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Old 02-01-2013, 04:41 PM
thehoundgirl's Avatar
thehoundgirl thehoundgirl is offline
Top Dog
Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 2,347

Nickname/Preferred name: Krista
Occupation: None at this time.
Age: 27
About your dog(s): Buster: 9 year old Coonhound, Rudy: 4 and half year old Airedale Terrier Mix, & Dixie: 3 year old Schnauzer mix.
Interests: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Dolphins, ZUMBA, watching movies, etc.
Favorite music: Hip Hop, Pop, songs of today really.. lol.
Favorite book: I don't really have a favorite.
Favorite quote: “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” - Christian D. Larson
Random fact: Um, I'm not sure if there's a random fact about me that I can think of that anyone doesn't know.

I only have a recent pic of me and Dixie!
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Old 02-01-2013, 05:43 PM
milos_mommy's Avatar
milos_mommy milos_mommy is offline
Top Dog
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 15,324

Nickname/Preferred name: Alex, I'm usually MM or Milos on here.
Occupation: Student, Dog Sitter/Trainer/Walker, Personal Assistant, Financial Services Secretary, Whatever-they-need for local dog rescue.
Age: 23
About your dog(s): Milo, 7 year old JRT (mix?)/Benji, 7 year old Wheaton Terrier.
Interests: Dogs (everything from grooming to genetics to pop culture), literature, film, art, parenting, music, local events, cooking, traveling.
Favorite music: I can't pick one. I listen a lot of folk rock (no, NOT like Mumford & Sons) & alternative rock, lots of hip hop & rap, and stuff like zydeco, Celtic folk.
Favorite book: Crime & Punishment OR The Poisonwood Bible OR Fight Club.
Favorite quote: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." by MLK.
Random fact: The older I get the more "boring office jobs" seem really interesting.

I'll add a picture later! I don't have many good recent ones.
"My favorite color is green, green like newly cut grass. When it comes to green with envy, though, you can stick it up your @ss!" ~ Grammy
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Old 02-01-2013, 07:12 PM
~Dixie's_Mom~'s Avatar
~Dixie's_Mom~ ~Dixie's_Mom~ is offline
♥Chloe & Violet♥
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Tennessee
Posts: 8,159

Nickname/Preferred name: Lauren

Occupation: Child Care Worker

Age: 21

About your dog(s):

Chloe is a 7 year old (8 on Valentines day, wow..) Dachshund/Chihuahua shelter dog. She is my true heart dog. I love her with everything that I am. She is sweet and silly and makes me smile.

Violet is a 2 year old Siberian Husky. She is from the same breeder that my previous Sibe, Holly was from. Holly was the closest thing I had to a heart dog before Chloe. There is still a huge hole in my heart that was left when we lost her and Violet can never fill that, but she has her own (just as big and special) place in my heart. She is not nor will she ever be Holly, but she has her own special qualities that I love and she does have little things that remind me of Holly that tug on my heart strings and makes me love her even more. (:

Chloe and Violet

Interests: Music, Pets, Books, Art, Photography

Favorite music: Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy (and too many more to name)

Favorite book: Twilight books, Hunger Games books, and way too many to mention. I'm reading Peter Pan right now and I love it.

Favorite quote: "You can't fly unless you let yourself fall."

Random fact: My sister is nearly 5 years younger than me but people think we are twins all the time. She is my best friend. (:


Lol I love how Chloe's in the background like "What are you doing?"

My Sister and I:

Don't fear tomorrow.

Chloe - 9 y/o Dachshund/Chihuahua | Violet - 3 y/o Siberian Husky
Rest in peace - Holly (Siberian Husky)|Misty (Siberian Husky)|Princess (Silky Terrier)
Forever in my heart - Dixie (Yorkshire Terrier)|Lucy (Silky Terrier/Yorkie Mix)
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Old 02-01-2013, 07:21 PM
Keechak's Avatar
Keechak Keechak is offline
Aussie Obssessed
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 769

Nickname/Preferred name: Keechak Real name, Erin
Occupation: low income nuff said
Age: 25
About your dog(s): their awesome and everything else is in my signature
Interests: Dogs
Favorite music: lots
Favorite book: Too many, but a few to name, The Sight, Winterdance, Wolf-Woman, I Rode a Horse of Milk-White Jade.
Favorite quote: none
Random fact: I'm very odd

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Old 02-01-2013, 08:13 PM
Fran101's Avatar
Fran101 Fran101 is offline
Resident fainting goat
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Boston
Posts: 12,548

Nickname/Preferred name: Fran
Occupation: College student/dog store employee (/dog walker)
Age: 21
About your dog(s):
Merlin He is a 4 month old Australian shepherd. He likes tennis balls, treats of all kinds, food of all kinds, jumping, running, chasing geese, and taking naps. He is sweet and kind and funny and odd and bouncy and just..perfect lol most of the time.

Interests: Books, movies, running, the internet!, dogs of course, poetry, quotes, tv shows (mostly BBC shows that inevitably get canceled), nature documentaries
Mostly books. I will find a subject I love and read EVERYTHING all at once like a crazy person. I love reading

Favorite music: Anything that makes me feel something/goes with my mood. I love classical..I also hold a special spot in my heart for movie scores (the how to train your dragon & lady in the water film scores are my personal favorites)
I also love cheesy pop music. Taylor swift, owl city, bowling for soup, etc...
my ipod is a mishmash of basically everything. I love spotify!

Favorite book: complicated question lol

Favorite nostalgia close to my heart forever books? The harry potter series, naturally. I read them as a child and they were my gateway drug into my love of reading
Also, his dark materials (northern lights, amber spyglass, subtle knife)
and the giver! one of the most under appreciated young adult books IMO read it when I was younger and HATED IT. Re-read it as an adult and absolutely adored it.

Favorite books in general?
- Stardust
- Rebecca
- Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
- Lord of the Rings
- Pride and Prejudice
- Survivor (Chuck P.)
-The book thief

Favorite quote:
" The problem, often not discovered until late in life, is that when you look for things in life like love, meaning, motivation, it implies they are sitting behind a tree or under a rock. The most successful people in life recognize, that in life they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation.
For me, I am driven by two main philosophies, know more today about the world than I knew yesterday. And lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you. -" Neil deGrasse Tyson

Everyone who terrifies you is sixty-five percent water.
And everyone you love is made of stardust, and I know sometimes
you cannot even breathe deeply, and
the night sky is no home, and
you have cried yourself to sleep enough times
that you are down to your last two percent, but
nothing is infinite,
not even loss.
You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day
you are going to find yourself again.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
Roald Dahl

Random fact: I cry every time I finish a novel. Even happy books, even sad books, even books I didn't really love.. the ending of it all just gets to me. You kind of immerse yourself in this world for a while and meet all these people and experience all these things and once it's over I just can't handle it lol so I usually cry.

me in paris.

and london

and back home w/Merlin

Disclaimer: I work for Trupanion and love it/our policy! But I do not speak for the company or as the company.
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Old 02-01-2013, 08:35 PM
DJEtzel's Avatar
DJEtzel DJEtzel is offline
Top Dog
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Posts: 3,266

Nickname/Preferred name: Danielle
Occupation: Self employed running a dog collar/leash/harness business & part time receptionist at a large dog park
Age: 20
About your dog(s): ALL BOYS. Military themed names, Frag the 3y/o GSD, Sir the 2y/o Pit and Recon the 6m/o Border Collie
Interests: Photography, video games, anti-government/politic videos, prepping, dog sports.
Favorite music: A little country, a little rock
Favorite book: Freakonomics
Favorite quote: "If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough" -- Mario Andretti
Random fact: I got a new car Monday and love it! Ford Freestyle with all the bells and whistles. My old car (Saturn Vue) was a POS.

Here are pictures of me and the doogies.

7 weeks old!

8 months old!

3rd place in a dock diving competition


Two days home with me from the pound

Big baby

Best business partner EVER
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Old 02-01-2013, 10:57 PM
yv0nne's Avatar
yv0nne yv0nne is offline
Vizsla mom
Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: Cape Breton
Posts: 1,152

Since I'm new, I figured I'd play!

Nickname/Preferred name: Yvonne

Occupation: Photog/ supervise the local pool on weekends because of some crazy situations that happened there aha

Age: 26

About your dog(s): Penny, the almost-7 month old Vizsla& Squirt, the 19yr old Yorkie mix. They are vastly different and I love them both. Squirt lives with my parents because the stress of Penny just wasn't fair to him. 19 is a little old to be getting a sibling. Especially when you have PTSD because you had to get plates put in your skull from a pitbull& a fox got the right side of your face. Poor old boy.

Interests: Lots, I guess. I like long drives, running, swimming, biking& eating junk. I also love basketball& especially the LA Lakers. I'm sure I love lots of other things too, I just can't think of them right now aha

Favorite music: Ahh I like Joel Plaskett& John Mayer but music isn't really my thing.. I'd rather listen to people talk than sing.

Favorite book: I loved the Guests of War trilogy, easily the best YA books. Anything by Paulo Coelho but especially Veronika Decides to Die. Fabulous book that everyone should read!

Favorite quote: Your memory is a monster; you forget - it doesn't. It simply files things away. It keeps things for you, or hides things from you - and summons them to your recall with a will of its own. You think you have a memory; but it has you -John Irving

Random fact: I swim on a Masters team.

This is my beautiful Penny& I when she was 3 months old ..oh, how fast puppies grow!

Me with my old stinker, Squirt. I promise he really does love me ..he just really hates photos! This was about 3yrs ago.. he was a young 16 here!

And just to prove that I do have human friends I also have a boyfriend ..but he's not making the photo cut for this round!
It's wonderful to be a human in a Vizsla world!
*Copper& Chaos agility blog*
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Old 02-01-2013, 11:26 PM
CatStina CatStina is offline
SBT Lover!!
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: USA
Posts: 634

Nickname/Preferred name: Christina
Occupation: Sales Associate at a Pet Supply Store
Age: Almost 23
About your dog(s): I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Saxon and he is in training to be my Service Dog.
Interests: Drawing, painting, photography, hiking (but not really, just being out in the woods, really), animals, other things, too.
Favorite music: Country and Oldies Rock
Favorite book: Cujo
Favorite quote: I'm too drunk to think of a quote right now
Random fact: I am a dual citizen with Finland and the US and I have both an American and a Finnish passport.

I'm going to post this one of me and the OH again, because I love it:

The pets and I:

At my aunt's mökki (summercottage) in Finland:

In my element, lol, at my computer at a cafe:
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Old 02-01-2013, 11:37 PM
houlahoops's Avatar
houlahoops houlahoops is offline
Top Dog
Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: North Dakota
Posts: 876

Nickname/Preferred name: Emmy
Occupation: Well EMT when I'm home, but here at school I work in the bakery
Age: 21
About your dog(s): Well he's imaginary
Interests: I love racing anything (motorcycles, cars, other people), animals, drawing, snowboarding, my guitar...
Favorite music: If I listen to it long enough it grows on me (regardless of what it is...unfortunately). I'm on an Adelita's Way kick most recently
Favorite book: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, The Illustrated Man, 1984
Favorite quote: "Well I figure quitting is the same as being afraid, and I know for a fact you ain't scared of nothing." - Dad (during a boxing match)
Random fact: One of my legs is longer than the other

Working with my Iraqw host family in Tanzania

Bailey and me last year
Emily and Pippa v. Johnson-Haus RATI
"Well, don't let me be the moldy cheese in your refrigerator of hope." - Justin McKee
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Old 02-02-2013, 12:02 AM
AllieMackie's Avatar
AllieMackie AllieMackie is offline
Wookie Collie
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Ottawa, ON
Posts: 6,600

Nickname/Preferred name: Allie
Occupation: Pet nutrition guru + marketing/events manager for two Global Pet Foods locations in Ottawa
Age: Soon to be 29
About your dog(s): Finnegan's a 4-year old tri-coloured border collie. He's a little bit crazy, a little bit messed up and a little bit rock n' roll and he's my best friend in the world.
Interests: Making stuff out of other stuff. Knitting, crochet, papercraft, origami, model painting, etc etc etc. Also biking, hiking, beer, food, movies, video games, and I'm starting to dabble in running again.
Favorite music: Indie stuff, anthemic stuff, folky stuff.
Favorite book: If I had to pick one? Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash.
Favorite quote: This changes weekly.
Random fact: I own every Godzilla film ever made. Including the garbage 1998 American one.

Basic photo of moi.

Me and little baby Crayon (now adopted!) at one of our store rescue events.

Me with three of Crayon's siblings, Jock, Locker and Recess (all adopted). I hate my job. Seriously.

Finnegan & I at Hog's Back falls.

Barrett and I at work.

Finnegan - Border Collie | Barrett the ferret | Stan & Fiora - the cats
RIP - Fozzy 1993-2006 Palom 2008-2010 Ysera 2008-2011 Basol 2008-2012 Freya 2008-2014 Porom 2008-2014
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