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Old 11-19-2012, 01:09 PM
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It doesn't affect me that I've noticed.

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Old 11-19-2012, 01:14 PM
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Doesn't bother me except in pill form. Excedrin will keep me awake if it has caffeine in it, but it's the only thing that helps with migraines.

Otherwise I drink cokes all day long (actual coca cola) and go to sleep when I feel like it.
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Old 11-19-2012, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
Green tea has more caffeine than black tea.
Well then, I guess that's why green tea makes me lose it.

Thinking about it, I used to drink green tea at chinese restaurants that served it in tiny little tea cups....and black tea was usually a big thing from a coffee shop or a glass of iced tea. (I only drank herbal tea at home). I started getting wigged out from green tea probably around the time I started making it at home.

Although, are you sure? I just looked it up and a few internet websites say black has more caffeine - from what I know it varies a lot from tea leaves, brewing, etc.
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Old 11-19-2012, 01:28 PM
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Here you go, Milos

Despite what many erroneously believe, green teas do not necessarily have less, or more, caffeine than black teas. Some will argue that green tea has 1/3 the caffeine of black tea while oolongs are slightly more caffeine-rich with 2/3 the caffeine of black tea, but this is simply not true. Caffeine content is not related to level of fermentation; instead, it is more closely aligned to the type of leaf used.

The bud and first leaf of the tea plant contain the highest concentration of caffeine, between 4 and 5% of the total dry weight, and the second leaf contains about 3% of the total dry weight. Thus, the desired "two leaves and a bud" plucking contains caffeine that is approximately 4% of the dry weight. When these teas are infused for 5 minutes, 40-50 milligrams of caffeine dissolve into the water.

The specific variety of tea bush that is used also plays a major role in the amount of caffeine in tea. Green teas are generally produced from Camellia sinensis sinensis shrubs (China variety), and these leaves have a tendency to be slightly smaller than those produced from the Camellia sinensis assamica shrubs (Assam variety) -- used primarily for black teas. These China varietal teas may have a slightly lower caffeine content.

Per weight, coffee beans have less caffeine than tea leaves, but more coffee grounds are used to brew one cup of coffee. Thus, while tea has more caffeine by weight, it has less caffeine than coffee when infused. When compared with a cup of tea, a cup of coffee can have two to four times as much caffeine.

Continued on page 2.
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Old 11-19-2012, 04:27 PM
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Hmmm, love my coffee, but only two cups a day. Went through some anxiety issues a few years ago and caffeine definitely wasn't helping. Still can't quite kick the two a day (sometimes three if I'm feeling particularly punchy) habit.

My daughter has ADD and swears that coffee makes her sleepy. Sort of stands to reason because her Concerta is a stimulant, yet it allows her to focus a little easier.

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Old 11-19-2012, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by kady05 View Post
I don't drink soda (I might have like.. maybe 5 sodas in a year) or coffee, so very rarely do I get anything with caffeine in it. But when I do, it has the opposite effect that it's supposed to. I completely crash like 30min. after drinking soda, it's so weird. Last time I had any was on New Year's Eve last year and I wanted to go to sleep shortly after LOL.

Caffeine in pill form though, like cold medicine or Excedrin, OMG I can't do it.. it makes me feel like my heart is going to explode.
Same here I had a friend in college who was addicted to caffeine pills & I couldn't do them either :/ but I I don't have at least 2 cups of coffee upon waking up & if I don't Daryl Dixon would prolly try to shoot me with his crossbow bc I look so much like a zombie :/

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Old 11-19-2012, 05:34 PM
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I'm a bit of a caffeine addict. I'm just one of those people who is ALWAYS tired, has the hardest time waking up, and is a huge witch throughout the entire time. I regularly sleep 12 hours, still wake up groggy and falling asleep again within an hour or two.

Caffeine makes me a happier person. Generally it's a cup or two of coffee in the morning, usually I have Monsters on hand for quick pick me ups. Caffeine pills don't do much for me. Added bonus, coffee burns on an empty stomach, so it reminds me to eat.

I have to wean off about two hours before bed, though, or else I get the worst nightmares. Except tea. Doesn't seem to affect me as much, but it might be because I drown my tea in spoonfuls of honey.

Too much coffee on an empty stomach will make my chest tight and I'll get jittery. I'm already an anxious person, but caffeine gives me just enough irritation and edge to deal with the world. As much as I can figure, anyway.
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Old 11-19-2012, 05:38 PM
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I have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning or else I get a headache, but that's about it. If I have caffeine in the evening I have a hard time getting to sleep.

A couple years ago when I was at the UofM for college I got way addicted to caffeine. Like always had a mug of something with me. It got kind of scary how dependent on caffeine I was to get me through the day, and eventually Ryan made me stop drinking it. I make sure to keep myself in check and not let it ever get that bad again.

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Old 11-19-2012, 06:23 PM
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It seems to vary. Some nights I'll drink 3 cups of balck tea and bot be able to sleep for anything. Other nights I'll drink the same amount and fall asleep right away. I've tried a couple "Venom" energy drinks (because they're small and cheap and not so scary looking lol) and they seem to do nothing at all for me.

I read a study a few weeks ago saying the only thing consistent in an autistic nervous system is that it is inconsistent, so that may explain the variable reactions.
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Old 11-19-2012, 06:37 PM
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I am only sensitive to energy drinks. I drank a half of a red bull once and omg.. it sucked! Never again. I don't really drink coffee unless you count mocha based expresso and it doesn't bother me at all. I only have those once in awhile though!
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