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Old 01-12-2005, 06:50 PM
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I agree with the prior posts. I have always spayed/neutered any of my furpals and none of them have had a problem during or after. It really is a decision that not only eliminates the accidental pregnancies or isolation for one of them when the female is in heat but it will honestly greatly reduce the chance of some rather serious and life-threatening medical conditions as they get older. Getting rid of the tremendous urges that present themselves if they aren't "fixed" will also ultimately make them much happier dogs as well as make your life with them less complicated.
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Old 01-12-2005, 08:23 PM
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There is an added bonus to having a neutered male, the desire to hick one's leg on everything is diminished, at least in my experience. The urine is not as rank. My neighbor's dog came over to play with Victor every day and he was quite the marker. Since I garden he did considerable damage...I figured it more important that Vic have a romp and the ferns and such would grow back. It did make me appriciate more that Vic is a one tree man. Vic had a rough night the first night he was fixed but the next day he was romping and happy. He had a reaction to the gas and that was the hardest part. Neutering decreases your dog's chance of having cancer, and the vet advised me to have it done before they are five years old if not sooner. Just thought I'd put my two cents in.
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Old 01-12-2005, 09:33 PM
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Good cents.
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