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Old Yesterday, 01:03 AM
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Default Go to outing gear

You are packing up for a hike/walk for the day.

What equipment do you bring? Everything from harness down to water bowls, ect.

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Old Yesterday, 01:34 AM
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No water bowl, I just bring a regular Nalgene bottle and Brisbane drinks out of that. Ru drinks out of the cap on the rare occasion he decides to drink.

Briz wears his Ruffwear Webmaster harness, Top Rope collar, and usually the stretchy Ruffwear leash. Sometimes I bring a Flexi. Last week he was being extra-touchy about harnesses so he wore his Premier Sure Fit harness, but the Webmaster is really the best one for boulder scrambles.

Ru wears his Ruffwear Climate Changer sweater, sometimes his Hurtta cold weather jacket or a sweatshirt. I often end up taking off his coat, but he never starts a hike naked. Over that goes his Midnight Pet single strand paracord harness and matching leash.

I usually have my Camelback pack with Brisbane's Ruffwear Grip Trex boots, vetwrap, tweezers, first aid stuff, a jacket, a Clif bar, some kibble, and occasionally Ru. I also tend to have matches, a knit hat, gloves, a flashlight, etc just in case.

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Old Yesterday, 07:26 AM
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Depends on where we're going and how far.

For our typical daily hike, all that's packed is leashes and that's to walk them from the car to the trail.
Now that hike is on private property and is only 2-5km loop depending on how long we choose to go for.
Same goes for the off-leash hiking trail that's nearby.

On our longer hikes, where they are supposed to be leashed, I put their harnesses on, and hook them up to my canicross kit. If I don't have any real direction and don't know how long I'll be, I pack their fold up water dish that came with the kit.

This summer I am hoping to do an overnight hike with Cobain (and possibly Rigby) which will involve me having to purchase some backpacks so that they can carry their own food & first aid kits.

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Old Yesterday, 07:48 AM
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Is this just for the dog's gear?

If I'm just "walking" them I only bring leashes and it's generally whatever ones I find first. I keep water and a bowl in the car, so when we get back I will offer water to them.

For hiking I bring more stuff.

The essentials:
  • Nalgene's in the winter, Poland Spring light plastic bottles in the summer- Nalgene's are great in the winter because you can poor hot water directly into them.
  • Ruffwear Bivy Bowl- I have both the new model and the old one and I actually like the old one better. It doesn't fold down so I lash it to my pack but it's a lot lighter and I find when it's wet I actually don't want to fold it anyway.
  • Ruffwear Webmaster- I need a harness I can use to help lift him during scambles and such. I am hoping to switch to the doubleback soon though. The chest is much more supportive as that's an actual climbing harness.
  • Pawwax- I typically only do day hikes and I'll just wax before we hit the trail. If I'm doing an overnight, I will bring a little extra wax with me for the next day.
  • Ruffwear CloudChaser- it's a wind/water resistant layer and it goes under the harness so it doesn't inhibit that being used. I haven't actually had to use it yet. He hasn't gotten cold enough.
  • Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash- I've gone through a lot of leashes. I was excited when this one came out, but to be honest it's not really what I want either. I'm going to try the quick draw next. We hike offleash, so I really only need a light leash for times when we're passing other hikers as I don't want to the be rude person with a dog that goes up to people. I just grab him and close to me and then when we pass I let him go again. So I like a light, easy packed leash, just to use during that time.
  • Roll of poop bags- I just bring the roll, not a holder. That's just extra weight. If I'm going to be doing a trail that I have to retrace to get home I'll put them behind a tree and mark them on the GPS. If I'm doing a loop trail, I'll bring an extra bag to put them all in and lash to my pack. I would die if a poop bag exploaded in my pack. Literally die.
I also have boots for him, but the first time I tried to use them he tripped over them and fell on his face. I haven't tried them on again since. They're in my pack in case I need them though, along with a pair of dog socks.

I always pack kibble and treats. I generally put them in the hip pockets of my pack so I can quickly grab them and treat my dog. I treat a lot out on the trails.

Then I bring a med kit with a few dog specific things in it.
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Old Yesterday, 09:30 AM
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Biothane leash
water (for both of us)

In my pack I keep
water bowl (love the "pop up" ones)
poop bags
small first aide kit (which includes stuff for human and canine)
kennel lead

I also toss the "hiking bag" in the truck- it has a couple of towels, avc/water spray, waterless shampoo, extra collar, & leashes, more poop bags (every bag I own has poop bags in it. ), comb, flea comb, brush. The harness and biothane leash are kept in this bag, as well.
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Old Yesterday, 10:15 AM
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my dog, a 10 ft biothane leash. Hudson wears a Lupine step in harness, with the poop bag holder clipped to it. when I hike, I hike with Xpaeanx and use her stuff.

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Old Yesterday, 12:54 PM
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It depends. Just going out the door and going for a ride or a quick walk somewhere? 5 or 6ft leather leash, Puppia harness (typically).

Longer walk or hike, I often have my little backpack and I'll just put a small bottle of water, his popware water bowl, maybe a few treats, poop bags. If we're going to a fairly secluded place where I know we won't run into many people, I'll bring his long line. But when we hike the battlefields in Gettysburg for example, I'll usually just put him on a 23ft Flexi, the 50ft line is a bit much for that environment. We'll be using the Ruffwear Front Range harness for hiking most likely.
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Old Yesterday, 01:09 PM
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6' biothane leash
Prong Collar for Abrams
E-collar if it is a place that dogs can safely be let loose while hiking (although Abrams isn't to that point yet)
Water bottle (and attached dish) if no water will be available for the dogs on the trail. Water bottle comes with regardless for me.
Poop bags.
Water left at the car for end of hike.

And depending on the length of the hike, I also will bring some granola bars to snack on.

If I know Abrams will be swimming at some point, I'll keep a towel in the car, too.
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Old Yesterday, 02:22 PM
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Water- I bring a water bottle for myself and one for Roxie, a slim tupperware lid for her to drink out of.

Harness- Usually just her bright orange Lupine step-in harness, as I don't walk her in a collar anymore. I do want a proper hiking harness that she can use to pull me and whatnot, though. If we plan on going somewhere that I will need her to pull me, I use her stillwater ring harness for now.

Leash- 30ft All K9 beta biothane. Great since she can't be offleash, but basically has the freedom of being offleash. Plus I can take it up and have her pull me, or pull her off the trail and keep her close in the case of another dog passing.

Poop bags, some snacks, coat if needed, musher's secret if needed, etc.

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Old Yesterday, 02:29 PM
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Just a walk: 6' leash of some sort (Zumi or Bold Lead right now), harness (generally an Xtra Dog one). A few poop bags in my pocket.

Short hike (less than 2 hours): 6' leash or Flexi, harness as above, small lumbar pack with dog treats, poop bags, and my phone, maybe a water bottle if it's hot.

Long hikes (up to 6 hours currently): 6' leash or Flexi, dog back pack (Granite Gear or Ruffwear) with collapsible bowl, dehydrated raw patties in a ziplock, poop bag dispenser, extra slip lead, and two 0.6L Platypus soft water bottles. My Osprey hiking pack with my 2L water bladder, first aid kit, rain gear (pants and coat if likely, just a poncho if not), extra pair of socks, snacks/lunch, map, cell phone, limited survival gear (matches, emergency blanket, compass).
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