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View Poll Results: How much on a collar?
$25 and under 12 21.05%
$50 and under 13 22.81%
$75 and under 17 29.82%
$100 and under 6 10.53%
Over $100 9 15.79%
Voters: 57. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08-08-2013, 09:16 PM
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Default How much would you spend on a collar?

Thought this would be an interesting idea to go along with my Pacos thread. So, what's the most you have spent on a collar, and was that your limit? Would you go higher?

Currently Nola's most expensive collar was $45. Since I'm looking at a Pacos, I guess my max is about $95. Never would have thought that even a year ago....
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Old 08-08-2013, 09:18 PM
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$75 is the most I've spent (on my Paco); I'd be pretty hard pressed to go over that, and would never do that much again without being able to try it on my dog.

The collars I really want right now are $42 each (I'd want one for each dog) and I'm having a hard time justifying that. They both do just fine in their $20 collars.

If I had unlimited disposable income, I'd have more fun. But $100 is a day of trailing both dogs basically. Hard to justify for me right now.

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Old 08-08-2013, 09:20 PM
AmberH AmberH is offline
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The most I've ever spent on a collar was $38. I got it half price. It was a super sale! Very nice blinged out leather collar.

I voted $50 and under but we'll see how that goes in the future. I'm cheap and I love nice collars. The two don't really go that well together.
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Old 08-08-2013, 09:22 PM
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Most my collars are either gifts or were less than $20. Most were super cheap ($5-10).

You can't see collars on my dogs so buying fancy ones is pointless. I have no idea what their collars they're wearing now look like.

If I get a short haired dog I would probably buy a nice leather collar for it. But long haired dogs? Nope

I don't see myself ever buying a collar collection for a dog. Would rather use the money for classes/seminars/training equipment.

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Old 08-08-2013, 09:26 PM
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Er, not very much. I feel lucky in that I'm not 'into' collars. But you never know, so I put $50 and under.

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Old 08-08-2013, 09:26 PM
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I voted $75. I have not spent that on a collar, but for the right collar I could talk myself into that. Then again, having a fuzzy dog you can't really see the pretty collars so I think I'll stick with the cheaper collars.

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Old 08-08-2013, 09:33 PM
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If I had a short haired dog my number would probably be under over $100.

With merlin? Eh. you can barely see collars anyway. He has a bunch and my favorite one/the only one he wears every day I got at gundogsupply for like..$12.
Waterproof, gunk sproof, smell proof, and an ID name plate.

At this point with him, I'm hard pressed to spend more.

Disclaimer: I work for Trupanion and love it/our policy! But I do not speak for the company or as the company.
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Old 08-08-2013, 09:35 PM
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I put $50 and under. My most expensive is a leather one from Collar Mania, but I bought that a few years ago and honestly don't even have a clue how much it was.

I would potentially spend more on a Paco, if it were going to be my dog's only collar or something. I just have too many collars lol so it's cheapies from here on out!

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Old 08-08-2013, 09:35 PM
ruffiangirl ruffiangirl is offline
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150 or something is what I paid for Gage's dragon Paco limited edition from last year lol.
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Old 08-08-2013, 09:36 PM
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Well, since I've spent over $100 on a collar, that's what my vote is

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