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Old 02-11-2013, 08:06 PM
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Talking Long Time No post, Multiple questions i need to ask!

Long time since i have posted here, but it is still my "Go To" dog forum!

Just wondering what the thoughts on Purina Dentastix are? I know its generally a garbage food, but wondering if these every day/every other day would work all right for helping the teeth? They seem to be the same constancy as greenies. I know RMB is GREAT for teeth, But i'm also a little paranoid as Marley is my first "Smaller" dog and i used to give my dogs chicken quarters, but they were also 45lbs or larger, Marley is only 20 (Doxie Mix)

Next question, anyone used thundershirts? ( Marley is scared of well, Everything. I know "Comforting" is the wrong thing to do when he acts scared of things, so i do my best not to, but he's so terrified of everything from Thunder and lightning, to people walking by in the hall.

Speaking of being scared, I feel *So* wrong for this one, But how do i deal with a "Racist" dog? I live in a building were it's mostly Muslims and other immigrants that are totally against dogs, especially black dogs. I didn't know this when i chose to adopt a sweet Black and tan doxie mix, but researched it after i was told that dogs are WRONG in there culture and got a big suprise! We've been spit at, kicked at, shouted at, and more. Now, my dog RUNS from anyone other then a white person. He cowers and shakes when people come up to him, A friend (Hispanic) was over, and marley ran and hid. I've had people come up to me, that love dogs and want to pet him, but he's scared of them, and when they ask whats wrong, i have no idea what to say or what to do to try to comfort him into letting them pet him. I'm afraid that he will turn into one of many doxies i have seen that are biters, That's the last thing i need.

My final question, Shedding. I have never in my life seen a dog shed this bad, especially one so small, and my last dogs were a Beagle and a SheltiexHusky so i have dealt with shedding pretty bad before LOL. He doesn't have a super short coat like most doxies, or even my beagle had, The only breed that i could think to compare it to would be maybe a lab? It's thick and ALL over the place. I have kind of a off brand furminator I was given that I've tried on him with not much luck, and a slicker brush doesn't do anything to him. He eats a quality food, I generally rotate between wellness, fromm, and Solid Gold, currently trying pinnacle, as I am hoping some day food will make a difference, but no luck so far. Is there any ideas so i can maybe go one day without finding a dog hair in my dinner? LOL!

Thanks in advance,
Rosh & Marley
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Old 02-11-2013, 09:37 PM
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Can't help with any of the other stuff but one of my girls is a very timid/scared girl. We've used the Thundershirt with some success. Others I know have had tremendous success with it. We also use something called Bach's rescue remedy. It's a herbal liquid found in the vitamin aisle at the drug store.
We found best results rubbing it right on the gums. It was this stuff that got her able to relax enough to actually sit on the floor, after pretty much living on the couch for 3 months.

Good luck
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Old 02-13-2013, 04:06 PM
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Dentastix are Pedigree, not purina, just have to point that out. Yes, I have a bag of the small ones sitting on a table near Noodles kennel, his breath is getting rotten and I'm sure a lot of you know how bad Dachsies are with their dentition, and honestly no, nothing I've found other wise works as well as RMB's, he does get some every few weeks usually a chicken neck, but in between I've been looking at other breath items. I had gotten a sample bag before of the Dentastix, he's fine with them so I figured heck to it, bought some more. Don't know as I can say his breath has improved, he's a pain so I haven't checked his teeth out in the week since getting them though.

On the Thundershirt, I'd highly suggest trying to see if someone local to you has the right size for your dog to try on first, not all dogs like them, there are some dogs that the sound of the velcro ripping along their body upsets them. By borrowing you can also find out the right size, I've noticed there's a gap in their sizes that they don't always fit tall/narrow dogs as well. Next, it didn't work for one of my dogs, at all, as long as the sound continues she's upset, but I found for Noodle, a $2.50 small dog tee from target works great on him, figures right?
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