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Old 03-27-2013, 10:23 PM
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Thumbs down Help. My puppy won't listen to anything!!

Someone please help!!
My puppy is 4 months old, I got him 2 weeks ago and he is doing a little better then when I first got him. When I first got him he was scared to do anything. Now he goes exploring and what not, but he won't listen to me. He runs when I try to pick him up, pet him or anything! I tell him to come, I even get down on my knees and clap my hands and call him to me very playfully. He comes just out of arms reach then he takes off when I go to pet him like I'm going to hurt him. I praise him or give him treats when I finally pick him up. He seems to only want to be touched when we are playing which is rare. He doesn't like to play with me very often.

He will not go potty outside. He runs around outside but will not relieve himself. We were outside all day today and he never went potty until we came inside and he went straight to him pee pad. (I use a pee pad at night cuz he won't wake me up whinning.)

Next-This isn't anything to do with listening but....
I was petting him the other day and notices he has a couple hard lumps on his neck, under the skin. The move around so they aren't in the same spot but stay on the neck. I don't know what it is and it terrifies me. I want others opinions before I take him to the vet.
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Old 03-30-2013, 09:37 AM
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First of all, I'd see a vet ASAP about his neck. It could be any number of things from absolutely nothing, to very minor cysts, to something more serious. You won't know until a vet checks it out.

For housetraining, it sounds like the puppy has been well-trained to go on the pee-pee pad, but he may have been scolded for going potty elsewhere, which is why he is unwilling to potty in front of you outside. I would try taking the pee pee pad up during the day or when you're home, so it's not an option, and starting over housebreaking from the beginning. DO NOT scold or frighten the puppy for peeing in front of you, in or out of the house. Simply praise and treat him if he does go outside, try to prevent accidents inside, and if he starts to potty inside, grab him and take him outside right away.

You might also try bringing the pee pad outdoors, setting it on the grass where you want him to go, and giving a command such as "go potty" or "business". Praise him for going on the pad, and after a few days, try bringing him out to the grass and giving him the command with no pad there.

As far as him darting away or not wanting to be touched, that's fairly normal puppy behavior, especially in certain breeds or if the puppy came from somewhere where he was scolded a lot or frightened. Don't force yourself on him, try not to grab him suddenly...let him drag a light leash around the house for safety and control, and keep treats on you (in a pocket or pouch) at all times and reward him whenever he approaches you on his own. Soon he'll realize being near you or paying attention to you = treats, and will be much more willing to hang close by.

As he gets more used to you and a bit older you can start doing things like rewarding him for allowing you to grab his collar, and teach a real recall where he needs to sit at your feet...but for now, just let him get used to you and learn that being close to you is good.
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Old 03-30-2013, 11:51 PM
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First off, try using a light, long leash when you have him outside. Keep him on leash so he can't bolt off, but don't keep the leash tight all the time. Instead get some really good treats - not dry milk bones, but cook up some plain meat. Turkey leftovers are fine, as is pretty much any meat that isn't too salty or spicy. Small bits, the size of half a pea. Do games like sit on the ground and feed him when he comes close.

Feed him meals, not free feeding. Take the food away after ten minutes if he's not done, and train him with the good treats before he eats when he's hungry. Don't drag him to you and don't restrain him for long, just give him the treats when he comes to check it out. Once he's learned the fine art of mooching, start moving around but always reward him when he comes to check you out. At this age the best thing you can do is be the food dispenser.

Don't call him then do anything negative, so don't call him to do his nails, brush him, put him in his crate or scold him (you shouldn't scold him anyway). Be the fun, positive guy, and let him bond with you that way and build up some trust in you.

I do not like pee pads, and often hear issues like yours when there is the option of a pee pad. One thing you can do is read up on crate training and start that, so he doesn't have the option to go pee on something in the night. Or, put the pee pad in a litterbox - an under the bed storage bin works well for that, and then start adding wood pellets for litter once he's used to going in the box. Then you can start dumping the used litter on the area outside you want him to use to help him get the idea. The pellets break down to sawdust so they won't be on the lawn forever. And most people do not keep a box of wood pellets in the house, so he won't assume that the rug or newspaper left on the ground is an invite for him to potty himself.

The lumps at his age are likely vaccine related, but you should have the vet check them out just to be sure. I don't think I'd rush to the vet, but get him in within a month or so to be on the safe side. Sometimes the vaccine ingredients cause a lump that will go away after a few months, so if it's in that area...
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