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View Poll Results: Do you consider your dog "breed worthy", hypothetically?
Yes 31 36.05%
No 34 39.53%
Almost 15 17.44%
This is a dog forum? 6 6.98%
Voters: 86. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02-04-2013, 07:43 PM
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Eden: Absolutely not. She is a terrible representative for her breed in that she is nothing like the standard in terms of temperament I love her to death, she fits in here wonderfully and she has a really awesome temperament - go anywhere, do anything, meet anyone - but it's not standard. Also, she's small and slow haha

Kastle: Not sure yet. He's very social and stable with good drives but he's a little extreme. I am going to reserve judgement until he's like 4-5 years and has some experience and more titles under his belt - namely, IPO. I also need to have his hips/elbows x-rayed and his DM test done still. That said, if there was someone looking to add drive into the mix with their bitch, perhaps I'd be interested (later). He's wonderful in a lot of ways - fun, well mannered, polite, loyal, tolerant of other dogs, good with people of all ages...environmentally solid...

Limit: Probably not but we'll see. 1. I don't think anyone will want to use him for stud and I'm not going to start my own breeding program. 2. I don't know how his biddability/handler focus will transfer when we start actually competing. He's really cool right now - stable, social, he's got a nice build, good drive for food and toy - likes to chase, retrieve, and tug. I love him a lot and he has a lot to offer but it's up in the air if that will make him a super awesome active pet or a decent performance dog.
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Old 02-04-2013, 07:59 PM
crazedACD crazedACD is offline
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Romeo... He has a fantastic temperament. His build is alright, structurally sound, and although not all that close to standard, he is passable. But he has several genetic disorders...absolutely not.

Zoie, luxating patellas, nope.

Skye, no sane living person would want another one of her . Alright so she has no aggressive tendencies, she is stable, has a good attitude, a solid build and no health problems. She is closest to breedable but where she has never gone out hunting or been proven useful in any way other than a pet...I would say no.

None of mom's dogs are suitable.

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Old 02-04-2013, 08:30 PM
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Mia- no. 1. Bad knees. 2. Missing teeth 3. As much as I adore her temperament, it's not really the most breed-appropriate temperament. It is within the range I see, but she's very sharp and reactive. Her energy level is a lot higher than most papillons I meet. Plus she is completely stranger intolerant. Fun dog, but not precisely what the breed should be.

Summer is a hard one. She was bred twice prior to me getting her. She is not show quality but I fully understand why the breeder bred her. Her temperament is superb minus the separation anxiety and the SA didn't show up until I got her. So when she was bred it wasn't something anyone was aware of. Honestly, I think her issue was mostly never being alone because she was in a house full of many dogs and people 24/7 then she moved to me and had to adjust. I think she would have been perfectly normal without that drastic change in lifestyle.

Summer is structurally gorgeous and sound. I have gotten so many compliments on her build. Her big flaw is her lack of coat (she was smooth coated pretty much till she got spayed). I've had show handlers tell me that she would be finishable with the coat she has now. My old trainer who was involved in working line aussies also thought Summer was one of the nicest small dogs she's seen structurally.

Summer's got longevity in her lines. Her dam and grand dam both lived past 16+ and were sound up until their very last year. Her mother at 12 looked to be about 6 and Summer is going the same way now at 8.

Summer's never had any health issues save her eye stye. She's hardy.

She also has a SUPERB temperament. She is intelligent and biddable, outgoing and friendly, happy, a good amount of drive, easy to live with, athletic, just all around good. Summer really represents the best of the breed imo. Her line has fantastic temperaments.

No titles but she was a killer therapy dog, which I believe is more important for the breed than any title.

Unfortunately, for some reason Summer could not carry a litter of puppies to full term. So that is something we didn't want to pass along. After the second failed litter, she was spayed. I still wish she hadn't lost her litters even though I probably wouldn't have her now. She is just such a nice papillon.

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Old 02-04-2013, 09:20 PM
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Ivan, yes and no. Yes to what the world sees, no to what I see.
Yes part of the answer.
Structurally he is great, no health problems.
Is health tested and passed all of them.
He is titled.
Comes from health tested parents.
Has a titled parents and grandparents.
Has longevity in his lines.

For the no part of the answer.
I see both sides of his temperment. I would describe him as being bi-polar. He is great with everyone when we are out and about. In the home, hes an asss who sounds like he would like to eat everyone.
He is a bit of jerk when it comes to other dogs.
So it makes me question how much of his issues is genetic and how much of it is because of me.

Peewee, Yes for the most part. He has a great temperment although a bit soft for my liking but it makes for a great family pet.

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Old 02-04-2013, 09:22 PM
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*ahem* No.

(every behavioral issue in the book, crappy structure, ALLERGIES.)

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Old 02-04-2013, 09:24 PM
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Um, well, hypothetically, I mean no. He's a horrible representation of the Yorkie breed. If he's even a Yorkie. He'd probably be an ideal dog for a Silky Terrier breeder though, lol.

So taking into account that he has no papers, is way too big for his breed standard, has a tail (also not to standard), has an overbite, etc, absolutely no.

In a dream world though, if all Yorkies were like him (in size, temperament, etc), I would definitely have Yorkies here on out. Structurally, he's great, as well. But the truth is I pretty much don't like 90% of yorkies being bred out there today.
Brit & Jackson

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Old 02-04-2013, 10:19 PM
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I don't even know lol.

Juno's got her anxiety but really I'm pretty sure that I created that soo... I don't think she has screwed up genetics in that regard.

I think she's put together nicely but what the hell do I know about dog structure For a 4 year old boxer she's doing pretty well healthwise... no lumps and bumps, her heart sounds great!

I'll say no just because of the anxiety. But pretty much my dog is awesome and without the anxiety, and in a capable breeder's hands, I think she's a superb choice Of course, this is provided we don't care about the breed standard either, because otherwise her color alone would be a reason why she "shouldn't" be bred lol.

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Old 02-04-2013, 10:24 PM
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Pip or Maisy... bahahahaha. I love them to death, but... um, no.

Squash, 99.99% no but ask me hypothetically again in a couple years when he's matured more. He has lovely hips and a nice gait, works well with others, is a good puller, and no DR/DA/HA. Hasn't had any health problems and is an easy keeper. If his sled dog instincts and work ethic continue to mature he theoretically could add some nice power and strength to some Alaskan puppies.

Well, if he still had his junk, anyway. And if there was suddenly an unexpected shortage of Alaskans in the world.

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Old 02-05-2013, 12:01 AM
PawsibleDogs PawsibleDogs is offline
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Merlin, with only as much hesitation as should be taken in considering breeding anything. His only issue at 8 is from a performance injury that was repeatedly misdiagnosed/treated, and he's retired from jumping sports due to that. He has his faults but he has so much of what's disappearing in the breed today, and his temperament is snug-worthy -- he's appropriately appraising of strangers but NOT shy, nor does he have a spooky bone in his body. I've passed on the inquiries I've gotten to use him thus far, but if the right breeder/cross came along I'd go for it.

Potion, no way. We've gone through a ridiculous amount in 2.5 years and seeing the same tendencies in relatives I would not wish it on anyone. I adore her, but I know the heartache I've gone through and wouldn't want to potentially cause more of it for others.

Dewy and Rio, also no way - structurally incorrect (Rio better than Dewy) and reactive/spooky temperaments.
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Old 02-05-2013, 12:17 AM
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Aside from the fact that all of my dogs are altered...

Bamm- No way in hell. He is fearful, reactive, horrible separation anxiety, some aggression issues and did I mention reactive? lol

Joey- No way. He isn't exactly a great example structurally of his breed. Too many conformation faults and he tends to move a little funny. I'd like to get him checked out for that at some point and see if having him adjusted by a chiropractor makes a difference at all.

Cricket- Yes and No... I absolutely LOVE her structure. She is perfect to me in every way in the way she is built and she has a really solid temperament and is EXACTLY what I want in a dog. I even have enough people that would have honestly been interested in Cricket puppies to have homed an entire litter... BUT... one she is a mix, two she has zero titles in anything right now, three she is spayed and four she has allergy issues that I would be worried about possible passing down.
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