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Old 02-08-2005, 10:13 PM
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Default Local news on Pitbull ban

I haven't been on in a while i forgot my new account but i could never forget apollo so i came back to this one. I found this article in the local news paper! Thought i'd just say what the locals are saying about the ban! Since it is such a large article i'll take valuable bits and peices and leave out the other stuff, here it is:

During public hearings held in toronto barrie and brantford over the last two weeks, animal rights activists and breeders called the ban a form of canone genocide. Jim thompson of the limestone kennel club concurs with that assesment. "i feel there should be a law to protect people from aggressive and potetially dangerous dogs but certainly not a breed specific one. A pitbull is no more dangerous than a chihuahua or a sheltie. It's not the dogs who should be punished, it's the irresponsible owners"

In regards to alot of pitbulls being born through back yard breeders and not getting the socialization they require "The dog is being forced to pay the price for irresponsible ownership and that's not a fair thing to do". Kelly murphy an inspector with the kingston humane society insists that based on her experience, breed specific legislation is not the answer. "i've been challeneged by German Shephers, Shepherds, Dobermans, and even Lhasa Apsos" said murphy "never in 15 years with the humane society have i EVER been attacked by a pitbull"

more on BYB "The people who are breeding these types of animals are more likely to be cruel to dogs. They give the dogs the minimum in care and attention and end up creating massive, mean machines" Murphy cited the case of "Lucky" as an example of the cruely pitbulls can experience. In early January, Staff of the Humane Society witnessed a car drive into the parking lot and dump out a 4-5 month old pitbull puppy. The car sped off leaving the puppy who was covered in Urine and Excrement lying in the parking lot. Murphy fears more incidents like this will increase dramatically if bill 132 is passed. "These animals would be living their life out in these shelters, or being put down becuase they're unadoptable. Where is the humanity in that?"
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Old 02-09-2005, 12:24 AM
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I am so glad to hear that there is a voice the media is actually giving some time and space to. That last sentence says it all.
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Old 02-09-2005, 10:21 AM
Apollonaro Apollonaro is offline
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i agreewith you about that last sentence.

i would have written out the entire story but it was late at night and i had to et up early for work the next morning. There was alot more to it than that, there were paragraphs from people fom the government stating their negative opinions on the breed, and then it was countered by the limestone kennel club and the humane society. The story about LUCKY nearly made me cry when i saw his picture up for adoption on their webpage it was mortifying. he was so thin for his age, he had these big brown eyes and it tore my heart right out of my chest. Luckily enough for him somone that lives close to me gave him a forever home - well i hope forever.
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