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Old Yesterday, 10:14 AM
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Default How does your dog do at the vet?

We've been there a LOT lately, and he's a favorite of all the receptionists, techs, and vets. It's the only place he's a star. I was really shocked when I had people I've never met coming out and asking to snuggle him and saying he was one of their favorite dogs. MY dog is never anyone's favorite, haha.

Middie was taken to various vets as often as possible for socialization, and he views them as buildings full of pretty ladies who hug him and give him treats. His perception of the vets office seems to be:

1c. I could probably catch a dog there and eat it on the way in.
2. I get to jump on a scale! A SCALE!
3. The nice lady gives me cookies and pets!
4. We go into a room! With cookies! That smells like KITTEEZ!
5. Another nice lady snuggles me and gives me cookies!
6. They take me to the back, give me a shot, and then MORE COOKIES!
7. I go back to my mom and SHE GIVES ME A COOKIE!
8. Sometimes TWO nice ladies massage my back and give me cookies!
9. Before we leave, all the nice ladies come out to say goodbye and sometimes they give me cookies!
12. Maybe I'll get more cookies?

Typing this out, I'm a little jealous of his experience. I wish they gave ME cookies...

Ok, your dogs turn! We haven't had this thread in a while.
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Old Yesterday, 10:18 AM
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Eve dislikes the waiting room where other dogs occupy the same space she is in.

She loves the exam room where she is given cookies and attention. She's always good there.
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Old Yesterday, 10:28 AM
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Recon loves seeing everyone and behaves well.

Frag hates seeing everyone but behaves great.

Patton doesn't give an eff he just wants to go play.

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Old Yesterday, 10:42 AM
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Hudson loves the vet. All those people to tell him what a pretty dog he is. Then, he gets to hop up on a table and they snuggle him some (and by snuggle, I mean restrain), then he gets to lick some yummy baby food off of a spoon. If he's super lucky, they'll smear it all over the table and he can lick it off of there. Then....THEN, more people tell him how pretty he is. And lastly, he hurts everyone's feelings when he doesn't take their treats

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Old Yesterday, 10:43 AM
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They both absolutely love going to the vet. They get stinky liver treats and they get pets from every one. Sirius gets passed around from vet tech to vet tech and he loves it. Laika walks in jumps up on the counter and pushes everything off... Every time it's like she's announcing she's there lol

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Old Yesterday, 10:47 AM
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Cobain used to fall asleep every time. His very first trip with us as a pup, he slept through a series of needles going into him.
Now he can manage to stay awake, but he's pretty indifferent about the whole vet experience. The vet can get as grabby as s/he wants and he'll just comply.

Rigby gets pretty freaked out. But, strange people touching her has never been something she enjoyed. The last time we went this dad and daughter had an adolescent GSD (a breed Rigby is very afraid of) that they kept allowing to harass Rigby. I kept moving away and blocking the dog, but I finally had to snap at them.

I haven't been to the vets with Oz or Ruby in a long time (Mom takes them)
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Old Yesterday, 10:47 AM
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Meg is quiet and easy for everything, and tolerates any handling, as long as they don't try to take her out of the room away from me - at which point she goes into full panic mode.

Gusto is good about it and mostly just tolerates everything so he can go home.

Neither of them is remotely excited to be there, but I think both are probably considered pretty easy dogs to deal with. Neither has ever had to be muzzled or anything, and other than my one requirement about Meg, they don't need any special handling.

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Old Yesterday, 11:06 AM
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None of them get any enjoyment out of it but they're all well behaved. I think Cajun could have the potential to not be very cooperative for procedures, just in the sense of not sitting still, but she let's me manhandle her however I want. So hooray for working at a clinic lol.
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Old Yesterday, 11:25 AM
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Pip hates it but shuts down and tolerates pretty much anything.

Maisy loves it but gets so wiggly and over the top excited that it's virtually impossible to get anything done with her.

Squash has had some procedures and experiences this year that have left him slightly suspicious when he first walks in the door, but he's too jolly to really let it affect him and so responsive to some quick CC that he gets over it quickly.

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Old Yesterday, 12:03 PM
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First visit, Fable was VERY apprehensive and even got a little growly with the vet. She was super uncomfortable, and the fact that the vet was a man and was pretty gruff with her did not ease that one bit. The only reason I took her to that clinic was because I got a free exam there from the rescue. I wasn't a fan of it or the people, so never took her back.

I've found a new vet since then, and I LOVE her. She is very gentle with Fable, and took it slow with her the first couple of times we went in. Because of our amazing new vet (and wonderful vet techs), Fable has grown to like vet visits. She always looks forward to the cuddles and cookies she gets from all the staff. (I also love that the new clinic doesn't have an office kitty, so I don't have to be worried about Fable killing anything ).
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