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Old 05-08-2013, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by OwnedByBCs View Post
Probably, I guess most of the working lines I'm exposed to have been extremely lovey. Not exactly Velcro, though, they can work independently, but they are obsessed with cuddling and attention, at least most of the dogs I know.
My experience hasn't been lovey, they're very work oriented and probably lovey at home but mostly they don't have time for cuddling, they remind me of my Malinois who needed to be taught down time and cuddling was a byproduct but always an interesting challenge(ouch comes to mind, they love *hard*). lol

It's a funny breed though, my friends CP didn't act like my friends HN nor like my friends farm dog, when you get down to really analyzing them. None have been super cuddly though, maybe you're just a border magnet?
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Old 05-08-2013, 11:32 AM
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Well, I don't know what is typically written on breed websites, but I have one for Dachshunds:

They MUST sleep under blankets. They can't just have a dog bed, they have to have a blanket on top of the dog bed so they can burrow into it.
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Old 05-08-2013, 12:26 PM
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Dobermans: Unless you're actually talking to Doberman people, nobody mentions just how extremely cuddly and affectionate they are. I've never been around dogs who crave human affection so much. And while I wouldn't call them 'soft', they are incredibly sensitive to their person's emotions and they're kind of an odd mix of sensitive but determined. They're also extremely observant and don't (IME) just react. They take the time to think something through and then decide if it's worth alerting to. And I see it mentioned regularly that they're one person dogs, but people see that and think that they just don't like the rest of the family or other people, which is totally untrue. They definitely have their favourite person, but they love their entire family. And with strangers, while mine will seek out attention, they're also aloof about it. Strangers never get to see the goofy side of my dogs. And that's another thing! Very rarely do I see mention of what goofs Dobes can be. They aren't as outwardly forward in their humour as other breeds/dogs can be, but they're certainly goofy. Oh, and they think they'll melt in the rain/snow, and can't step in gross things or tiny puddles, but running through a giant mud puddle on their own accord is perfectly acceptable and apparently a lot of fun.

Tollers: I'm not really sure. I guess when I got Dance though, I didn't realize just how headstrong and determined they could be. It is mentioned here and there, but I was a bit surprised. Most Tollers I know are also rather independent and need to be force cuddled most of the time haha. They seem to like to be near and are very shadowy and sweet, but they don't necessarily want to be snuggled with unless they decide they're in the mood. Also, I find them to be very reactionary, as in "bark first, question later". Makes for a great alert dog, but I was surprised at just how much so. I house-sat for a whole bunch at once and they were all like that, as is Dance, which for me was a big change when compared to my other dogs. And everyone mentions "high energy" but while they're supposed to have a lot of energy and be active dogs, nobody describes the type of energy, which is a bit frantic and busy. But they also have excellent off switches. I remember before getting one I was a little worried that they never stopped.

Aussies: The only thing I'm really surprised about is how snuggly she is. I don't even know if this is a breed trait or just a family trait. But she's so incredibly affection and cuddly, but she's not pushy about it either, which coming from Dobermans, is odd to me. I didn't realize dogs could be that affectionate without being super needy about it haha. Oh, and maybe it is mentioned, but bouncy! Journey believes that hopping and bouncing is just the best way to get around.
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Old 05-08-2013, 12:29 PM
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Collies are total clowns. And they give the best, most gentle kisses <3

Boxers...I think they're pretty well covered. But they do like to grumble-talk. A lot.

They MUST sleep under blankets. They can't just have a dog bed, they have to have a blanket on top of the dog bed so they can burrow into it.
This is SO TRUE. One of my coworkers has a doxie and it's just the same for him. In fact, Gavroche is an honorary dachshund because he, too, must sleep under a blanket lol
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Old 05-08-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by OwnedByBCs View Post
Probably, I guess most of the working lines I'm exposed to have been extremely lovey. Not exactly Velcro, though, they can work independently, but they are obsessed with cuddling and attention, at least most of the dogs I know.

I think I understand what you mean, however, I don't think you're describing it right maybe?

I've been around many working dogs. I own one. Most (not all) do like a cuddle/attention, more so than is ever talked about in books, however if there is work to be done (or play) they will always go for that over a pet. If they are focused on stock, a cuddle will mean nothing. If the dog is focused on running up the stairs to a dock, a touch will mean nothing. But AFTER working stock is finished or their jumping fun is over, sure, they like a good pet.

But the bolded part...I can't say many of the dogs I've been around are obsessed with it. In very calm, non-work/play mindset they can enjoy it. But that's about it.

IMO, Aussies are much more into pets/cuddles than Border Collies are.

Again, just my experience. But I definitely would not sell them as a breed that is obsessed/seeks out cuddles and bell rubs.

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Old 05-08-2013, 01:39 PM
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With Shibas I guess it would be the description that they are affectionate, they are never what most people would call affectionate, the typical 'OMG youre home and i love you and how was your day amd now put your hands on me and i will never leave your side now that you are home', they are more 'oh you're home, um ya, that's good, I wagged my tail and permitted you to touch my head, ima go outside now, let me know when you will be serving dinner, ok'.
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Old 05-08-2013, 01:49 PM
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Briar WILL NOT cuddle ..he looks at me like I'm retarded when I try to make him snuggle. I even make him watch Penn to learn ahahah

Vizslas are WAY more vocal than anything I've read anywhere. Otherwise, I don't feel like I got too many surprises, pleasant or otherwise, with her.
It's wonderful to be a human in a Vizsla world!
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Old 05-08-2013, 02:19 PM
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my border collie is very silly outside and super loving but not over bearing.
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Old 05-08-2013, 02:57 PM
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Most BCs I'm around are very work work work. They can be affectionate but none are super cuddly. The Aussies I know are sucks. Lol.

One thing that recently amazed me was that my friend's very tall big Belgian girl can curl up in a tiny little ball to sit on someone's lap. I think they look bigger than they are because they're so tall but she makes herself into a tiny little Belgian ball.

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Old 05-08-2013, 02:59 PM
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I don't think descriptions of ES ever quite convey how HAPPY they are and how GOOFY they can be. Most talk about how they are rule followers & enforcers and I think that gives the impression that they are super srs, and Hudson can be serious, but mostly he is just happy and goofy.

The other night he decided he wanted his fleece bed on the OTHER side of the bed room (possibly on the bed). He grabbed it in his mouth and pulled it across the room and then jumped up on the bed with his tongue happily hanging out of the side of his mouth looking rather pleased with himself.

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