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Old 01-24-2013, 07:49 PM
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Default Rabbit or guinea pig?

My daughter keeps asking for a poodle.

Just kidding. Well she is, but whatever. Not about to get her a dog at this point, but she also asks about a guinea pig or a rabbit, which I'm not opposed to. Really, you get to a point and just don't question more critters in the house, and no, not a hoarder. If she really wants one and we can make it work as a weedeater in the garden here and there and compost maker the rest of the time, I'm ok with it.

So, which is easier/better? No, will not do a stinky hamster again.
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Old 01-24-2013, 08:38 PM
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Rabbits can be litter box trained much easier than guinea pigs (which makes minimizing the stink easier, if you clean the box every day). Our guinea pigs ran around in covered pens outside for at least 8 hours a day when I was growing up (oh California weather, I miss you...), and we still had to do a complete cage clean every couple days to minimize the smell. The rabbits had free run of the house, and we just emptied/rinsed the litter boxes (hay) each day and vacuumed up the stray poop.

I don't know how old your kiddo is though. Piggies are much "sturdier" than rabbits. They're happier to sit in a lap while you watch tv, easier to pick up, and they make cute noises I wouldn't recommend a rabbit for a young child, because they're fairly fragile.
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Old 01-27-2013, 09:57 PM
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I think it depends on what qualities your daughter likes in pets. Guinea pigs generally need less exercise and are easier to please, but rabbits are a good challenging pet, where you can train them and you have to work for their affection.

If you have the space and time for a rabbit, they're closer to having a poodle!
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Old 01-29-2013, 08:53 AM
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If you don't want something that is stinky, I'd go with a rabbit. I had to clean my piggie's cage every 2-3 days growing up, because they just pee and poo where ever they feel like it.
We currently have a litter trained rabbit. Best. Thing. Ever. We rabbit proofed the room where is cage is in , and he can run free for as long as he likes (we built different "rabbit areas" in the room he can hang out in (or try and dig to china, like hes doing right now). He doesn't pee or poo on the floor though, when he needs to go, he goes in his litter box. We've never had an accident.

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Old 01-29-2013, 03:07 PM
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I feel like rabbits (in my own experience at least) are more friendly and are easier to handle/hold/love on. My guinea pigs were very shy and didn't like coming out of their cage much. Once they were out they would pretty much sit there and let you love on them but my rabbits would come right up to the door of their cage and want to be let out. They are pretty cuddly if you handle them a lot from a young age. They are also SO funny and really fun to watch hop around the room. They stand on their hind legs to sniff stuff (or get into things!) and it is so precious. I have mad love for rabbits though. Guinea pigs are a really cool pet I just didn't connect with mine as much as I have with my rabbits.
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