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Old 05-08-2013, 06:20 PM
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My sister and I built most of our own equipment. We did get a dog walk given to us. It is made for small dogs so is a little narrower but has the same slope as the regular ones. I built an A-frame last year. Just made it three feet wide and eight feet long and it is easy to just pull a pin out and carry the two pieces.

We also have a tire that we got when the people bought a new one. Last fall we bought two tunnels and a chute as they are the hardest to make on your own, especially the tunnels. We also made our own teeter. We used the sand and paint on the contact equipment.

My sister has been busy repainting it all, I will post some pictures when we are through.
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Old 05-14-2013, 11:33 AM
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Thank you for all the input and advice, we went ahead and built a teeter yesterday and while we used framing wood we may pull it and re-do it with pressurized wood. We need to texture and paint it but the PVC base & board alone cost less than 70 dollars, not bad considering the bases sold (time and labor) online are 80-100 from what I see.

I now have the itch for more though and maybe an aframe is next.

Logically a table is next but that's small potatoes comparatively.

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Old 05-17-2013, 12:30 PM
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I bought all of mine.

After many attempts at making my own and realizing that in the long run, it was just easier to buy well made, adjustable, lightweight contacts.

My aframe, dog walk, and teeter were all purchased from the same company. They are all aluminum, and all break down, or are adjustable for training and moving. I can look up the company if interested. I did take out a loan to make the purchase. I needed to build credit and wanted agility equipment, so I took out a small personal loan. I can't remember how much now.

I've made numerous sets of weaves. My current weaves are a set of 24" channels that a friend (who works in metal fabrication) built for me. I paid for those, as well as a set of 20" channel weaves that I bought maybe 8-9 years ago. I still have those, but the competition specs have changed, so I really don't use them. I made a set of 2x2's with just PVC (meh), I built a set of the Jane Simmons Moake offset spring weaves, I still have those, too. I made a set of stick in the grounds (meh).

I bought a cheapie chute on ebay a long time ago. My husband built my tire jump and broad jump. I built most of my regular wingless jumps. I just ordered 10 winged jumps, and am still waiting on them to be delivered.

I have two table bases (16" and 24" PVC) that I built and my husband built a table top to fit over them. Basically just plywood and then a sturdy wooden lip to keep it in place over the table frame.

Oh, and a purchased tunnel, I'd like to buy another one possibly for my christmas gift. The one I have is old and is starting to show it. The Texas sun isn't very forgiving.
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