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Old 02-06-2013, 08:19 AM
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Yes and no. Individually I think they're all easy. As a group (mostly the girls), no they're not easy at all. I am almost positive that 90% of the issues we have with the girls would be resolved if I were out of the picture though. I'm just not willing to test that theory with the health of my dogs (and/or other people). And I can't really remove myself from the picture so any test would be for my own curiosity lol.

On the plus side, they can easily be boarded separately, house-sat, or go to other people's houses. I'm just incredibly picky about who/where/when/what in those situations, especially when it's at my house with all three of them. And especially with Mu because if she gets a chance she'll go looking for me.

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Old 02-06-2013, 10:32 AM
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Default depends.

No, in the fact that she can be left at home alone for 10 hours without any incident, when you get home all you have to do is let her out to pee and do a game of tug/fetch with her and she's good to go for the rest of the evening. If I were living in a country setting, had a submissive male dog, didn't have to worry about other family members interacting with her, and never had any visitors ever she would be the best, easiest dog.

As it is, whenever a guest comes over she has to be locked away, which makes her anxiety issues sky rocket. But if she's left loose with guests, they have to be very familiar with her and we have to watch every interaction they have like a hawk to avoid Chloe snapping. She doesn't get along well with female dogs and will aggress/redirect if she thinks her authority has been challenged/she gets frustrated. I have to be the one to groom her to keep everything as stress free as possible. If she goes to the vet, I have to be the one to restrain her (although she does FABULOUS, even if she is stressed out the wahzoo). She gets anxious during car rides. If she's crated or left alone in an unfamiliar environment she barks non stop. So, in those ways...she is not low maintenance.

Cynder and Gracie are the epitome of low maintenance dogs. They don't need walked. They don't need let out with a leash. They have a wash and wear coat. They sleep all day. They can be left alone all day long and, like Chloe, are satisfied with a quick romp outside, a quick play session inside, and then are good to go. They don't destroy anything. They don't have any anxieties. Riding in the car is second nature to them. They get along with other dogs. I could go on. Having these dogs is like...cakewalk. LOL Gracie does have allergies that she's currently on Temaril-P for, but she takes pills like a champ so that's okay.

Cooper is a little bit more high maintenance in that he has to be groomed, he can't be left loose or he'll pee on the floor, he is a submissive peer so you have to be careful how you approach him or he'll tinkle, he has mild separation anxiety, and he's dumb as a box of rocks. But he's still fairly low maintenance.
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Old 02-06-2013, 10:42 AM
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Not at all. Suzie goes with the flow no matter what, you could stick her in any situation and she'd be peachy. Jack is happy-go-lucky as well. He likes everyone he actually stops to say hello too. I'd be fine with letting my sister take care of them, or any close friends.
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Old 02-06-2013, 10:47 AM
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Yes and no. At home, they are normally super set to just hang out if that is what I want to do. They are good for sitters and everything, as long as they go out on a leash.

Rider can be HM just because of his fear of men, his inability to read body language (submissive pee'er), and his lack of focus outside of the home. He would be fine to do daycare, but probably not board.

Harlow can be HM in the fact that she has a UTI problem on some kibbles, she can be stubborn (a Boxer, no way. ), and she's got some reactivity issues that stem from being attacked. Thus, she could probably be boarded no problem, but I probably wouldn't, and daycare would have to be a very slow and careful integration.

I don't think I could board though. I would be way too paranoid.

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Old 02-06-2013, 10:49 AM
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Not really.

Neither have any major separation anxiety, unless I try and nip into a public loo or shop and someone else is holding Bodhi. Scream much? But can be left alone at home with no major issues. Even Fred is allowed uncrated for periods now. They are people dogs though, so can't see them in kennels. Not an issue though, as we have plenty of dog sitters.

Neither require grooming.

Bodhi will react to some dogs, but nothing major, so just requires vigilance on walks. Put her lead on when other dogs are around if necessary. She's fine with other dogs in the house, if a bit fun police. Fred likes other dogs, no issues to date at all.

Good on walks, off lead dogs, good recall (even Fred!).

No allergies to speak of. Not fussy eaters.

No medications required... Just get cod liver oil!

Yeah, pretty wash n go dogs

Not sure how they'd fare in the hands of someone who never trained the basics. They'd probably be a bit over the top and manic. They listen ok though and we've instilled manners from day one..... Not that they are perfect by ANY stretch of the imagination. Fred was described as "a bit naughty" but the judge in the show I think it's character lol
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Old 02-06-2013, 01:20 PM
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Yeah.... mine are. *sigh* Well not Macky. She's a doll with people, naturally obedient, tolerates contact with strange dogs as long as they're not up in her business... eats anything, and doesn't mess around in the house unless there's underwear or tampons to be had. We've left her with a few different people before with no issue.

The other two... *sigh* LOL Keeva is pretty social with people, though she's much more suspicious if they let themselves in (not allowed!). She can be handled, vetted, etc pretty easily though. She's kind of a rotten turd in the house. That said, my mom is watching her right now and she'll be just fine. She is quite DR on walks though and her bossiness around the house requires some management around resources.

Blossom is easy... if you know how to handle her. Introducing her to strangers isn't hard - again, if you do it right. Same with strange dogs. She can be reactive to both if not handled correctly though. But, like Keeva, my mom has also watched her for a few hours and said she was fine. My mom did not take her off property or have her interact with strangers, though. She did great at the vet's office and I hope she comes out of anesthesia the same way, lol. Blossom's not a runner but her prey drive is very, very high so that requires some caution too. Bottom line, she was obviously too high maintenance for her first family, LOL. Oh well, their loss.

Blossom + Keeva requires management of resources and keeping kind of a tight rein on Keeva's arousal level. Luckily Blossom ignores 95% of Keeva's snark (and gets cookies for doing so!) and they mostly get a long very well.

So yeah, they are high maintenance in a lot of ways. TBH managing them is so second nature that I don't even think about it. It's a given that nobody can let themselves in if the dogs are loose, greetings will require management, etc. Luckily my roommate is totally on the same page and has no issue handling the two that live with me.

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Old 02-06-2013, 03:06 PM
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Mine are due to the kind/types of dogs they are over anything else.

Judge is a very good boy and I wouldn't hesitate to leave him with others that are used to high drive dogs. He can be leash reactive to other dogs. He hates them in his face. Other than that he doesn't have any issues except he wants to eat kitty cats. He is healthy and well behaved for the most part. I have only left him twice in his life and he is 5. Once when I had an old friend take care of him where she didn't provide the level of care that I expected, then my parents watched him for a week, he was crated a lot but was well cared for. I'd be hesitant to leave him at a boarding kennel besides my vet as most places here think they know more than the owner. So...I don't leave him often. I do have a friend that could easily care for him now while I was gone.

LoLa.....well.....LoLa is a naughty bad dog and prefers life that way. She is a BRAT and I have never left her overnight anywhere. She is a lot of dog and I fear for anyone that might try and care for her, she's kinda like the naughty kids that would tie a babysitter up or play mean pranks on them.
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Old 02-06-2013, 03:16 PM
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Grace is a joy. Very low maintenance. Although we are love our walks and games and we have deliberately maintained her activity levels into her senior years, she is just so cruisy.

Abby is a low maintenance dog when it comes to living with her, within the home. Playful, but with a nice off switch, pretty happy to just do her own thing (independent streak), loves to be a couch potato etc. Outside the home, I would consider her a bit high maintenance simply because of the management I have to have in place to prevent me having a nervous breakdown.

I've got classic examples at home of dogs that I can live with (and whom I adore lol) even though I did have hopes to do agility/obedience etc. We still do that training for fun, but we will never compete (and Grace doesn't do agility due to her old cruciate ligament injury). So I just understand the importance of getting dogs that suit me - my personality, lifestyle, home etc so that I can be pretty sure that come injuries, behavioural issues or any other circumstance that bars us from doing the stuff that I'd ideally like to do with my dogs, I still have wonderful dogs that I enjoy having around. And hopefully they enjoy me too.

They are extremely easy together too. Looking back, I'm not sure why I got the combination I did and with the wrong dogs, the breed selections could've been disastrous. Thankfully, they are wonderful together. Grace has that laid back, tolerant nature and Abby has that streak of sharpness. Grace is certainly the boss, but she is very confident in her position. She really seems to keep Abby calm and level-headed or at least helps. Abby keep Grace playful and active. At 12, she still enjoys a rough and tumble game with a smaller dog. They just mesh so well.

Also, they are so different in terms of training/play with me that I love having the variety and I love having to approach things differently.
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Old 02-06-2013, 03:35 PM
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Traveler: He's high maintenance in the sense that he needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to be happy. He's also an extreme velcro dog and I can't be out of his sight so he's always up my butt. He's easily excitable and can be scattered and can get overstimulated in new fun environments.

On the flip side he's got rock solid nerves, is great with people, kids, and dogs. He's outgoing, doesn't have a nose phobia, is easy to manipulate physically if you can get him to calm down from being excited. He's got a great off switch and is willing to chill when not doing stuff.

He's very full on and it works for me but for others it would be more troublesome.

Didgie: She's probably both easier and harder than Traveler. She also needs the mental and physical exercise and while she is a velcro dog she isn't as concerned when I'm not in the same room as her. She's more busy than Traveler but can keep herself occupied easier than Traveler. She doesn't need me to be her entertainment.

She's super motion focused though and will get really sticky with dogs fetching, vacuums moving, squirrels, pretty much anything that moves. But, that also makes her super easy to engage anywhere, anytime. And very very vocal.

She's just as solid in nerves but she thinks more than Traveler does. She's great with people, kids and dogs but she isn't that into them which makes her easier to have in public. No noise phobia or weirdness and also a great off switch.

Neither her nor Traveler have any allergies or health issues.

But, when put together they are very high maintenance in the sense that they feed off each other and their arousal levels can sky rocket.
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Old 02-07-2013, 02:26 AM
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Both mine are HM.

Buster I have to put away whenever we have visitors, his DA and anxiety means he is hard to take anywhere.
But at home, he's pretty low key. He just attaches himself to me and doesn't ask for much.

Quinn I can have visitors with but I always leash her because she gets scared and can get herself in a tiz where she barks at them like she means it.
I can take her out but she isn't good at being handled by strangers and we're working through her DR.
At home she's a pain, she's constantly seperated from my sisters dog and is currently seperated from Poppy afer having a fight with her a few weeks ago, re-intro's have not gone smoothly.
She's easily over aroused and can be food aggressive with the other animals.
She's timid, nervy, defaults to aggression with other dogs when overaroused and needs plenty of physical and mental stimulation to keep her from bouncing off walls.
I need to be constantly on her, give her an inch she'll take a mile. Every.Single.Time.
She's the most difficult dog I've ever lived with, I'm over her today.

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