to find another one. His temperment strongly suits Visa's but his head is like her's -- coarse. And now Visa's breeder wants to get into tervs and just recieved a male that carries terv who may be a match for Visa's puppy. In order to create terv, both of the parents have to carry it. That is why we want to breed her to a terv, not to mention the fact that Visa has strong working ability and would help tervs where they are starting to lack in drive. But if we can't find another male, this male is perfectly acceptable. He picks up where she lacks in temperment, they would some create puppies with manageable drives, he has his Can/Am/Int CH, his HIC, CD, and CGC. He's very nice.

I am not just picking breeders off the internet -- we would meet the dog before the breeding. That's why we don't want to ship.

In any case, I've found a beautiful terv in Sask, a little farther than we'd hoped, but I'm going to contact the breeder and see if this dog may be a good match.
Jordan and the Belgians
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