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Old 02-08-2007, 01:54 PM
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LOL. This thread is a year old. Oh's still a fun topic. Huskymad....wonderful pictures! Everytime I get a new pup, I first walk all around the yard area of my property and show him/her the boundries of that and let him go pee pee. With my last pup, my Doberman, I had my other dogs at my nieces house down the road and I brought him there so the dogs could meet on neutral territory, then we went home and roamed around the yard for some time before going in the house. Then I just spent some time with them all in the kitchen, sitting on the floor and playing around. I didn't lock him in the crate right away. Later in the day, I started introducing him to that. But he was started at the breeders with a crate (no door) so he had a little jump start.
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