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Old 12-24-2012, 01:32 PM
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I've, thankfully, only lost two.

Max was the first dog I ever lived with, a black and white Springer. We adopted him from my mother's coworker, who just "didn't have time for him", at age 10. He lived to be 15 or so.

The second was Lucky. She was MY first dog. Some sort of BC x was always my guess. We only had her for about a year - Mom left the door open and off she went, and got hit by a car.

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Old 12-24-2012, 01:33 PM
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Our childhood family dog was a black cockapoo named Charlie. He was really my brothers' dog, although he lived until I was a senior in high school I was only maybe 3-4 years old when we got him and I was always third string for sure. I don't have any pictures of him.

My first dog as an adult was a greyhound named Desire. Some people know this story, but when I first started vet school I was living with a guy who started medical school the same year. I really wanted to move somewhere where we could have dogs and he really didn't. The vet school kept a group of retired greyhounds as blood donors; some were in foster homes and some lived at the hospital, where students were allowed to walk them... which I did almost every day. Maybe a year later, we broke up for other reasons and literally within a week I had found a new place and had brought home one of the hounds. She was technically my foster until I graduated, then she became mine permanently. Best girl, she lived to be 15 years old.

In her youth (this is scanned so it looks a bit weird):

As an old lady in her princess bed... she lost her mask aheh:

Next came Roxy. Oh, my Roxy... just the best dog I've ever known. Not always the super easiest dog, but just the best. I miss her every single day. She was a GSD/Rott mix. My roommate was moving out with her dog and I was worried that Desire, who had never not lived with other dogs, wouldn't cope well. Plus, I just wanted another dog. This was in the days before Petfinder (and even the internet, really) and one Saturday a very dear friend and classmate of mine drove with me to every single shelter in the Twin Cities. She was at the very last one we visited - which was the very last one left TO visit. I had walked right by her kennel without really looking at her when I read her cage card (such a breedist!!!!) but my friend called me back to look at her. She was in a corner kennel, with her back smooshed up in the corner looking over her shoulder and thumping her tail. We took her to a visiting room and she climbed into my lap (she was 6 months old at the time). She also puked in my car on the way home. I lost her in 2008 to lymphoma, we tried chemo but she had a very aggressive strain and never even really achieved a full remission although it bought us some really good time with her feeling like her old self.

First day home (scanned):

Later in life.

Old lady. This was actually taken after her first chemo treatment.

Then came Chessie. Yes, Chessie the Chesapeake - I didn't name her. In my very first year out of school, she was presented to me for euthanasia for aggression... biting a child. The owners didn't want to be with her and had dropped her off. When the technician and I were preparing, I just... couldn't. This dog did not have an aggressive bone in her body and it had been a crappy day already and I just absolutely couldn't do it. I took her home with me, called my boss and explained the situation. Then we spoke to the owner together and they signed her over to me. I came to find out later from a second family who were also our clients that the family who owned her shared an after-school nanny with several other families (the second client included) and it was basically a large group of about 12 year old boys. The second client thought that probably the boys got overwhelming for her and she nipped one of them. They didn't have anything against her and were glad she'd found someplace to land.

She was really probably the easiest dog I've ever known or owned. Just the sweetest thing, I was never, ever worried about her being aggressive towards anyone. She never did anything wrong and she always did everything you asked. She also had heartworm, entropion that had never been repaired (she was 6 or 7 when I took her), and the worst hips I've ever seen on an x-ray in my life, poor old lady. We practically had our own pharmacy and supplement supply store running out of a kitchen cabinet late in her life.

This was very close to the end of her life. She never gave up loving retrieving and swimming.

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Old 12-24-2012, 02:32 PM
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We haven't had a lot of dogs, and to be honest my family isn't the most responsible when it comes to being a forever home.

When I was younger (7-8) we had a dog named Bailey, a lab x border collie. She was awesome. The ideal family dog. Tolerant, never misbehaved (unless it came to stealing food). Followed us around and was a great introduction to dog ownership. I'm not exactly sure why my mom gave her away. She lives in Ontario now and is likely around 10-12. Old lady now.

If I could find a dog that looked exactly like her (lab body, border collie colors) I'd pick it up in a instant.

Then my sister got Jayda, a pom, from Petland (oi vey). She begged for a dog and my god Jayda was bad. She didn't house train until 2, barked at EVERYTHING. However she was as sweet as may and loved every thing. Again, continuing a bad streak, my mom gave her away because my sister didn't take care of her. Tried to teach a lesson I guess.

Then Ben. He technically wasn't mine. My grandma and her partner got him when I lived with them. A rescue, he had three legs after he suffered a bad break from being on the reserve. He had to be put down shortly after his second birthday because he broke his last hind leg. He was a very active dog and rehab would be very hard of him. Chose quality of life over most things. He had bad hip dysplasia before that and lived on metacam already. Lost too soon, though.

I wish I had some adult pictures, he was a very handsome dog.

Duke - 3yr old Labrador Retriever
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Old 12-24-2012, 03:12 PM
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Cinnamon: miniature poodle mix

my heart dog, she was my best friend, my companion, my everything. I lost her two months ago but still miss her like crazy. I remember when my sister first brought her home 12 years ago.... I instantly fell in love with her. That little white bundle shivering in her carrier. I remember it took her a few days to warm up to us, but once she started wagging her tail, watch out! she became a spitfire LOL. I remember we were all amazed at how smart she was, barely 2 months and she learned how to sit and use the potty in a matter of hours. You could certainly see that she was eager to please and she showed us how much she loved us every day.
Cinnamon even warmed her way into my dad's heart he was against us having a dog but she stole his heart immediately, it's like she knew he was the toughest out of all of us... and she had to sneak in there. Out of all of us she was the most attached to me and my dad, funny since she was originally my sister's dog before becoming a family dog.
She was the most special dog, I had ever met: affectionate and extremely smart. She kept learning new things every day and was just a bundle of energy and love til her last days. I loved how she used to curl up on my lap and just lick my hand or wag her tail when she knew I was upset and instantly made me feel better. Also I remember how I used to have long conversations with her and it seemed like she understood exactly what I was saying. For 12 years she brightened up my life and along with my family, thought me what real unconditional love and loyalty is. I'll never forget her and wait for the day we are able to meet again.
RIP, my little angel

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Old 12-24-2012, 03:17 PM
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Our family only had one dog when I was growing up; he died probably 4 years before I got Meg. His name was Medley (Relay - we were all swimmers as kids). He was a Bedlington Terrier we got when I was in fourth grade. A rare breed now, even less common then. We needed a non-shedding breed, because at the time I was still having a lot of allergy issues, and my aunt was watching Westminster and said "I'd get one of those" we did.

Dumbest way to pick out a dog, but it did work out quite well. We got him from a fantastic breeder who stayed in touch even when she was in a nursing home. In some ways, he was terrible - he was a huge resource guarder in particular. We'd joke about how, if you gave him a treat, you couldn't walk into the room with him while he was eating it. He bit once or twice when we were trying to drag him away from trees he had squirrels in or take garbage from him.

But he also was very easy. He adjust smoothly through all the changes in our lives - different houses, kids growing up, etc. He quietly stayed home all day when we were at work/school. He liked drives and would go stay at my grandparents with us when we went visiting. He had high prey drive, and regularly killed everything from moles to skunks, but never bothered cats, since our 24 lb. cat put him on the ground the first day they met.

He was insanely clever and manipulative. He knew my mother couldn't stand to have him bark when she was on the phone, so as soon as it rang, he'd run over the the drawer the treats were in and start barking at her. She'd keep tossing treats down to keep him quiet. We put him down at 15 when his organs started failing.

The dog that probably had the biggest impact on my and my decision to stay involved in dogs wasn't even a family dog. She is my friend's dog Roo. My friend originally took her in as a foster dog, because the shelter was having issues with her resource guarding and wanted it worked with before they placed her. She'd come in as a group of dogs involved in a neglect case. They claimed she was an 8-week old Irish Wolfhound puppy. That night as we were playing with her, someone said "this dog has all her adult teeth!". Turns out she was about a year, but had come in with a young litter.

We all fell in love with her pretty quickly, and got worried one day when she fell over a couple of times. Nobody really knew what was up until the shelter called and said "The rest of the dogs that came in are having seizures and not coming out of them. They have all had distemper. Bring her back and we will put her down with the rest." Well, that obviously wasn't happening. My friend took her to a neurologist, a homeopathic vet, an eye specialist (she had vision issues), an orthopedic vet (FCP surgery on both elbows), and the 15 lb 1 year old dog grew to a 50 lb dog with all the good care. Roo came to stay with me when my friend was away (she was one of the few dogs Medley liked), and I'd often pick her up in the morning and just take her for a day. I adore Roo to this day, although she and Meg don't love each other much. They get along well enough to go to agility trials or on hikes together - although as you can see, they are a bit disgruntled about it!

PDCH Random Rescue Meg PKCH-Silver PSCH-Bronze PJCH-Bronze AXJ OA CL3 CGC
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Old 12-24-2012, 03:17 PM
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Rocky - Black Lab. The best family dog ever. November 1st, 1996 - December 14th, 2008.

My parents got him when we had to put down our basset/beagle mix Buddy around Christmas. They got him because they did not want my brother and I to be sad to lose Buddy. He was quite the naughty puppy that Christmas, but grew into the most loyal family dog, ever. When we went the lake, he would go with me by the water so he could watch over me.

He also sat by me every Christmas for 11 years while I opened my presents. We lost him Dec. 14th, 2008 to old age. He was 12. That was really hard, he loved Christmas so much. It was really hard he died at home (he was sick but had a vet appt. the next day.) but it would have been so much harder if we had to make the decision.

I don't focus on his death, but rather the so many good times we shared. He always had a sparkle in his deep brown puppy dog eyes. We loved him so much. He never got himself in trouble (except when he was a puppy his 1st Christmas), he was just so obedient and loyal.

Jenny - Female Rottweiler/Lab Mix. My best girl dog and friend. April 7th, 1998 - February 7th, 2009.

When I was getting out of the 7th grade for the summer. I went in the car where my parents picked me up and my brother was there holding the MOST beautiful puppy I have ever seen in my life. I asked if she was ours and if I could hold her. They were like of course she's ours, but little did I know this dog would change my life in a big and good way. I had her in my lap and she licked my face. I was in love instantly and that never changed.

She wasn't holdable for long as she grew; she grew into the most gorgeous dog ever. She had terrible manners, though. So I decided to find somewhere to train her as I wasn't too into dog training then as I was pretty young still then. I found out about 4-H and joined. I was excited to find out that they also did obedience classes. So, I put us both in the class.

She caught on pretty quickly and she was so good at the "down" command. She never caught on to "come" because she was a houdini. She would push the gate open with her nose to run around the neighborhood. She would always look back at me and was like laughing saying come get me mom.

One time I had to chase her in the rain, in my pajamas, and in bare feet. She was so worth it though, but so stubborn. Also, her first trip to the lake ended her up in the emergency vet clinic since she saw a fish hook and there was a piece of meat on it and it got stuck in her mouth. So that was her last time to the lake.

Jenny and I bonded so much over the years, she would only come inside when I called her in. She wouldn't come in for my parents.
She loved the first snow-fall every year and it was a chore getting her inside then. How I lost her was in the worst way. I was picking out a dress for my best friend's dad's funeral that night. I came home and Jenny was acting weird. I remember she got out earlier that day and just thought she was cooling down.

She sighed but went into a seizure and never came out of it as hard as we tried. She was 10 and a half. We had her 10 and a half wonderful years. It was just 2 months after we lost Rocky, too. Broke my heart that my dog, my best friend was gone and died right in front of me. The vet figured out it was a stroke, I had the hardest time with losing her.

The dog that brought so much joy and laughter in my life was gone. I can now without so much pain look at her pictures and smile. But I couldn't look at them when I first lost her. The pain has subsided with Rocky & Jenny, but they will never, ever be forgotten. They were very special childhood dogs; and they were once in a lifetime dogs.

Puppy Jenny:

My girl and I:

Beautiful girl in the snow:

Her last snow fall:

Also I never thought another dog could bring me so much joy and laughter again after losing Rocky & Jenny.. well Dixie does bring that and we adopted her a year after losing Rocky & Jenny in 2009. We couldn't be happier with this dog.
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Old 12-24-2012, 03:36 PM
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Zeus- The Greatest Dobe ever. My heart and soul for 11 yrs.

Casey- my First Greyhound. Lost him at age 7 to osteosarcoma

Bianca- Dogo. Lived a short life, but she will always be remembered.

Red- crazy Min Pin. Never be another one like him.

Gracie Italian Greyhound- fastest food thief in the world!

Linus- Greyhound- senior when I adopted him, but he made it too almost 15 yrs old. He touched my life in more ways than I can count.

Little Rikki- Italian Greyhound- sweetest dog ever

Riddick- the most special Greyhound puppy in the world. He was so perfect, he had to be taken before he had a chance to be bad. Concentric cardiomyopathy.

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Old 12-24-2012, 05:12 PM
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I had two english cockers growing up, Buddy and Daisy. Buddy we PTS at age 15 in 2006. He had several health problems but suffered a terrible decline over about a week. Our vet suspected bone cancer or something of the sort.

Daisy died a year later of complications from Cushing's disease. The last year of her life she was a very sick little dog but held on. She was 13. They were both wonderful dogs, very beloved in our family. They were my hunting partners and we spent many fond afternoons roaming the swamps together. Buddy even learned to hog hunt (not as a catch dog, but he had a great nose and ran with a pack of hounds. It was pretty funny to watch.)
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Old 12-24-2012, 06:14 PM
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I've had the pleasure of living with so many nice dogs! I'll just go through the ones that stand out the most to me, though. And the main reason for that is simply my age when we had them - there are a few that I was too young really to know very much about now. The pictures I have of most of them kind of suck though as they all uploaded with white around them for some reason when I found and rescued them from another photo hosting site that decided not to exist anymore.

First there was Bianca, but we called her "Bonky". She earned that nickname from her breeders as she was ill as a puppy and would bump into walls apparently, and when we got her at about 4 years old, the nickname just stuck. She was a retired Obedience and Conformation dog and had had one litter and they sold her to my parents saying that they didn't want to breed her because of her nose pigment (brown stripe down the middle kinda snow nose like) and her rose ears, but I think really they decided to sell her because she was sick her entire life. I can't remember what it was called, but she had some kind of stomach condition that caused her to throw up on a daily basis and she sometimes had dizzy spells too. But regardless, she was a wonderful dog. She loved being a part of our family as opposed to mainly a kennel dog, and she was just the sweetest girl. So patient, loved to cuddle, loved to play, got along great with anyone and anything, etc. Just an all around nice dog. I don't have any pictures of her accessible on the computer anymore I don't think - I just tried to find some. She was such a good dog, though. My favourite thing about her was how snuggly and cuddly she was and how she used to squish my brother and I against the couch to pet her when we sat on the floor with her haha.

Then there was Jesse, our first Miniature Dachshund. She was basically 'my' childhood dog. She chose me as hers and was my constantly shadow from the time I was about 6 up until I was nearly 14. My dad bought her from some guy who showed up at our door one night and wanted to sell him a vaccuum and instead ended up selling my Dad his dog. She was a nightmare when she first arrived. Fear aggressive, no house manners whatsoever, very posessive and resource guardy, etc. But with time she turned into a fabulous take anywhere dog and she and I had a lot of fun together. She was game for anything. Her favourite pass times though were finding critters (all you'd have to do is quietly whisper "where is it? where's the mouse?" and she'd search and search everywhere for a cat/mouse/gopher/whatever. We didn't have real critters for her to catch, so instead we bought her cat toys and tied them to strings for her to find and chase haha. I guess the equivalent now would be a flirt pole. It was her very favourite. She also liked sun bathing a lot. You'd always find her in the hottest spot outside soaking it all in.

(excuse the terrible nails! We all know better now)

Then there was Sky, a Dalmatian we had for a while. My dad stupidly rehomed her for petty reasons and my mom and I still get upset thinking about it. She was truly one of the best dogs to have ever entered our home. She was fun, super quick to learn, very pleasing, intelligent and a huge problem solver, knew when to go from crazy to relaxed, got along with anybody and anything, etc. Just a fantastic dog and honestly my idea of the ideal dog.

And of course I could never forget Tango. She was one of those "once in a lifetime" dogs for me and opened up so many doors. Without having known what it was like to live with a dog like her, I never would have gotten Dance, and she was also a huge reason for my getting Journey as well. If not for Tango, I doubt I'd have found the type of dog I love so early on in life. She showed me all the things I love and enjoy in a dog, and she was just a blast. Wicked smart, loved to learn, was game for absolutely anything, really easy in the house, my constant shadow, had personality plus, etc. Just an awesome girl and I only wish I'd known more when we got her so that I could have done more justice to a dog as exceptional as she was. Tango was my world and I hate that she had to leave so soon. Four years just was not enough.

There was also Echo, another one lost way too soon. She was the perfect family dog, very much like how I described Bonky above. Easy going, playful, cuddly, friendly with everyone and anything unless warranted otherwise, super biddable and a quick learner, etc. She was also our first 'talker' and was the start of ourconstantly wooing and rooing dogs. Tango learned from Echo, and Dance learned from Tango. Echo meant the world to my mom and was her "once in a lifetime" dog.

And last but not least, Winston. Winston pretty much just stumbled into our lives when Echo was dying of cancer. We weren't seeking out another dog, but were told about him anyway, and next thing you know we met him and shortly after he was ours. He was the most soulful, kindest, most gentle dog one could ever know. He was just the sweetest, 'do no wrong' kind of guy. He wanted nothing more out of the remainder of his life but to love and be loved back. We adopted him when he was about 7 years old. I believe he'd had a good home at some point, but somehow ended up in the most wrong of hands. Thank goodness he ran away one day looking for food (he was emaciated), as otherwise AC never would have picked him up, my Dobes' breeder never would have been called to check him out and see if he was adoptable through Dobe rescue, and we never would have gotten him. He would have suffered through the rest of his life. I am so thankful we were able to give him such a good last four years.

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Old 12-24-2012, 06:29 PM
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Oooof, lookit that sweet old man face.

This was such an awesome idea for a thread.

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