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Old 02-05-2013, 10:16 PM
crazedACD crazedACD is offline
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The other dogs not so much, but Skye is a total attention *****. She doesn't ask if she can, she makes demands!
This is pretty much Skye all the time when I'm up and walking around.

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Old 02-05-2013, 10:35 PM
GoingNowhere's Avatar
GoingNowhere GoingNowhere is offline
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I'd say Boo is pretty low maintenance to live with.

She's not a daycare dog or really even a dog park type dog and can be a bit reactive sometimes when strangers enter our home (while we are there), BUT to live with, she's quite easy. I'm pretty certain if I were to stick her into nearly any home without small children, she'd do alright and the people would be happy with her.

She sleeps when there's nothing going on and doesn't complain if she doesn't get walked (though she'd love it if you would!) - going out to the yard a few times a day is okay.

The neighborhood kids can take care of her while we're gone without issue.

She eats her food, but doesn't whine or bark for it and never ever counter surfs or tries to get into anything.

She doesn't typically wake you up in the morning.

She doesn't have wanderlust.

Despite her longish coat, she doesn't take a ton of grooming - she's probably gone a good month and a half without a brush to her coat while I was at school and although she always looks scraggily when I return, I've never had to cut more than a mat or two out of her coat at any given time. Ideally she'd have a full brushing once every 2 weeks...

She rides well in the car and walks fairly well on a leash (no heel, but not a lot of pulling either).

She has no regular meds or allergy concerns.

She has lived with a cat, other dogs (puppies), men, women, older children, and teens.

So yes, she's relatively low maintenance. On any given day, if all she gets is a bowl of food and let out a few times, she doesn't complain.

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Old 02-05-2013, 10:52 PM
Locke's Avatar
Locke Locke is offline
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Originally Posted by crazedACD View Post
The other dogs not so much, but Skye is a total attention *****. She doesn't ask if she can, she makes demands!
This is pretty much Skye all the time when I'm up and walking around.
That video melted my heart! I want Skye!
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Old 02-05-2013, 10:57 PM
FG167's Avatar
FG167 FG167 is offline
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My boys are demanding on Mommy time. Otherwise all three are low maintenance in the terms mentioned. Besides Kastle can only be in certain crates because of his escaping abilities. Otherwise all are healthy, no allergies, eat anything, travel easy, like people, are dog tolerant etc etc.
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Old 02-05-2013, 11:09 PM
Michiyo-Fir Michiyo-Fir is offline
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Not very high maintenance here. But she is dog reactive so I don't dare board her anywhere.

She doesn't care about strangers in the house, she doesn't like to be touched and especially picked up by strangers but doesn't make a huge fuss about it, she will shake sometimes but it's not that unusual for her.

Other than that she's pretty easy. Exercise, then she's content to be or sleep or bother you with her toys.
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Old 02-05-2013, 11:30 PM
sassafras's Avatar
sassafras sassafras is offline
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I think in my head I worry that they are, but in reality they actually aren't.

I mean, they each have their quirks. But they've never really caused any serious problems at any class, boarding, home, neighbor's, etc.

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Old 02-05-2013, 11:34 PM
stardogs stardogs is offline
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My perspective may be skewed, but here's how I see my dogs:

- Ziva: easy peasy. Happy to work with anyone, loves to go with the flow and just have fun.

- Kestrel: super easy for me and my husband, not so much for others due to his enthusiasm about his friends. Once he settles with a new person, though, he's easy to handle and happy to take direction and handling as needed. A little mischievous, but well intentioned.

- Aeri: moderately challenging for me, a bit moreso for DH because he doesn't really understand her. For others? Well if I'm present, she's happy and easy going, if I'm not, she tends to try and avoid contact which presents problems. If she can get away with something, she'll do it - she led a petsitter on a merry chase while I was out of town and she was at my parents'. It took the sitter 40-80 mins to get her back in her kennel because she thought it was a grand game to play chase.

- Snipe: Much like Kestrel - well intentioned, but her enthusiasm overwhelms a lot of people.

I'd have no qualms about boarding any of them, though boarding Aeri would require finding just the right place and both Kes and Snipe need a place that can deal with escape artists. We *do* have a great kennel nearby that I never hesitate to use, even with the more challenging dogs.
Erin, Ziva, Kestrel, Aerten, and Snipe
Always in our hearts: The Amazing Maggie Mae

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Old 02-06-2013, 12:08 AM
Flyinsbt's Avatar
Flyinsbt Flyinsbt is offline
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Mine are great with people, and not stressy or bothered by situations at all. But I'd still consider them relatively high maintenance, because they are a lot of dog. And I don't train them to have particularly good house manners, because frankly, most of the stuff that might bother people, doesn't bother me. They're fine if I leave them in a boarding kennel, but I don't encourage the kennel staff to take them out or anything. I'm wary of having anybody else walk them or anything.

That said, Pirate stayed with a friend in December, when I took Tess to the Invitational, and she claims he was good. Of course, she also says that he was a very good Pirate, and that if he was a Golden Retriever, he'd have been very bad.

I couldn't really leave Tess with someone like that, since the other dogs might be an issue. Pi is fine with other dogs. Tess is uncomfortable with them.
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Old 02-06-2013, 12:38 AM
Red.Apricot's Avatar
Red.Apricot Red.Apricot is offline
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Elsie's very high maintenance. She hates strangers.

Zobby's okay with people. I'd board him, but he's not to be trusted with strange dogs.
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Old 02-06-2013, 01:28 AM
Katem's Avatar
Katem Katem is offline
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Neither dog is high maintenance as far as grooming goes. Bear's nails don't even grow that quickly, so I can go a while without having to dremel them. Pig's should be done at least once a week. Her quick grows out really fast, so if I let them go for too long I have to dremel a little bit every day to get them back to normal. Feeding is no problem either. They're on a break from raw right now while I work out a new container system, but I never found raw to be a hassle. They're also fine with eating near each other. Bear does have to get a couple of pills twice a day, but I give them when I'm feeding so it's super easy.

As far as around the house goes, Pig does need to be monitored closely. She gets bored easily, so if someone isn't keeping her busy she's likely to find trouble. She also loves to eat inappropriate things.

People-wise they're both pretty good as well. I've only had to board them once, but they did fine with it. Bear had some pretty bad diarrhea when we first dropped him off and was visibly upset, but settled down quickly. I actually wasn't even able to pick them up myself, my flight didn't land in time, so I had to have a friend get them. The dogs had never met my saint of a friend who drove around 1.5 hours each way to bring them home. She was able to harness them up and belt them into the car with no problems.

I do put them up whenever a delivery/service person comes over. It's just easier. They bark quite a bit when someone rings the bell or enters the house, so they can be intimidating. Even if the person isn't afraid of them, if they interact with Bear at all he won't stop giving them his toy which tends to prevent them from going about their work.

They're both fine with vets. Giant babies, but relatively well behaved. If there is another older dog in the waiting room, Bear can get a little grumbly if the dog stares at him/gets too close.

I don't really find either of them to be high maintenance though. Overall they are very easy for me to live with. Most people that meet Bear want to steal him and they would more than likely be mostly satisfied if they did. There's a smaller list of people that meet Pig and say, "Hey, I want one of those for myself." But she fits me really well.
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