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Old 01-25-2005, 03:57 PM
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Default spund as a correction??

okay u guys kno how some say you tug on your dogs leash as a correction while training?? my problem with that is what if your not in a session and your jus saying come so he can eat or go out etc.?? so i thought instead of the whole leash correction thing.. u could use some sort of sound.. that rly annoys dogs.. but i couldnt think of anything.. so can do you guys know anything that annoys dog ears??? and also what u think of this idea?? thnx.. raymond
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Old 01-27-2005, 12:37 AM
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Annoying a dog won't make him come. Try making coming when called the best thing he could ever dream of. First off, don't ever call the dog to come if you aren't absolutely positive he will or if you can't enforce it. He then learns that he doesn't have to, that the command is meaningless. He gets to keep doing what he was doing and that, whatever fun he was doing rewards him for NOT coming.

I don't use the word, "come" very often. I make fun, cheerful sounds, shake a bag of treats and sometimes run the other way or run and hide behind a bush.(when we're on our off leash walks) This entices the dog to come. When the dog is very definitely coming and is just a few steps away from me, I'll say, "come." Then when he is here, "gooooood come" and a treat of the most gourmet is given.

You have to work on the come or recall regularily until it becomes habit for the dog to come to you. Then later you can give treats randomly but continue always with lots of praise. Make it worth his while to come when called, better than whatever else he's doing at the time. Punishing a dog or making something unpleasant will not give him any motivation to comply.
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