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Old 01-17-2013, 04:15 PM
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Default Art will pass the CGC!

I'm in serious awe of my dogs, especially Art!! Seriously, like I honestly think someone replaced my dogs with a perfect clone or something! lol

I started a new training place, both dogs went and Art hasn't been to a training class since he was 8weeks old. I was soooo nervous! The classes are an intermediate class for Art, ending in a CGC test on the last week. And for Talon a puppy socialization class. They are back to back classes so I had to bring both dogs at the same time and crate one until it was their turn!

Honestly, just the fact it was a new place made me have horrible anxiety beforehand, but having to bring both dogs at the same time I almost had an anxiety attack. Seriously.

Going into it with Talon was mostly just to get the socialization, I knew he would do pretty good. It's very similair to the class he was in before. With Art's class ending in a CGC test, I thought there was no way in the world he'd ever pass. Not with his "issues." He's not terrible, but still I figured he'd fail the grooming test and person petting him test.

Well, first day of class we went through some of the test to see where everyone was at. OMFG! My dog, my little demon dog who a few years ago would lunge, scream, and freak out at the sight of someone, let three different people not only give him treats, but also PET HIM AND TOUCH HIS FEET AND HE WAGGED HIS TAIL THE ENTIRE TIME! I was seriously like WTF? He was honestly the best dog in the class on all of the activities! The person told me afterwards he is ready for the CGC right now! But I'm completeing the class first just for the socialization/practice.

But omg......I'm seriously excited! Though I kinda am not telling David (boyfriend) because he told me Art was ready and I completley denied it and shot him down. whoops lol

Now I still have to actually take the test, and who knows, he very well could have a bad day and fail, but just knowing he is able to do it! I'm just ecstatic right now!
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Old 01-17-2013, 04:56 PM
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WAY TO GO!!! I teach a CGC class and seeing my students succeed (and very often come so far) is one of my biggest joys! Good for you guys, you're going to rock the test.

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Old 01-17-2013, 05:29 PM
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Congratulations to Art and you
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