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Old 04-27-2013, 11:20 PM
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My neighbours have two dogs (that I assume are Pomeranian mixes; the dogs are litter mates). They had one originally and their cousins (I believe) owned the brother but eventually my neighbours ended up with both.

When they got the first dog they used to put him out at 5 in the morning. From the time that dog hit the back door it would bark basically non stop for hours until they eventually brought him in. Anytime the dog would go in the back yard it would bark and then the mother would go to the nearest window and tap on the window for the dog to stop, which it never did stop until brought in. The dog would be out there for hours on end, barking the entire time and she would just be going from window to window tapping at the dog.

Now that they have 2 it's still bad. They both bark pretty much nonstop when they're outside and my neighbours have a habit of putting the dogs out whenever my two are out or whenever we have people over for a bbq. Their dogs always try to fence fight with mine by barking and scratching at the fence and mine pretty much ignore them. In the beginning my neighbours never did anything about it, now the neighbours stand at the back door and try to call their dogs. You'd think that after the first dozen times that you call the dogs and they don't respond you'd realize that they're not really listening to you. I guess it's too much to ask for them to walk the 5 ft to the fence to bring them in.

Even when their dogs are in their house they bark whenever someone comes to my front door or theirs.

Other than that my other immediate neighbours don't have dogs.

There are others on the street but I don't really notice them. Except there is the shih tzu looking dog that a younger girl used to walk and she would bring the dog up my driveway to crap on my front lawn (my entire front lawn is surrounded by wrought iron fencing and you have to walk 5 or 6 ft to clear the gate and get to the lawn so her dog didn't just wander there while on a 5 ft leash) and then she would leave us a nice little present. My dad found out where she lived and went to talk to the mother who not-so-politely told my dad to stop harassing her daughter. But at least her dog doesn't crap in my yard anymore.
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Old 04-27-2013, 11:22 PM
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On our street there's 2 Beagles (that live next door to each other), a Poodle/Poodle mix, GSD/Lab mix, Boston Terrier & Pit Bull (live together), a CockaPoo & Maltese (live together) 2 Brittanies (live together), at least one Chihuahua (not sure if they have more than one) and what I think is Rat Terrier.

There's also a really nice Cocker Spaniel whose back yard butts up against part of ours. He's a couple of days older than Caleb. Across the road from them (around the corner from us) is a really sweet Beagle. She's so quiet that, when we first moved here in 1998 and our youngest son told me a Beagle lived around the corner, I didn't believe him.

The only dog that is an "issue" is the Beagle on the corner (2 houses down from us). Not only does he bark/bay almost constantly if anybody is within eye sight when he's out, he does it when he's being walked and sees someone. And there are times he screams as if he's being beaten (we've checked when it happens-he isn't). The Britts are across the street. They're my buddies- I take them out every morning before I go to work/if their owners are gone all day, etc, & critter sit when their owners are away (they do the same for us). They used to live with a really sweet but neurotic Lab/Brittany mix, but he had to be pts last summer (he was old and full of cancer). All the barking over there over the years was started by him (he was hyper vivilant and barked at everything he saw, even me walking through our house), but that dog held a special place in my heart. The GSD/Lab mix lives on the other side of us from the quiet Beagle. We only know he's outside when we hear his tags. He's another really sweet dog. The Rat Terrier? Well, when he was younger, he had a tendancy to run out onto the sidewalk and bite you. A couple of times he ran up to the yard across the street and attacked the female Britt while she was tied out (owners were sitting out in the yard with her). I don't know if he's gotten over that or if his owners have stopped letting him out loose when they're outside. I just know he hasn't been a problem in a few years. The people with the Boston Terrier & Pit Bull used to have 3 Bostons. I'm sure the other two have passed away since they were already adults when they moved in over 10 years ago. The remaining BT isn't as friendly or trained as the other two, and bit another neighbor a few years ago. I haven't heard about any incidents since then, tho (we don't talk to the owner- she's been a "female dog" ever since her first husband divorced her). We only know about the PB because we saw her walking him a couple of times. He seems well behaved.
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Old 04-27-2013, 11:29 PM
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Next door to me is a psycho German Wirehair who fence fights like crazy, and bit me once. They had a mix breed too, but I haven't seen her in a while, she might be gone, she was getting pretty elderly. Directly across the street from me is a Jack Russell, I don't see it much. It came across the street to see me once, nice little dog, typical terrier in that it ignored it's owner calling when it decided it was time to meet me.

There's a couple of mix breeds a couple houses down from them, one is likely a GSD/Lab, the other maybe a shepherdy thing, though she's not very big. She's also getting pretty elderly, so I'm never quite sure if I'm going to stop seeing her with them.

Around the corner lives a friend of mine and her husband. They have a GSD, a Papillon, and I think currently 5 BCs. (she does agility, husband herds)

There are probably other dogs around, those are the ones I know off hand.
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Old 04-27-2013, 11:37 PM
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There's a GSD that is chained outside one house all day. Some kind of girl spaniel mix that regularly escapes out a neighbor's window. A couple angry little dogs that hate to see Wesley on walks. And some loud ones that I have never seen, just heard. lol

I like to dog
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Old 04-27-2013, 11:45 PM
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My neighbor has a rough coated collie. Omg he's the most annoying dog ever and likes to have barking contests with my dogs. Now I love collies so it's not a jab at the breed. He's just annoying lol. My neighbors that moved recently and were our neighbors for a long time had a schnauzer named Doc and a Lab named Scout. They were nice dogs, but Doc was barky most of the time lol.
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Old 04-28-2013, 12:02 AM
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in my neighborhood there is an american bulldog, some furry anklebitter thing that yapps its fool head off and jayson likes to pee on her through the fence.. a shibba inu, a lab and laikas littermate, 2 cocker spainels, 2 chi's, a shepherd mix, 4 more labs, a pit mix, a beagle mix, a brittany, 2 dauchsunds(sp?) and occasionally another pit mix

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Old 04-28-2013, 12:05 AM
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I live in a pretty rural area, but then there's an explosion of new homes a distance further, so my "neighbors" include a lot of people.

-Closest, our landlady and someone I've known since I was a toddler. She has a lab/GSD mix and a Rottie. Both dogs are lovely, but she has zero control of them. They're constantly trying to escape. When I go over there, she has to strain to hold on to their collars to prevent them from darting out the door, then throws herself to the door to bolt it shut. She leaves them for days at a time, and when they escape from the yard, I'm the one left trying to wrangle them back home. They don't listen to a word anyone says and they're very, very strong. I'm always really scared Fable's going to meet up with the Rottie bitch and get injured.

-Two mystery mutts. They live outside and never go for walks. The people that own them used to have two redbone coonhounds they kept locked up in a 5 x 6 area with no gate. They were never let out, their bucket of water was often just mold, they both had tumors, they had no shelter in 110 degree temps, etc. I had to call AC about 20 times to get somebody out here to help those dogs. I'm really worried their new dogs will be neglected too, but their youngest son at least has an interest in them, and their yard is attached to the house. With a gate.

-Another house has a boxer, an ACD, a dane mix, and a chihuahua. The dogs are nice, but the owner doesn't supervise them when they're loose. I worry about the little one a lot. IDIOTS I LOST MY DOG TO A COYOTE AND SHE WAS IN HER OWN YARD. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING LETTING YOUR 3 POUND DOG WANDER AROUND AN AREA LIKE THIS WHERE YOU CAN'T GO A DAY WITHOUT SEEING 5 PREDATORS THAT COULD HAVE YOUR DOG FOR LUNCH?!?!? [/vent]

-I don't know who owns them, but I see a Boston terrier and another fluffy terrier mix roaming sometimes. I had to kick the Boston once for going after my dog.

-Friend's grandmother has a dachshund and a rat terrier mix. I am the official caretaker for when their owner is gone. They're both extremely sweet, but very noisy. Owner overfeeds them and they get burger at every meal, on top of triple servings of canned and dry dog food. Both dogs are obese.

-A Great Pyrenees. Owned by a very nice man, absolutely stunning, well-raised dog.

-Josie! A BC/ACD/catahoula mix. She's a wonderful girl, and the sibling to the dog my friend had. She's let loose, but never strays from the property line. She and Millie aren't too fond of each other, unfortunately.

-Little dog I've only seen streaking through the desert a couple of times.

-Some lady walks a very cute ACD mix.

-Several other houses have more ACDs. They're very popular here. A friend and neighbor bred them before she moved to Alaska.

-There's also a nice man who has two very large mutts. They're both adorable and very unusual looking. He used to have two Rotties years ago. Our two Rotties broke into his yard when I was little. He was so nice about it, and joked about having 2 Rottweilers, turning around, and then having 4, lol.

I also meet other countless dogs when I walk through neighborhoods in places nearby, but they're fence-barkers I walk quickly away from and I don't know anything about them.

Overall, people in this area think "Woohoo, I'm in the country, let's set the dogs loose!" My dogs almost never wear leashes on our walks (except when Millie is working), but I would never, ever just let them roam unsupervised. It's far too dangerous. Another neighbor had a dog named Lady (I posted pics of her here before), and I always wanted to slap some sense into that guy. Lady got gored by a javelina, and they still let her loose. She got shot, and they still let her loose. She got attacked by another dog, and they still let her loose. They watched her play with coyotes and decide the coyotes didn't mean any harm. She got hit by a car, and finally they got the hint. I made a thread about the asshole trying to blame Lady getting hit by a car on ME, because she was following my friend, me, and our dogs.

Most of my dog-owning neighbors suck.
You're welcome for the upbeat, joyful post.
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Old 04-28-2013, 12:09 AM
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Two pit bulls behind and two to the side, both sets want to murder my dogs and dance in their blood.

My Malinois ignore them and Shamoo only starts if Arnold does, Arnold hates them and thus is almost never allowed in the main yard.

It sucks. We had one sweet, non confrontational pit bull on the remaining side but the moved and now I dread who'll move in next.
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Old 04-28-2013, 12:17 AM
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The whole neighborhood is full of dogs. The next door neighbors are new and probably one of the very few people in a few block radius that doesn't have dogs, but they're looking for a rescue Aussie. Off the top of my head and the dogs/owners we actually know there is a Jack Russell, 2 Beagles, Husky and a Boxer, Great Dane, a Dachshund and two mutts, an American Bulldog (who is Jack's arch nemesis) and an Akita mix, a GSP, an AKK, a nasty Golden, Spaniel mix, GSD, a small mutty guy who hates all dogs equally, a Pit with a little Shepherd mix and a Chi mix, Pit, a lovely Golden mix, and the loads of others we see walking around. Some I only see in their yards though.
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Old 04-28-2013, 12:19 AM
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Not many, really. No direct neighbors have dogs. A few doors down I think someone has something that looks like a brindle Rottie but I rarely see it. The street that runs down beside my house I think has a little white dog. Quite a ways up the road someone has a brown muttly pit thing (looks like Ollie and it likes to terrorize my dogs when I'm walking) and he did have a Shih-Tzu.

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