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Old 05-03-2006, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by shadowfacedanes
Watch this video

and then decide whether you need to bring another dog into this world.

I'm sure the breeder of those puppies never thought that would happen to the puppies they brought into the world either.

I don't understand the average persons need to breed. If I had a top ranked dog, sure.... MAYBE, MAYBE, I'd breed to better the breed, but still.....

maybe it's just me. I for one am sick of seeing animals euthanized. It's a really soft spot for me right now.
That made me cry!! What sad faces and lives for those poor babies!
Please, please, please dont..Those people who are willing to take one of your pups..Ask them to adopt one from a shelter.
The chances of your pups being just like mom or dad are slim to nil!
Each dog is a individual.
Wow I am still tearing up!
I remember 2 pups I rescued from a person with a ad on craigs list.
Those pups had nothing but diaper gel in their stomachs. That is all they pooped the first day. Made me ill!
I breed....I also do rescue. I think all breeders or people thinking about breeding should get involved in rescue work..Just to see the kind of crap that happens. Dogs being left behind after a move...Guess who gets a call?? ME! So I take my own personal monies to get them vet checked and have a titer test done to see what they need for immunizations. I test their temperments and take the time to re-home them.
Having pups can be dangerous to moms health. Could even kill her and her pups if something goes wrong.
I hope that the posts on here have opened a blind eye and helped somehow.
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Old 05-07-2006, 07:41 PM
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I'm going to have to agree with most everyone else and say DON'T DO IT! Just because you could find homes for the puppies doesn't mean anything. Those puppies will grow up to be adults and how can you insure that they will be fixed? If your dog's offspring aren't all fixed, you have just contributed to the millions of unwanted dogs. Visit a pet shelter..look into those eyes. Do you really want your "mutts" grandpuppies to be sitting there one day because of your decision to breed????
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Old 05-08-2006, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Saje
Calling someone a troll is name calling which you know we don't do on this forum.
Oh, please. There's plenty of name-calling on this forum.
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Old 05-08-2006, 10:57 AM
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I don't think it's enough to say "there are too many dogs in shelters!!!!!" and let it go at that. If you're just going by numbers, that's also a good reason not to breed two champion purebreds with CGC certificates and a long history of working with the disabled as therapy dogs. But we can't just go by numbers. Simply put, many of the dogs in shelters are there because they're nasty, rank dogs nobody in their right mind wants. The good pet owners in this country have embraced spay/neuter, and yet we still have overpopulation. Which means that the majority of unwanted dogs are now *not* from careless but decent homes but from homes where it's a luxury to worry about pet overpopulation - poor, chaotic homes. Homes with people who like tough breeds, and homes that can't hope to give the dogs the training and support they need to be good dogs. And the predictable outcome, when the dog acts out or the humans' lives fall apart. I know shelters that are filled 100% with impossible dogs. That doesn't mean that shelters dogs aren't perfectly good pets, just that if we're going by temperament and suitability as pets, why not breed mutts or pet-quality purebreds? I love shelter dogs, and I think that when you get a good one, it's a **** shame they can't reproduce. Instead of neutering everything that comes through the door, some shelters would be better served by accepting the reality that a dog who is 7, dog-aggressive, weighs 85lbs and isn't leash-trained yet is, for all practical purposes, not adoptable, and putting them to sleep.

Personally, though, I'd probably never be a breeder because I'd be terrified of losing my bitch.
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