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Old 02-03-2005, 01:08 PM
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Default the story of Kat

I just thought I'd share with everyone how we came to have Kat.
Late summer we arrived at our shop to find a pretty cat sitting on the steps. It is very common to find stray wild cats hanging around there, getting into the dumpster. This cat was different, she was friendly. We figured she belonged to someone, was just out on a walk. A few days later we had the door open and she here she comes walking inside. She went out into the shop area, curled up on the tool box and slept all day while my husband worked. She'd return every few days to visit, to take naps close by my husband but then we noticed how skinny she was getting. So we bought some cat food. We fed her everytime she came to visit with us. My husband was always reminding me, WE DONT NEED A CAT, WE ARENT TAKING HER HOME WITH US.
We made the decision to move our business into another building. One rainy sunday I went to pack a few more things when I noticed the cat. I had her come inside, it was raining on and off that day. I fed her. After she ate she walked into the office and I noticed something hanging from her front paw. I thought she had something stuck to it so I went to check it out. Oh my God, half her paw was just hanging there! It wasnt a fresh wound, it was so nasty looking. I wouldnt let the cat out, decided she needed to stay inside even though it wasnt raining at that min. I then went to tell my husband what I found. He was busy on a roof and wasnt really pay to much attention to what I was telling him, so I went back to the cat. I placed a call to the humane society in our town. First I was pretty much yelled at, told they have no foster homes, no building, no nothing. When the lady finally calmed down and would have an actual conversation with me she told me the only way they could help this cat was for me to put an ad in the paper for 3 days, if no one claims her then they will take her to get help, but I would have to agree to be its foster parent. Well, this cat needed help now, not 3 days later. The lady suggested we let her outside, if she has a home she will go to it. The hole time I'm thinking how do we know this? This isnt a fresh wound and it hasnt had help yet! When my husband came, seen the paw he became very upset. We decided to make her stay inside until the next morning we would take her to the vet.
Monday morning came, we hurried over to get her to take her to the vet. We explained she wasnt our cat, we dont know if she has a home or not. The vet suggested we get ahold of the humane society to see if they'd take responsibilty. We told them we tried that, and told the vet what was said. The vet refused to help the cat unless we'd agree to take responsibilty for the cat. I just looked at the vet and said "what choice do we have? This cat needs help and if we dont get help for her she'll get infection and end up dying!". We had no name for this cat, just always called her Kat. The vet did surgury on her, she had to remove half the paw. She was kind enough to do somethings for her for free to keep our cost down. When she came home from the vets, we took her to our house to heal. Right off she followed my husband around, when we went to bed she snuggled up next to him on the bed. Soon he's buying her cat toys. Now 4 months later she is part of our family. We wake up every morning with her snuggled up between us sleeping. She teases the dog, makes no attempts to even go outside, just happy being apart of our family. She knew the way to our home was thru my husband and now I just sit and laugh everytime I see her jump on his lap while he's watching tv or when we are going to bed he stands at the door and calls for her to come on, its bedtime.
Thats how Kat came into our life.
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Old 02-03-2005, 05:57 PM
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Kats (and cats) always know where their home is.
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Old 02-04-2005, 01:55 AM
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That's a great story! Kat knew where to go when he got in trouble

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