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Old 12-05-2012, 07:12 PM
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Aren't they magnificent!? Thanks for the photo Airn....very cool. Up north a little ways, in another county is where loads of them nest. It's an area by the Skagit River and people go from miles around to watch them. I have done that myself a few times. I see them quite a bit all over the area...with so much water and fish, they are fairly prevalent here. Beautiful and spectacular birds...

Smkie....I'm so glad you get to see one. I can see them many times and never stop being amazed. It is really a sign of a pretty healthy ecosystem when you see bald eagles. And owls. Owls are cool. I hear them around here at night sometimes. They do make me nervous with my little Chi' extra watchfulness is needed with these dogs.

I hope you can take that trip some time. Do everything possible to do it. It sounds like a wonderful place.
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