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Old 04-21-2013, 12:01 PM
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Default A quick run-down on Chow/Shar-Pei crosses?

My dad informed me that he's bringing home a puppy next week, supposedly a Chow/Shar-Pei mix. I'm a bit skeptical but my sister, who saw pictures, says the puppy basically looks like a teddy bear so I guess the Chow is a possibility.

I'm just looking for some general information on the breed since I know there are a couple on here. I'm going to suggest he feed the puppy a quality all life stages food, just because I know he isn't too savvy on that sort of stuff... although he's picked up numerous bags of Go! for me as well as beef tracheas.

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Old 04-21-2013, 01:47 PM
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I'd expect aloofness/independence, some guardian instinct, possibly bad with other dogs, especially those of the same sex. Basically socialization will be super important. Will probably be very easy to housebreak (and perhaps easy to train other manners), but won't be the easiest to get following commands.

I have not owned either breed, that's just my general knowledge of them.

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Old 04-21-2013, 01:58 PM
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I knew a dude that had one. She was a really incredible dog, had a shorter coat and physically turned out like a bone mouth shar pei. She was really super stable mentally. Very one person oriented toward her owner, but really tolerant and good natured. He lived in his truck and worked construction so she was pretty much with him 24/7 and followed him off leash everywhere. People would constantly stop to pet her. She just ignored them and stared at him all the time. lol.
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Old 04-21-2013, 02:02 PM
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My neighbor just got what I can only assume is a Shar Pei. (I don't see any Chow so I'm not sure if this will be any help at all.) It's a puppy so he's playful but compared to other breeds he's extremely cautious. His 'brother' is a huge chocolate lab (perhaps Chessie) and it was very surprising to find that 'Bubba', as we've affectionately nicknamed him, is a polar opposite of our friendly neighborhood dog, Davis.

They both make the rounds, but while Davis will approach you tail-wagging, Bubba hangs back and stays alert. He's sniffed me a handful of times, I've managed to pet him once. (I really don't try to pet him that much because I don't want to scare him off.)

He barks quite a bit when he's annoyed at something (can't see Davis or there's a cat... stuff like that.)

He loves to play with Gwen (Gwen has an odd fascination of him. They're both kinda asses, so maybe that's why ) but I don't see him really interacting with the other dogs.

That went a little off topic but basically he's weary, cautious, guard-y.... He isn't aggressive and he's cute, but that's about as positive as I can make him. Not a bad dog, but I certainly don't think he's got the proper owners.
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Old 04-21-2013, 02:25 PM
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Thanks everyone! Hopefully Grab will chime in since I'm sure she could add some more expertise as well.

I am definitely going to stress socialization to my dad and encourage him to at least take a puppy class since his new house is in an area where he has access to more dog classes, etc. He suggested to bring Cali down to meet the puppy, but I don't think I'll risk that until I've actually met the puppy and know his/her temperament. Moses would be a much better candidate for that, and I am sure the puppy will spend time with my dad's girlfriend's parents' Golden Retriever as well.

Being aloof and independent will likely be a good trait. I know my dad has been looking forward to a dog, and his girlfriend will help him a lot with the puppy, but he works from home so he'll want a dog who can settle down with him right in the room and just chew on nylabones/etc. I don't think he's looking for a dog to do fun tricks with either, although he will expect the basics.

I'm going to try explaining to him the benefits of spaying/neutering later in life instead of early on, especially in bigger breeds. However, the city is pretty populated and although I believe his new house is in a calmer area... I'd be worried about any accidents. I'm pretty sure he's expecting me to come with a whole bunch of advice. I'll have to bring over some of the toys that Cali has never taken a liking to, which is a good number of the larger, heavier toys.

The two and a half year old papillon. Crazy. Social butterfly. Clever.
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Old 04-21-2013, 02:38 PM
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I can tell you a little about Shar Pei

Other than having one of my own, I have also spend a lot of time around them.

They are a guard breed and as such need to be well socialized. They are very loyal to their people and form a strong bond and can be very protective.

They usually are aloof with people they do not know and need time to get to know someone...they will not make friends instantly. Menchi for example is very cautious with new people and has to meet someone more than once and have it be a good experience before they pass muster. Or have an extended time to meet a person in a relaxed setting.

They can be stubborn...oh heavens, are they hard headed! When Menchi decides that something is not going to happen she becomes an immovable object. Yet, she is also a sensitive soul and gentle persuasion is the best way... Forcefulness will just make her dig in deeper.

Watch out for skin issues and the breed is prone to entropion so eye surgery is not unusual.

Also there is a bearcoat variety of the Shar Pei which looks very much like a Pei/Chow mix

Also from what I know Chow and Pei have pretty similar temperaments.

...and prepare for hilarity...They are some of the funniest dogs I have had the privilege to be around!
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