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Old 01-31-2005, 04:53 PM
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Default Ah he can Fly!!!

I havent had the time to let my lutino Cockatiel Scooter out of his cage in the last couple weeks and beleive me I feel terrible that it took me so so long. But Anyways a couple days ago I went to get him out and usually when I put him on my finger he flutters his wings and jumps to the floor. But this time when he fluttered his wings he flew in one good loop around the living room and landed sideways on my curtains. i was shocked my little 8 month old bird had flown. Not that I did'nt think he could i knew he was perfectly capable but i wasent sure if he knew how because i usually keep his wings clipped. So I was afraid that he was going to hurt himself and he did fly into the window. So yesterday i clipped his wings (yes I know how i have had my vet show me a couple times) But I clipped them so he could still fly about a foot above the ground instead of up at the ceiling. This i figured is so he can learn how to fly and also learn to listen to me even when he has this freedom. Lol it was just like dumbo "hey can fly he can fly" lol.

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Old 01-31-2005, 07:59 PM
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He can also get some much needed exercise for some mighty important muscles. Glad you let him have what being a bird is especially about. My parrot got loose outside once, i had not clipped for he had never left before and I had him since he was pin feathered. He flew yelling with joy to the top of the trees. When he climbed down he was so excited and happy. I felt just so guilty of depriving him from soaring like he wanted to. I never let him again, but i wish there had been a way.
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