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Old 04-29-2013, 10:45 PM
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It's...sort of a mix. I suppose it depends on what the issue is. If you donate to Autism Speaks, you're out, that's it. I didn't buy anything through CafePress for a long time because of that. Then this year they decided to donate to ASAN instead. WOOO HOOO, I can use CafePress again! I don't like that Think Geek is sort of expensive and I can get the same stuff elsewhere for cheaper most of the time, but they also support ASAN, so I'm more likely to buy from them because of that (I know that's not exactly what we're talking about, but that's my sort of similar example lol).

There are collar makers I won't buy from because I don't approve of things they've done or how I or someone else have been treated. There are two collar makers I will never buy from. On that note, if I need a custom leather collar, I will ALWAYS ALWAYS go to Ella's Lead, because Becca is awesome and has gone out of her way to help me a million times. The first place I got custom nylon/ribbon collars from, I will never use again, because I was treated like **** and the product is mediocre. I have found a different person to use for that, and although I may not 100% agree with them all the time on everything, I was treated with respect and got quality collars that were exactly what I ordered (and they were priced very reasonably!).

There was a radio show that used to air here that had Cesar Milan as a guest and the host was fanboying all over him. I couldn't bring myself to listen to that morning show again (and now they're not airing on the station I listen to anymore, since they decided to turn into a country music morning show).

I don't know enough about most celebrities to pass judgement, and in a way I like that, because I don't want to have to feel bad for liking something It kills me that Christopher Eccleston is bitter about the BBC and his time on Doctor makes it hard to be a fan knowing that. Tom Baker had some similar, less extreme sentiments...but he's still my favorite. As far as naked photo shoots...if you want to do this (NSFW) then more power to you (but I still find her character incredibly annoying).

ETA: OH, there's a "zoo" here that I won't ever go to again. The owner's a douche, the animals are treated only as well as is required by USDA, and they breed white tigers out the ass. They aren't good enough to be AZA accredited, so the owner invented his own accrediting agency that's a total joke. I went once because it was free and I was curious, but I'm NEVER going back. It's too sad.

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