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Old 03-30-2013, 10:36 PM
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Default Ever just have one of those days?

Not the bad kind, but the good kind. The kind where everything just seems to go so great and fall into place? Where everyone is on their best behavior and every stranger you meet is just so polite and friendly and happy?

Today was that day for us! ^_^

Woke up and felt completely rested, which is super unlike most mornings. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfectly warm without being too hot. We took Talon, Artimis and my sister's puppy StarFox64 (Aka Star or Fox) to Lowes and then Petsmart. It was perfect, the dogs where perfect! ^_^

I had Talon, my sister had StarFox64, and David had Artimis. Talon was soo good! He hadn't been into Lowes in over 3 months, since he was a young puppy (he's 6months), and it was a super busy day so a lot of new things for him. There where a ton of loud rattleing carts, wood and metal clanging around, people with hats and sunglasses and loud kids everywhere. Talon took it all in stride! ^_^ Previously he was a bit noise sensitive and shy with men, especially ones with hats and glasses. Today he did so fantastic, he wasn't at all scared about the noises, he let 3 different guys pet him without much hesitation at all! He loves kids as long as they aren't super pushy, which we didn't let them, so when these two girls wanted to pet him and told him to sit and down and roll over he did so great and wagged his tail happily the entire time.

Art of course being our Fearful Nervous wreck was the one I was most concerned about and we almost didn't take him, but it was so hot inside the car we couldn't leave him. He was so amazing as well! We didn't let anyone pet him, but we did let a few people give him a treat for doing tricks. Of course with his list of tricks people were super impressed lol He didn't bark at anyone. Not a single person! ^_^ He walked calmly, not jumpy except one time when someone dropped a board a little ways away, but it made me jump to. He also recovered pretty fast and just was looking for a treat. lol

Star, my sister's smooth collie, also did really well, but we expected that from her. lol She's the good one lol She walked perfectly on leash, was very calm, didn't eat anything off the ground or jump on the flower tables, and, even though normally she isn't allowed to be petted, she did sit nicely for a little girl who was so excited my sister let her pet Star.

We got so many compliments on all of the dogs it was an amazing feeling. There where quiet a few other people with dogs and even they gave us compliments. A few people thought they were SD's because they were so well behaved, especially for a 6 month and 4 month old puppy LOL Of course we quickly corrected them. We where in a place dogs are allowed.

Anyways, Petsmart was just as busy, lots of people and dogs and even an adoption even with dogs and cats. Again they did great! Even with dogs barking like maniacs at them, both Talon and Fox just looked at them like they were nuts and continued on ^_^, Art did his best to avoid looking at them so he wasn't tempted to tell them to shut up haha

I guess it was those once in a lifetime fantastic days were nothing could go wrong.
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