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Old 04-28-2013, 04:30 PM
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Lots of dogs around me. Right next door on one side is a APBT and a Frenchie, beside them is a medium size generic yellow mix and next to them is a Dobe. The other side is a Maltese, beside them is a bunch of beagles or Beagle mixes and next to them are two Pekes. Across the street there's an adorable TFT that I've dog sat a couple times, next to them is a spaniel mix and behind them a Doxie, Basset and Weim. Directly behind us there's no dogs but the people diagonal from us in the back have a couple really big dogs, mastiffs I think (can't see them real well because of the privacy fences). Dogs everywhere!
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Old 04-28-2013, 06:03 PM
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Our neighborhood is full of dogs. The only one immediately adjacent to us is a springer spaniel who is a sweetheart (along with his owners). When we had our privacy fence put in, we had a gate put between our yards so we can open it up for them to all play together if we want.

They also frequently petsit for various regular dogs. The only one I don't like too much is a DR female yellow lab who is Maisy's nemesis. Those two hate each other. When we had a chain fence they would fence fight if they had the opportunity, but that's not really an issue anymore since they can't see each other.

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Old 04-28-2013, 06:03 PM
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Lots of dogs in this apartment complex. For the most part, I have no issues. Like the guy behind us has two and they are absolutely LOVELY dogs and he's a very good owner as far as I can tell. Polite, controls his dogs, is very open about if they are having a bad day/doesn't want people to pet them/if they are shy, etc.

Then you have the other three problem dogs/owners. One often visits the people below us, and their small yappy dog is NEVER on a leash. EVER. She constantly runs up and gets in Zander's face and I'm thankful he is a dog with patience. Same with a scottie across the street. Oh, and the American Bulldog that nearly runs through the window every time it sees us outside. Or, if it's outside while we are outside, attempts to charge us every single time...dragging it's owner down the sidewalk. I'm constantly on the defense, because all of these owners are idiots and don't understand the concept of being polite and putting their dogs on a leash or putting training into them.

The only time Zander gets uppity with any of them is when the dogs are chasing Child. Zane is very protective of Child, and has startled ME on more than one occasion raising a fuss at the other dogs for pestering "HIS" kid.

Le sigh. Can't win all the things. But I really do like the guy behind us and his dogs. I couldn't tell you what they are, though. Maybe a pointer mix of some kind and Skittles, a cute little GSD/BC/Sheltie something like mix.
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Old 04-28-2013, 07:21 PM
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We have enough, lol.

We don't have any neighbors that border our lot, thankfully. One side is condemned and the other the family just moved out of. Sucks, we liked them a lot. Down the road a few houses is the "German Shepherd Man"... No one on the street knows anything about him as he keeps to himself, but he has 5 very aggressive sounding GSDs, so we stay far away from there. The old couple across the street have a little blind, senile shih tzu who has to walk down the road to the empty lot to poop (or she just, won't) and stands in the driveway for hours a day while it's nice just "staring" into space... :O

We did just get a new neighbor two houses down across the street this week. So far they've been kind of annoying and I frequently see a boxer in their yard/street area wandering around, so I can't have my dogs out front much anymore. :/
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Old 04-28-2013, 10:43 PM
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I'm in a rural area so while I don't have next door neighbors, the farm across the road has three dogs. One is an older (must be in her teens by now) mixed breed (maybe boxer cross), a husky cross, and a Lab. They're all very nice dogs. The boxer cross I didn't trust for a long time but she's a sweet dog, the Husky cross is just an absolute goof, and the Lab is a CKC CH who is super easygoing and nice. They stay on their side of the road. We used to have problems with their previous dogs car chasing and coming over and killing our chickens, but this group is good.

My boyfriend lives in town. Both of his next door neighbors are older and don't have dogs. One place two doors down has a Min Pin I rarely see. The one neighbor behind us that we share a fence line with have two Great Danes. They're a little irritating as they will come to the fence and bark a little but they aren't often outside and Quinn just ignores them. I don't think they're very well trained so I'm pretty sure the owner makes a point to not let them out when I'm with Quinn. They did have a GSD visiting for Easter that charged their (very low - maybe 3 foot) fence, snarling very aggressively at Quinn. Scared the daylights out of both Quinn and I! Thankfully he was only there for the weekend though.
The neighbors across the road from him just moved in and I think have a Shih Tzu, and their next door neighbors have two Newfies. They don't bother with us.

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Old 04-29-2013, 01:38 PM
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Our immediate neighbors do not have any dogs, which I am kinda glad of. There is a doberman behind and one house down. Two black danes a few down on the other side, they ignore our dogs and ours seem to not even acknowledge them as dogs. There is a medium sized mix breed a few doors down who barks 24/7, when we first moved here it annoyed the heck out of our dogs but now they just ignore it. There is a pug across the road, a chihuahua down the block and a beautiful and sweet golden three doors down. None of them seem to really walk their dogs aside from the golden so we never run into them.

My parents live in cool dog central though. They recently had to move into the suburbs and the neighbor on one side has a toller they leave out in their yard all day long. The neighbors across the road has a 6 month old black tri aussie that I want to steal (they let it wander all over the place) and the neighbors on the right just brought home the sweetest 7 month old female rough collie ever. I was worried how Desoto would do with her being DA and having lived in the boonies his whole life but they are thankfully totally smitten with one another. Being at their house gives me puppy wants sooooo bad.

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Old 04-29-2013, 01:55 PM
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Most of the people on our street have dogs --- Bunny the Corgi, Hawkeye the GSD, Lola and (Fluffybutt--don't remember his real name!) the Pomeranians, Eric the Springer, and a GSP across the street.

We live in a very pet friendly village and we've gotten to know the people who regularly walk the same routes near us. There's also a GSD group (13+ dogs) that meet and walks as a pack every Sunday. They invited me and Crossbone to be pseudo GSDs, but I work every Sunday. boo.

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Old 04-29-2013, 02:24 PM
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We have only two "close" neighbors, the farm lots are hundreds of acres, across the road is an old Border Collie, Tiara, she and Mindy were born within a month of each other and she's a farm working dog whose also a spoiled and loved house pet... She loves us because she's grown up knowing us, strangers? Not so much... She'd tolerate Mindy or Foster but strange dogs were run off immediately....

Next door, If you can call a house you can't see next door? They have a mix called Sheera, she's a cool looking dog, with one blue, one brown eye and no definable breed... She's a rescue that they adore...

That's it no other neighbors for a mile each way
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