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Old 01-21-2015, 06:19 PM
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Default Our Good bye to Nilly

I know chaz wants to do something for Matt/Carter and to commemorate someone who was a well beloved member of our community.

At this time I don't know if they want flowers at her funeral but if they do we could do that as well. Talking to a few other people who knew her we had a few idea.

As we knew her through a shared love of pets we could donate in her memory to the rescue where she got Sierra. I know she spoke highly of them.

We could also make a gift basket for Sierra and Buddy. I was thinking people could send me what they would like included, I would add a few things and package it up nicely and then once things have settled a bit stop by and deliver it.

Allie is in the process of designing a big card that can be from all of us. We are going to include comments and quotes that people have said. Matt, and Carter when he is older, can read and re read how much she meant to some random internet people.

People have mentioned they want to do things for Carter. Right now he being showered with toys and attention. We had thought a good subscription to a toddler version of bark box would be nice and appreciated by Matt as well as Carter. (what parent doesn't want new engaging and appropriate toys showing up to entertain their child ?)

As for doing something for Matt. That is harder. I am really not sure a getaway weekend would be something he would want and enjoy in the near future. Laura and I both get the feeling he is looking forward to going home and spending some quiet time healing. Now that I have met his dad I could try to contact him on the down low and see if there is anything we could offer/do for him.

If anyone else has any ideas please let me know. Also would you guys be comfortable sending money to my paypal or would you like me to make a fund it type thing?

(also cross posting on the Chaz FB page)
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Old 01-23-2015, 12:38 PM
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There is a go fund me account set up to support them
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