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Old 08-05-2013, 02:35 PM
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I got my first smart phone like ... 10 years ago & I don't know how I ever functioned without one. My mother has an old style flip phone, she was learning how to text & asked me if I could help her & had to tell her I couldn't remember how to text on an "old fashioned" phone xD

If you get anything get an I phone if its your first smart phone, they are super easy to operate

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Old 08-05-2013, 02:38 PM
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I like mine and think its worth it. I resisted until recently but am glad I got one.

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Old 08-05-2013, 02:42 PM
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I think mine is worth it. But I like being able to see my bank account where ever I go, I get lost often and need GPS, browsing Chaz is always nice, and I do need to be able to check my email often, even when I'm not home.

But not everyone needs all of that.
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Old 08-05-2013, 04:28 PM
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I could NOT live without mine. lol. Whenever I think that sometimes it may be nice to just have a plain ole' phone again, I can't imagine my life without a smartphone. I just use it for SO MANY things.

I often get lost while driving or on the road, so I just pull up maps, type in address and am off. Or if I need a number quick, just google or ask Siri. I always need to check e-mails, etc, and have access to them for my foundation. I also use the 'fun' stuff like instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc. But we also have FB for business purposes so it's nice to have instant quick access to it. And just... so. many. things.
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Old 08-05-2013, 04:38 PM
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I rarely use my computer anymore. I use my iPhone for forums and just general browsing. Waiting for an appointment or just bored its great to have. I communicate with a lot of people through email to so helps.

It would be tough to go back to just a computer. Really hard.

I pay for my husbands, mine, and my brothers smart phones. My moms and grandmas non smart phones are also on my plan. Bills 260 ish when my brothers not deployed.

See if where you or your husband works gives a discount. My hospital gives one through all the places but Verizon's was the largest at I think 22% off a month.

I wish I would have got more memory on my phone. Only regret lol!

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Old 08-05-2013, 05:34 PM
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It's one of those things I think that once you have you'll always need but until you have it it's easy to live without.

I love having mine, use it all the time but I don't like how naked I feel without it or how much I depend on it. I've been working really hard not to ever check things when around other people, not to use it when I know I'll have internet access in a little bit.

It's great for when you're bored though, or a quick message to someone. I never text anymore, just use FB chat which is awesome.
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Old 08-05-2013, 05:44 PM
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I'm not a fan of the galaxy's. they are huge I find. You can get the water proof cases for the iPhone

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Old 08-05-2013, 07:28 PM
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I have an android. I appreciate all that it offers, but I can't say I use the 'smart' part a ton. Mostly it makes sitting in a waiting room easier (hah), built in GPS is awesome, and I like a few random apps.

I would look around to some of the smaller companies and see what you can get. I pay $35/month for like 200 minutes? unlimited text, unlimited data. I don't call people usually. I think Metro PCS and some other companies offer unlimited everything for $50 or so a month.

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Old 08-05-2013, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by JennSLK View Post
I'm not a fan of the galaxy's. they are huge I find. You can get the water proof cases for the iPhone
I find iPhones way too small. . Then again, I have the 3rd biggest phone on the market. LOL
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Old 08-05-2013, 07:53 PM
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I will never not have one. So glad I bought mine.
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