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Old 01-04-2013, 09:29 AM
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Default Help (SOS)

I need some advice for the basic training for a puppy for letting her not to pee or excrete inside our house intead in the toilet. Sometime I felt so angry to her.
Is there anybody there can help me?
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Old 01-04-2013, 10:47 AM
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There are 3 rules I used when house training my puppy:

1. Supervise
2. Praise when going outside in designated area
3. Take puppy out regularly

Now I'll expand on the rules.

Supervise means exactly this. If your puppy is not crated you should be watching him/her closely. I used a leash and tied it around my ankle when he was out of his crate. This does two things, allows you to keep track of him all times and allows you to catch him while going inside. If you do catch him, pick him up immediately and bring him outside to finish. Praise while going outside. Do NOT yell at him or otherwise punish him for going inside. Ignore it. You do not want your dog "hiding" his mistakes. He doesn't recognize that going to the bathroom inside is bad. He just knows you get mad when there is pee that you can see.

You should be taking him out after he eats, after he's been playing, after he naps. At least once an hour if you can. I started out taking Chase every twenty minutes at first. Waited 5-10 minutes then brought him inside. I praised him every time he went to the bathroom outside. In fact, it's become habit that when I am playing or taking him out on the leash outside, that when he goes, I praise him.

If you're doing this, you should have a housebroken puppy fairly quickly without damaging your relationship. Just remember they can't hold their bladder/bowels indefinitely at a young age. You should be providing opportunities to use the bathroom frequently and praising when he utilizes them appropriately.
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