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Old 02-01-2013, 02:45 PM
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Default Do your dogs follow you around?

I've just been thinking about this. Do you dogs follow you around the house/wherever you live? Wesley very much does his own thing: I'll run in to him playing with his toys around the house, watching out the window, but in general he doesn't follow anyone around from room to room or anything. He likes to sleep in the hallway with no people present, lol. I feel like most people have dogs that follow them and he's an oddity.

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Old 02-01-2013, 02:48 PM
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Follow me around? No
She practically sits on my feet so she doesn't lose me.
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Old 02-01-2013, 02:52 PM
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Nah, not really. She's a bit more clingy when we bring her to a different house. Often she prefers to hang out in the room where the people are, but almost as often she'll go take a nap somewhere else. And she's not technically allowed upstairs so she never follows anyone upstairs unless she's invited or we're already up there and she decides that she NEEDS ATTENTION NOW. Or thunderstorms. Those provide reason to break the rules too.

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Old 02-01-2013, 02:52 PM
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Well, the chihuahuas are pretty much constantly on our laps

They ALL follow us around, though. Even Rory follows us into the bathroom each and every time.

L to R: Chloe, Rylie, Emma, Tucker, and Rory
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Old 02-01-2013, 03:03 PM
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Bamm will follow me everywhere. He gets concerned if I leave the room and has to be where I am. The only exception is that sometimes when Josh is home he will stay with Josh long enough to let me go to the bathroom at least.

Joey follows me around most of the time and especially if he thinks I may be headed to anywhere involving food.

Cricket doesn't unless she really wants to be where I am. She is pretty independent and is content to keep to herself or nap on a couch somewhere while I go about my business. She will come and snuggle with me in bed though and she is a super good snuggler, but ya she doesn't absolutely feel the need to always HAVE to be where I am.
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Old 02-01-2013, 03:06 PM
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There is no where in this house I can be alone unless there is a door or a gate closed fast between us. And that's not a guarantee either.
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Old 02-01-2013, 03:19 PM
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Noodle mostly just sits rotting under his blanket all day, unless you open a plastic wrapper or the fridge.
Jinj use to be a big follow-you-everywhere dog, but as he's gotten so old he spends more time finding a place to lay down and wait, which usually ends up being right in front of a door , just shove it open he slides easy enough, lol.
Enda is getting better, she doesn't "follow" as much anymore and has learned to find a place to sit or lay and wait until it's time to do something.
But pretty much certain times of the day/events will set them all off into following anyone anywhere, *cough* food.
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Old 02-01-2013, 03:31 PM
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My dogs are up in my business 24/7. They want to 'help'.

Hank CA - (approx. 1 1/2 year old Spotty Dog)
Mia CGC - (6 1/2 year old Papillon)
Summer TG3 TIAD - (11 year old Papillon)
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Old 02-01-2013, 03:32 PM
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Matrix prefers to be in the same room as someone, but won't go out of his way to do so, unless there's food involved.
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Old 02-01-2013, 03:35 PM
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Gypsy checks up on every family member periodically, especially if she hears something eventful, but she spends most of her time around me. I'm mom. She's curled on the floor here right now.

GYPSY, border collie & Australian shepherd mix, 1/10/10
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