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Old 03-10-2006, 02:16 PM
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Belgian Teruvrens..

What I like - I love Riots personality, the physical look to him as well. He has a fabulous coat, hes a larger dog which I wanted. and I just LOVE his colouring. His black face is to die for. Hes also the smartest dog I've ever dealt with so the Tervs definately have brain to them.

What I dont like - Tervs tend to be VERY standoffish towards strangers.. its taken me 6 months + to convince him they wont kill him or me. He is protective, which I like (to an extent).
Tyr TT
Princess aka Tettles

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Old 03-12-2006, 07:07 AM
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Originally Posted by JennSLK
Ruby - Im not even going to comment. I have strong fealings about it, but I dont want o start a fight.
Hee hee!! I wouldn't think that you would start a fight!!

I have strong feelings about poodle mixes, too - I mean, the other day I saw a Boxerdoodle on the net. Seriously! I could not believe it and it has seriously gone too far.

But I believe in cross breeding for a purpose, and for a reason, and for the betterment of a breed. I mean, most of the breeds we have today are a result of a cross somewhere down the line.

Labs and Poodles, as stated before, we crossed for a purpose, and that is still being perfected. But they are increasingly becoming considered a pure breed, and I agree with the reasons behind it. Perhaps because I'm Australian and this breed started in Australia, I'm a bit biased, too!! Lol...

But I honestly would be very interested to hear your view - nothing can be learned in this world with a closed mind, and I am honestly interested in what you have to say.
Chester and Ruby

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare, and love we can spare. In return they give us their all. It is the best deal man has ever made
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Old 06-10-2006, 07:57 AM
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Border Collie: To me they are beautiful, cute, intelligent, active, and the occupy your mind and are a really unique. It'd be a blast to do agility w/ a Border Collie! Other people may think they're tiring, and not have time to spend with them, see that they are destructive, etc.

Rottweiler: I love them so much. They are loyal, handsome, magnificent, devoted, active, fun, and so much more. Some people discriminate against them and say that they are "evil" and "aggressive" and should be euthanized. . .this angers me- I love Rotties! They are just as good of dogs as any other breed. But, I am not blinds to the fact that they need firm training, and have great physical strength. People take advantage of that and make them aggressive. They do have a dominant tendancy, but if they are raised right and know who the "alpha dog" (better be the owner) they should be good dogs.

Labrador Retriever: They are great dogs! I love that they are so sweet and loyal, energetic, smart, and fun! Other dog owners may not like their large size, their constant need for exercise, etc.

Small Portuguese Hound: They are hardy, smart, brave, sweet, and were bred for hunting. They can also be hyper and need a lot of exercise. I love my girl, and she is such a silly one! She resembles this breed like no other, except a tiny bit smaller (like a couple pounds) so she may be a mix, but she resembles the dog in the breed photo like you wouldn't believe!
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Old 06-10-2006, 01:11 PM
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Well Roxy's a mix but there are very specific traits about her that are breed specific.
The dobe part of her: Her nervousness. She paces at every little sounds regardless of the fact that it's 3Am!
The part I like best about her, well she's a working dog, she may be goofy sometimes but I don't mind. She's generally all about learning and pleasing

Hades (Pitt mix)- the thing I don't really like is he's lazy! :O at least when it comes to "guarding". Someone will bang on the door and he'll look up and say "Ah, Roxy's got it! " LOL, it's soo true though. But what I love about him is he's a great companion. Very polite, (asks to get on the couch or cuddle) and he's a great foot warmer.
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Old 06-10-2006, 01:32 PM
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Staffords, I love the way they look and the fact that they are so loving
Most people see them as ugly aggressive creatures

Thanks BP
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Old 06-14-2006, 07:35 PM
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Their herding behavior. I find it endearing. Especially that little nudge in the back of the legs("Get going!")

Most people might find it annoying. My hubby does and he owns one...




I Have Been Befriended!

I've Been Frosted! My Turn to Pick a Victim!MUHAHA!

Everyone Thinks Their dog is the Greatest... Because They Are!!!
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Old 06-14-2006, 09:40 PM
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pit bulls- their drive and tenacity. love it. people forget these dogs are terriers. luce makes it hard for me to forget. she is tenacity +. they can be a lot to handle. drive is great when i can channel it into what i want. not so great when she's trying to figure out how to scale the 6 foot fence after a squirrel and WILL NOT LEAVE IT ALONE.

their ridiculous social butterflyness. i love this, and it's part of why i chose the breed. they (are supposed to) love EVERYBODY. and both of mine do. embarrassingly so, sometimes. they love people i don't WANT them to love. so much for that aggressive mean macho dog that the media so often makes them out to be. it's hard to look tough when you're trying to climb into some stranger's lap so you can stick your tongue in their ear....
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Old 06-14-2006, 10:05 PM
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Labrador Retrievers - very loving (towards every single person they meet)
but some people don't want a dog they don't know to immediately want to lick them and get petted.

*Who has a Lab that sheds that bad? Mine hardly shed at ALL. Did I get lucky or something?*
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Old 06-14-2006, 11:12 PM
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German shepherds- I love their drive and intellegence. They are also very loyal (always by my side). They are very protective which IMO is great. People might not like their shedding (I hate it, but manage). Also not all GSD's but mine are standoffish to people which is what I want. They are comfortable but dont like to be petted, and dont expect anyone to pet them.

Dobermans- They are loving and always on the go, in other words, phycotic, lol. They are protective and manipulative (which some people can not handle because they fall for the "puppy eyes" lol. Mine always uses them on me, doesnt work )
People might not like...oh heck there's nothing not to like about them.

Last edited by GSDlover_4ever; 06-14-2006 at 11:22 PM.
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Old 06-14-2006, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Amstaffer
Amstaffs --- Their head, I think they are beautiful and sweet looking. Some people I know think that all bully breeds are ugly.
You would love the little guy (Zeek) that just enrolled in puppy class. Absolutely beautiful.....ridiculously cute too. More to the point though, there is nothing like a Staffy face, what other dog has a smile like that?

I LOVE my new siggy Baxter'smybaby, THANK YOU SO're the BEST!!!!!!!
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