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Old 02-16-2005, 06:11 PM
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Default Blitz and Bows....BB

While i am painting, or walking i find myself thinking about the fine dogs I have had the pleasure to experience..I thought you might like to hear about Blitz and Bo's BB. She died a very old, grey, and wobbly about 20 years ago.
She is one of the dogs that are all sitting pretty together in my gallery.

My old boss had a litter of fine big boned, long bodied labradors. One he named BB and the other was Leviathon (like the ship). These were massive labs that performed well at field trials.Young with a good future ahead of them. The kennel was up and running financially so dogs were taken on circuit to test their skills and increase their value.
BB was a powerful dog and she was the pride of the kennel. Somebody stole her and for five years BB led a different life. My ol boss told me the story of how he had to track her down and how he had to use his shotgun to get her back. In those five years Bb had lived in the barn, having litters one right after another. She was built perfectly for a "brood *****" long, long body and very fertile. AFter gaining her health back, she was bred three more times.I always felt that was three too many because her ol milkers hung down to her hocks. Oh my how she loved her puppies...she adored everybody's puppies. She stole puppies. Hudini could have learned some tricks from her. Even when she was old and toothless, she would find a way to get out of her kennel, into the one with a litter, and steal one or two back to "her house". She liked to take a rope out in the field and play whip crack with as many as could get a good hold.Her happiness just radiated out to everyone that watched. When it was time for the puppies to be weaned, she would sneak out, fill her belly with field mice and regurgitate, apparently what she had learned to do during her kidnapped time. Ol boss saw her kill a racoon once. She ran up, grabbed it by the back and tossed it in the air, it was dead when it came down. She must have learned that the hard way too. She was such a good old gir when i got to see her everyday.She had that classic labrador personality that I admire so much.
Her breeding is now in the state of Nebraska, as the number 1 search and seizure dog Power Pete. Pistol pete was his daddy,a dog that i ran in many field trials, and BB his great grandmother. I was lucky enough to have one of her pups. He grew to be a strong contender at the trials, and he saved my life twice, he watched over me like a sentry. Good Old BB, I like thinking about her. Hope I described her well enough for you to see what a remarkable dog she was. Those five years no one fed her, there was no vet care, she had been total abused and neglected, yet she thrived. She raised puppies then as a wild dog ..and she loved them so...That is why we called her Mother Superior. I will find her pic with the 14 newborns and post it in my gallery soon. i wish you could have known her too.
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Old 02-16-2005, 10:28 PM
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Aw Smkie I love your stories of dogs from your past. BB sounds like she was a truly wonderful dog. And how lucky was your boss to get her back after 5 years.

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Old 02-16-2005, 10:38 PM
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SMKie, I feel like I do know BB now. I can just picture her out there in the field playing with pups. Have you ever immortalized BB in any of your artwork?
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Old 02-16-2005, 10:54 PM
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Just in my mind..I am glad you like her too. It seems so strange to be the only one left that remembers these dogs..At the field trials they were just another contender, but at the kennels I saw them everyday, 7 days a week. They were a community of a community of people to me. I am thinking next time I will write about pharroh and the heartworms..or Biscut and the crankcase oil..
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Old 03-14-2005, 03:48 PM
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Ohhh Smkie, BB sounds wonderful. I have goosebumps up my arm reading. It reminds me of the animated dog movies. They of course can talk and you get to know their personalities. Its amazing how you can really know a dogs personality without them saying a word. You can almost hear what they're saying and thinking.

Thanks for sharing the story!

OMG, don't even bring up All Dogs Go To Heaven. Bawled and laughed at the same time during that movie LOL
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