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Old Yesterday, 08:59 AM
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Default Which Chaz dogs would....

... Your dogs likely enjoy?

Mia: none. Mia believes dogs are horrible creatures. I was trying to think if there was some big, gentle guardian type male dog on here. Mia's only dog BFF has been an ES type mix who was very stately and calm and would protect her when she hid under him.

Summer: Summer would love all the chazzers, not the Chaz dogs.

Hank: I think Hank would love a lot of them. Namely elrohwen's Watson and also I imagine Merlin and Hudson. I just kind of imagine them being a little bro clique of wild goofy boys. I'd love to get him with Crossbone too because twins. And I really imagine he and Fergus would have a blast together. In real life Hank is infatuated with my friend's little drivey golden girl so I could see him adoring Mira but I'm not sure she'd like him back.

I am sure I'll think of more later.
Mia CGC - (5 year old Papillon)
Hank - (approx. 10 month old Spotty Dog)
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Old Yesterday, 09:32 AM
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Crossbone would love to play with Hank. He really enjoys dogs who run and who will play tug or keep away with toys. He gets along great with Traveler, Fergus, he loves Siri. Pretty much all of the chaz dogs he's met he could play fine with. He really likes little fluffy dogs...but as play things, not as friends. Pretty much any dog he can chase and bite is fun. He just doesn't like labs or big groups of dogs or dogs who are too in his face. Or dogs who try to play while he's fetching things in the water--cause that's serious business. And he hates puppies.

Jack does not play. With any dog ever--Crossbone is the only exception.

Crossbone - 2011 Cattle Pirate | Jack - 2004 Beaglador | Smallpox - 2014 Rat Terrier
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Old Yesterday, 09:43 AM
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Leo would love to play with any playful dog on here, as long as they don't body slam him too much (in which case he would snark, but probably still want to continue playing)

But he would especially LOVE to play with any of the herders, or just some of the other young dogs.

Hank, Watson, Crossbone, Fable, Hugo, Journey, Feist, all come to mind.

Honestly, Leo gets along with most dogs, so I think he could at least co-exist with all of them (he responds to signals well), and he would love any of them that want to play with him.

Leo particularly loves to chase and be chased (the faster the better, but he will run slow for slower dogs to keep it interesting), but will adapt his playing style to also include a lot of play mouthing and playing a little rougher when other dogs like that. He just doesn't like it if other dogs body slam him really hard, and even then he is very forgiving (once he loudly objects) and is willing to continue the game.

Leo: 1.5 year old border collie/cattle dog mix
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Old Yesterday, 09:46 AM
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If Watson could get over his hatred of dogs with balls, he would love Hudson again. I agree that Hank, Merlin, Hudson, Fergus, and Watson would be a hilarious gang of hooligan boys.

He loves all girl dogs even when they don't give him the time of day. I think he'd follow Journey, Dance, Fennec, and Mira around begging for attention. Maybe Feist, but he might be thrown off by the crazy BC eyes. Haha.

He'd love SpringerLover's dogs because spaniels.

Watson - Ch. Truepenny Olympic Triumph | Welsh Springer Spaniel | DOB 8.2.12
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Old Yesterday, 09:50 AM
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Schen would join the gang of hooligan boys. However Dekka is with Mia and would hate everyone.
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Old Yesterday, 09:51 AM
StillandSilent StillandSilent is offline
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Gimmick would love everyone.

Gambit would attach to me and ignore them all.

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Old Yesterday, 09:51 AM
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Is it cheating that I already know there is extreme love for Hudson & Embyr? LOL.
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Old Yesterday, 10:57 AM
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Mia would like my big altered Great Dane male.

He is gentle with all things small, not pushy and has a thing for small white dogs. He actually would pretend she didn't exist until she came to him.
Vickie and the Stillwater Dogs
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Old Yesterday, 11:08 AM
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My guess is Logan and Gavroche

Other than that, I couldn't tell you. Smaller dogs he's usually ok with after they've had some off leash time. He actually warms up to most dog that don't try to step on him after a while. He's just leash DA.
Jade: DMH Cat
Tango: LH Tripod Chihuahua

Practice what you preach or keep your mouth shut.
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Old Yesterday, 11:08 AM
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I think Crystal would like Summer, because she likes small, happy dogs that would pay no attention to her lol. I think she would enjoy Jackson and Lola. Also Ru. Basically any small dog on Chaz would be Crystal's favorite, even better if they blatantly ignore her.

Crystal - Professional Family Sidekick as of 2009
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